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After Jez Walter entered his shed in to Shed of the year 2011 he has had more reviews on his shed than he could have imagined.
His shed is the perfect example of how you can transform your garden shed or building into your gardens focal point. Jez Walter is an inspiration to every other sheddie out there and additions to your garden sheds don’t have to be on the same scale as this but small changes really can make a difference. There are many ways to tweak your shed including adding a coat of paint to the exterior or just plants and pots can make your shed feel more homely.
If these pictures don’t inspire you to tweak your garden sheds in some way we don’t know what will.
The Leicester homeowner, 51, has added dining tables, chairs and other items to the structure, which is now a home cinema, pub and place to play pool, reports the Leicester Mercury. Mr Walter’s wife and two children are said to make use of the facility even more often than him. He explains sometimes the family prefers to spend time together in the shed, rather than the house. Should Mr Walter be planning further updates to his entertainment centre, he may wish to note the advice of Property Shack, which this week suggested mahogany furniture is among the most durable on the market.

Around my house, summertime means extra socializing, which can also mean extra entertaining.
In order to turn your shed into a pool house, you’ll need to make your shed a comfortable place to change and ready oneself for swimming.
For older children, turning your shed into a game room may be just the ticket you need to keep your kids happy all summer. The shed did cost him £15,000 to create but it is certainly impressive and they spend more time in the shed than their home now. If you are lucky enough to own a larger shed and have a large garden area you will be able to have the option of a pool table or dart board in your garden room. Turning your shed into a backyard entertainment bar will make you the hit of the neighborhood! Converting your shed into a fun area for entertaining is a great use for your backyard space.
Designed to be used as a carport and fully lockable shed, although popular uses include enclosed entertainment areas and outdoor entertainment areas. But in the summer, staying indoors isn’t always an option, especially if you have children.

Also, add some lounge chairs just outside the door for folks who may not be quite ready to hit the pool.
Having a shed equipped with a dartboard, a television or computer hooked up to video games, a Foosball table, pool table and a basketball hoop on the outside can be a great way to let your kids entertain, but keep them safe and under proper supervision. Even if you don’t have kids though, people like to mingle in and out of doors in the summer.
If this all sounds too expensive, check out your local Craigslist for good deals on these items.
Instead of spending your whole summer keeping the bugs at bay in your home, here are some unique ways you can use your shed to entertain guests in your backyard. You’ll also need a storage area for pool toys, loungers, pool noodles, and other pool amenities.

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