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I first discovered Colourlovers a while ago, but just decided to try to create my own color palette. I am working on an inspiration board that will pull together the look and feel of what we are going for. Heavy Soul have also released the first single from The Karla Milton Collective, who are, as you guessed, Karla Milton’s new group since leaving mod outfit DC Fontana. The colors you choose will be what you see on a daily basis through your planning process, a part of the photos that are captured that day and will set the mood and tone of your wedding.

They are not the exact shades we’re thinking, but may help you get a better idea of the look. We are trying to make the final decision on what colors we want to use (at least to start). Right now I am thinking shades of raspberry will be used in the flowers, and maybe we’ll have blue bridesmaids dresses.
Ducky is doing the graphic design for our monogram, stationery, website, and other fun details”¦ so I need to pick the colors and we can start that process.

I am also keeping in mind that our wedding is the beginning of September, which is the transition of summer to fall. He can tell basic colors, but distinguishing between similar shades or colors can be difficult.

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