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David Staver, builder at Superior Sheds & Stables, has over 35 years experience in the building industry and has spent the last 25 years specializing in equestrian developments. Consequently, Superior Sheds & Stables has developed products to meet all equine construction needs. All our kit homes are made from Bluescope Steel with Bluescope Steels manufactures warranty so you can be sure you are getting a quality home. We can supply registered builders names & contact numbers who are specially trained and qualified supervised teams that will erect the frames on site. The best thing about building a kit home is the price, modelling has shown thousands of $ can be saved with you as the project manager. A frequent question we come across when customers are looking to purchase kit homes in Brisbane or Qld relates to why we use a steel kit homes over timber. Termite resistant - Termites are a major issue when using a timber frame, a timber frame is likely to cost you lot of money in repairs.
Longevity - Steel requires very little maintenance and remains stable and secure for many years, whereas timber will weaken over time, leading to frame damage and need for ongoing maintenance. Withstands harsh weather - Harsh weather conditions can cause damages to a wooden structure, while a wooden structure is solid it doesn’t compete with the strength of steel. As you can see, there are many benefits to using steel kit homes over a timber frame and there are many different factors that need to be considered. Our drawings are awaiting copyright, however we will make changes for you but there may be significant costs involved. First, you would need to apply to the Queensland Building construction commission (QBCC) for an owner builders Licence. If you would like to know more about having kit homes Brisbane or Queensland wide installed or if you are seeking more information on how we construct it for you, then feel free to drop as an email or give us a call on 1800 200 780, and we will be happy to help!
Image: Isis Mill truck dumps, general view of Alfs road siding with D10 shunting, August 2005.
Image: Isis Mill truck dumps, general view of Alfs siding taken from the road side, August 2005. Image: Isis Mill truck dumps, the rollbacks used at Alfs road, New Valley and Mill siding, August 2005. Image: Isis Mill truck dumps, the rollbacks as used at the other 78 new Isis (truck only) truck dumps.
Image: Isis Mill, large panorama showing service and storage area with main mill buildings in background. Image: Isis Mill, close-up of trucks loading at overhead silos (likely molasses left and mill mud centre?).
During this time he has consulted with professionals involved in various facets of the industry including racing, showjumping, dressage and breeding. And while the quality and number of services provided by our company has grown over the years, through choice we have remained a small family business with committed staff, which enables provision of personal attention to each and every project undertaken.

We have provided steel kit homes Brisbane wide for a number of years, and have a growing reputation for client satisfaction. When you build a home, you tailor it to suit your needs, so why skip out on the customisation just because you’re buying a kit home? The result is a faster, hassle-free construction to pre-set standards and a quality frame that is complete and ready for the builders to start work on straight away.Many people choose to build their own kit homes in order to reduce labour costs. In addition Queensland Shed Markets will supply you with all the plans for the council.We recommend kit homes Brisbane or Qld based are built with steel frames, because Australia is well known to have termite infestations which can cost homeowners a large sum of money each year.
Simply put, a steel kit homes structure is a lot more efficient and offers many advantages over using timber. A well-built steel structure can withstand the harshest of weather conditions without any problems, giving you a sense of security. If so, a steel structure offers great protection against this, as it can resist high temperatures.
This can cause mould problems, which can rot away at your structure and irritate those with allergies or breathing problems.
Choosing between timber or steel frames sometimes comes down to considering the pests where you will be building. However our draftsman will charge a minimum charge depending on design to draft your design suitable for quoting and estimating. However we prefer not to manufacture anything until you have received written council approval. This one was at 3 Chain Rd near Bundaberg and right next to a Millaquin mill tramway, August 2005. It was noted that one of the steps has been removed from BV1, so you can now only access the motor, et,c from one side, August 2005. The tank had been sent away for several cracks to be repaired, which took a month and they still didn't fix the biggest of them all. These and another lot that were dragged off line and into the side of a cane paddock are all that remain after one of the new drivers had 84 empties off, August 2005.
By being able to save money and hire your own trades, painters, tilers, electricians and more it’s no wonder they are so popular. Once again, this will give you a feeling of security and make you feel at ease at all times, especially those living in high risk areas. Steel frame kit homes do not hold onto moisture and cannot develop mould problems, making them a much lower risk to homes that are in danger of flooding. Termite damage in Australian homes costs home owners millions of dollars every year in repairs. The photo shows loco D10 about to come off the line from the loco shed and through the full yard, on its way to the sleeper plant where the sprayer is normally stored.
I was the driver at the time and was driven back to the shed while my relief brought D6 out and towed D2 home.

That is why we offer custom design kits to suit everyone’s needs.Suppling only the highest quality materials for your kit home, you can be guaranteed satisfaction with the final product. Owners who decide to build their own kit homes find this feature important because they make the job simpler all around.One of the big advantages of steel construction is the fact that steel beams are not as heavy as timbers.
If you live in an area with termites, steel is the best choice for your home construction.There are many similarities in framing for wood and steel. Our homes are supplied with a comprehensive installation manual covering frames, joists & trusses. You’re not limited by your own creativity either, it’s easy to pick from one of our designs and add additional features to your chosen home.We also have kit homes Brisbane and Qld wide that come as a package with a perfectly matching shed. The sheds are made with Colorbond wall cladding and you have the choice of unlimited shed combinations all made from bluescope steel with a manufacturers warranty. When you live in an area with high winds, steel framing and trusses provide extra protection against the weather. Steel is also recommended for areas which are subject to frequent wildfires or are built in areas where the fire threat is high.
Steel will never expand and contract when exposed to different moisture amounts in the air. A wood home is much more likely to catch on fire quickly, and once on fire, the damage is extensive.
Though the wood used in kit homes is of high quality and properly treated and sealed, wood is sensitive to moisture. The white strip across the bottom, which was done with a spray can, is because every other loco's 'sticker stripes' were starting to peel off after been hit by trash. Steel framed home are better able to withstand fire threats and will sustain less damage than wooden frame homes.When considering a business supplying and constructing kit homes Brisbane wide, choose Queensland Shed Markets for a quality steel construction. A steel frame never has the possibility of warping, shrinking, splitting or twisting due to moisture.Many of our customers believe that a lot of companies overcharge for kit homes Qld wide. As they are stuck on stripes, we are not allowed to use the water blaster near the pilots when washing down a loco, you must use a brush and bucket, c March 2003.
We will ensure that you get your order correct as professionals are available to help assess your area and the sizes that are required.
This helps guarantee that there is very little wastage, meaning you only pay for what you plan to use. Visit our kit home Qld prices page to have a look at guideline prices.To start saving money on your new home, call Queensland Shed Markets today!

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