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With the sun setting earlier these days, I'm eager to get some power out to my shed so I can see what I'm doing out. This problem would be like using a long small gauge extension cord for an electric lawn mower, air compressor, etc. Would it be possible to trench all the way around to where your breaker panel is and tie in there? As to the amperage various power tools will need, look at the wattage on the label, then you can convert watts to amps at the following link.
I like the idea of a subpanel, but for what I need I just can't justify hiring an electrician. Might be me, I personally try to put GFCI's inside the house because they don't last crap outside. Running in conduit just make sure it's the gray electrical conduit (it's UV resistant plumbing PVC is not). So, once inside the shed you have to wire the black to a switch within 15' of the door (USA though, Canada tends to be more strict I believe) that kills all power. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. For a computer,printer and phone 12-2 Uf (under ground feeder) is fine.That site is a good reference,I disagree with the running of the pipe. HiJust to validate my idea, can I put a #10 wire down with 30amp breaker in the house and a subpanel in the shed with 20amp breaker for the lights and 30amp for the outlets. So just to keep it simple I should just run a wire and have 20amp disconnect there, that will handle my computer, printer, modem and lights? 1.) Sheds require a kill switch (whether it be a subpanel or light switch if 20A or less) before going to any recepts, lights, etc. 3.) This is considered a utility area (like ones unfinished basement) and as such the wires inside the shed do not need to be in conduit or armored. For a question, I have no idea how to do that 3-way light switch the way I want (inside by the door AND controlled outside at the shed). Well, the problem with an MWBC is all my breakers are full and I didn't mention the shed is tiny.
I don't have anything covering the stud cavities if that's okay, it' so small covering them would take away my space. That 3-way the way I want has me baffled as well, if they made THWN in 12-3 (White, Black, Red, Ground) I'd be set (maybe they do).
I'm thinking the shed needs a double-pole single throw for the kill switch (one side handles the common of the 3-way, the other the black for the entire shed).
I did end up putting three 45's running the conduit, I hit rocks the size of VW bugs and had to go around them. Next day I paid $73 for 5 lines of #12 stranded THWN and some couplings and the stranded THWN went through the conduit like butter. I guess I'll double-up the white & black with the extra lines so there's less resistance for the time being and if the next person wants to do something they have 2 extra wires.

I'm having trouble understanding why at the outdoor recept on my house since I have 4 lines + ground running to my shed I can have my lights & recepts on different wires (but all fed from the same circuit from the breaker panel) as long as it's on the house and that's okay.
For this residential project, CF Electrical Services was selected to complete a full wiring project to a new backyard shed.
Post photos of your favorite tool shed, workshop, art studio, or any other small accessory building you've designed or built.
An electric locomotive trip shed has been established at Tiruchi railway junction to carry out maintenance of electric engines hauling passenger and freight trains.
Two electric locomotives could be accommodated in the trip shed which has pit lines for under gear safety examination of the engines. Roof equipment of electric loco such as pantograph and circuit breakers would also be examined at the trip shed. General maintenance, working of electrical and pneumatic equipment of the loco would also be examined. Electric trip sheds are already functioning at Basin Bridge, Erode, Ernakulam and Thiruvananthapuram in Southern Railway jurisdiction. The shed has been established by the Central Organisation for Railway Electrification as part of the Villupuram – Tiruchi electrification work. The tower wagon cars are self propelled vehicle used for maintenance of electrical lines and for speedy restoration of electrical lines during break down. If yes, and you might be using power tools which will need more amperage, might want to install a subpanel (circuit breaker panel) in the shed tied off of your main panel.
I went hunting for some on the Home Depot website, and I can't find anything that references this type of wire. If there's a problem you want to be able to kill power to the whole shed right there and not have to run inside to a breaker panel far off. From there you can bring it over to a triple gang box with two switches & recept (one switch for outside, one inside, and one recept). I've also read somewhere people saying PVC is bad to do because of the heat of the wire and you can't really weatherproof it?
However if I have anything with 20amps within the shed, I will need the subpanel to use a breaker in that subpanel to lower the 30amps to 20amps with a 20amp breaker. I really want the floodlight and figure I might as well wire it and put a light inside (and add a recept). I think pushing it the entire run was easier than trying to move the 2 lines of 12-2 one inch! This project entailed tying into the main panel in the home, digging a trench through the backyard, wiring up a subpanel in the shed and adding energy efficient lighting, code compliant outlets and an electric baseboard heater. Sign me up for free emails from Fine Homebuilding with the latest news, tips, and techniques. Overhead electrification line isolation arrangement has been provided at the shed to enable roof examination of the electric locos. Electric locos hauling passenger trains after travelling 2,500 kilometres of engine kilometre (EKM) would be sent to the trip shed for maintenance during which its safety features, circuit, operation, lubrication level among others would be checked before being sent back for regular operations.

The trip shed at Tiruchi is the first one to be set up in the Chennai Egmore –Nagercoil broad gauge section to take care of the maintenance electric engines being operated in this section, top railway officials said.
Apart from the trip shed, a tower wagon shed has also been constructed at Tiruchi for the maintenance of tower wagon cars. If it trips I have to go inside to reset it but at least it lasts and I haven't had mine trip accidentally.
Typically that kill switch is a subpanel breaker but it can be a light switch too if there isn't a subpanel. Or do I have to run two wires from the house if I'm using 2 different breakers in the sub at the shed?I was also told that 75 feel will make a 30amp lose power down to 20amp by the time it reaches the shed. Again, I don't want a subpanel the shed is too tiny I just want light mostly but including a recept inside it just in case there's also going to be a recept on the house close by. I planned on using a regular light switch since this will be 20A and get a red cover but I don't think I can wanting a 3-way.
I really don't know what's out there for THWN and hope experts chime in with what's available or how they'd do it. The trip shed would only carry out minor repairs in the electric locos, while major repairs are done at the electric loco sheds at Arakkonam and Erode.
Check the wire at Home Depot, I'm pretty certain all of Home Depot's THHN wire is also THWN but you have to look at the wire itself.
The horizontal blade is great for trenches it's not too wide and makes digging deep easy while the vertical side is great for cutting roots. Does my trench have to be 24 inches or can I use PVC or the conduit that you can put into 6 inches deep? As noted in Column4 of Table 300.5, conductors under residential drivewaysmust be at least 18 in.
What kind of kill switch will I need cause I'm no 3-way light expert but don't I need to handle the killing of both the black & common seperately with one switch?
Would you suggest just having a wire run from the breaker in my house to a shutoff switch or having the whole nine yards? I got all the way to within 1' of finishing and the wire jammed, the harder I pulled the worse it got. I cut the conduit and the jam in the UF-B and still had enough wire for the run to try again.
Within 1' of finishing again one of the wires knotted, I didn't have enough to cut the knot out and have enough for the run, nor could I push it back.

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