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There are several different routes you can take when building a shed; from buying a pre-fabricated kit, to completely constructing your shed from scratch.
At the bottom of this article I have included two videos that will instruct you on both building and properly leveling your shed’s foundation.
This type of foundation is built from wood and sets either directly on the ground or on solid-concrete blocks. Straight 2”x4” Beams (for framing and support) – Support beams will need to be slightly shorter since they need to fit securely inside the frame you will be building. The more level the area you choose, the less digging and leveling you will have to do when starting your foundation.
To attach flooring, screw the first floor board into the outer edge at the corner, lining up all outside edges to ensure that the corner stays square.
Previous shed was 2ft from property lines, I went ahead and made rear clearance 4'6", side 4', the new shed size is 10x16, the foundation is 11x17. Just not sure how to go about cutting my 7'6" header height down to 6'6 without disassembling the whole thing. Not knowing for certain, but it is my understanding and I may be wrong, but, if the structure has no permanent foundation, as yours does not, and its not connected to the house, then why would it need a permit, as it would be classified as a temporary or movable structure. Structures within the setbacks are usually required to have some kind of fire rating to them for this reason. Not knowing for curtain, but it is my understanding and I may be wrong, but, if the structure has no permanent foundation, as yours does not, and its not connected to the house, then why would it need a permit, as it would be classified as a temporary or movable structure.
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If your building is very small, you might not even need much of a foundation, you could even place it on something like a patio slab. Before spending effort, time and money you may want to check your local zoning regulations to make sure you can build a foundation in your back yard or anywhere else.
Step-By-Step Plan For Building Wooden Garden ShedsBy Donald RickerbyBuilding your own wooden garden shed is both rewarding and practical if you are in need of a little more storage space.
Concrete blocks or pavers can be used to make two different types of foundations: patio paver foundations and pier foundations. With a paver foundation, thin concrete paving blocks are placed on top of gravel and compressed soil, forming a patio-type surface. The joists will be running in the shorter direction under the Anchor Timber Building, as shown below.
The same thing can be accomplished with solid blocks by drilling into them and then using adhesive to fix the anchor in the block. As always, make sure that a plan is in place for shed support, moisture protection, leveling and tie-downs when working out the details of the shed base. Our pin bases are constructed out of  tanalised, pressure treated timber, and they’re reasonably priced. Our pin bases cost between ?60 and ?160, depending upon the size, and they can be part of a complete solution for shed delivery and installation.
In general, we recommend pin bases for sheds and other timber buildings that are 8×10 feet or smaller. For a small shed, summerhouse or playhouse, choose the simplest and easiest solution: a pin base that’s delivered and installed with your timber building. Perhaps your shed is being delivered tomorrow and it has rained every day for the past month. Maybe you urgently needed a summerhouse, but didn’t have time to consider the issues of support, levelling, tie-downs and moisture protection.
Many of our clients choose to place their outbuilding on an existing pavement, patio or deck, and that can work out well.
The fact is, most people don’t put a lot of time or money into building a dedicated foundation for their timber outbuilding. Although following the tips is better than nothing, putting the outbuilding onto supports over free draining gravel is better, and a real foundation of poured concrete, masonry or piers is best of all, and is highly recommended for our largest timber buildings.

Anyone who has owned a timber outbuilding will have opinions on the best ways to support and protect it. Whether you’re an Anchor Timber Buildings employee or customer, please add any tips you’d like to share to the comment section below!
We’ve just posted a new technical article on how to build a base for a small timber building out of gravel, pavers and geotextile. Here are a few tips for managing the installation of a shed or other small timber building if a base has not been prepared in advance, or if a very simple solution is needed. Choose a level area of ground and place blocks, bricks or pavers in a shape that precisely matches the bottom of the outbuilding.
You will need to tie down your shed to prevent it from tipping or being moved by high winds. 4x4"s supported with concrete patio blocks on low side and dug into ground (as needed) on high side of slope. Whichever method you choose, the most important step you will want to spend your time, energy and resources on is the shed foundation. Unlike the cement foundation, which is permanent, a “Floating Foundation” is only as permanent as you’d like it to be.
Once you decide on a good location for your shed, spread pea gravel evenly and layout your cinder blocks in a grid the size of your shed, spacing blocks approximately 3 feet apart. Once the first floor board is securely squared and attached, continue attaching floor boards across the frame.
In my area, a structure that is not on a permanent foundation, does not require a zoning permit and is not subject to setback regulations.
The "block" shed foundation, "storage" shed foundations, and "garden" shed foundations will vary depending on the size and the extremeness of the whether in your area. If you still want to have some type of foundation for your shed the "gravel", "pier", or "wood" shed foundation will be acceptable for a smaller shed in an area where the temperature is not severe. Since the whole family will be using it, give your best effort to include them all in the design choice and maybe in the construction of your "do it yourself" shed foundation and building. Garden sheds usually take only a couple of days to complete so they are the perfect project if you are not too comfortable around woodworking tools.[READ FULL ARTICLE]Rubbermaid Storage Shed - Are They a Good Buy and Better Than Traditional Sheds?
Either type of foundation can work for most of the small to medium sized sheds, playhouses, summerhouses, workshops, etc.
That means that the top of each pier should be in the same horizontal plane as the top of every other pier.
We always recommend our pin bases to clients who need to locate their sheds on sloped ground, but they’re also a good choice as a shed base on level ground. They’re strong enough to support a shed and any items that might reasonably be stored inside of it. As you probably know, Anchor Timber Buildings does not charge extra for delivery within 50 miles of Leslie and Glenrothes.
You were planning to build a fabulous base for your new shed, but you were simply not able to. Or, you may be putting your new outbuilding into a temporary location until you have the time or opportunity to build a good foundation for it. If you’re typical, then the new article gives a few tips on how to make the best of it. We want them to stay sound and attractive, and we want our customers to get the most out of the money that they’ve spent. However, many people who purchase ready made timber outbuildings do not make provision for supporting them and protecting them from moisture and overturning. Of course, concrete or treated wood supported on a free-draining gravel base will perform better than most of these options, and a true concrete foundation is best of all. A long, straight piece of timber and a four foot long spirit level can reveal whether a given area is level.
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A solid, well-designed foundation will make your shed last longer and be more structurally sound. Place a 2”x4” across cinder blocks and measure with a level to ensure all blocks are at the same height. It is, however, important that your foundation is securely fastened and level in order to have a safe and durable shed. I got the blessing of my neighbor directly behind me, the one to the rear left diagonally I have yet to talk to. A structure not used as a dwelling and not normally occupied that is less than 1000 square feet does not require a building permit.

As you determine and lay out the foundation, remember that it should support the weight of the shed, make it even. You DecideBy Brian HoldenYou need a storage shed for lawn and garden equipment but you aren't certain which way to go.
The pavers support the outbuilding, and the gravel provides drainage and help keeps the pavers from sinking. These foundations can support a shed on most types of soil and on either level or sloped ground. Never place wood in contact with concrete unless it is treated (tanalised) or otherwise protected from moisture. If there are interior walls in the timber building, there will be two joists under them rather than one. Just insert a few anchor bolts in appropriate places to attach the building to the piers and then fill all the holes in the blocks with grout. Their horizontal positions can be measured by placing long pieces of wood between two piers and then using a level to check to see if it’s laying straight. Here are two examples of concrete pier foundations that have been built to provide a flat platform on sloped ground. The pins are held into the ground by friction, and that provides some resistance against uplift and overturning.
In addition, pin bases will obviously only work in areas where there’s a fair depth of soil. If possible, create a level surface for the shed, with the ground sloping away from all of its walls. You should also note that this type of foundation should not be used for larger structures. If one area is substantially higher than another, scrape the pea gravel aside in that area and dig down as much as you need, returning the pea gravel and cinder block into position.
Once the frame is squared and screwed together, place the frame on top of the cinder blocks width-wise, where the beams are centered and stable. Once you have accomplished that, you are well on your way to a sturdy shed that will last you many years to come.
No, inspector has not shown up, doubt he will either, you can barely see it from the front of the house. The assessor that comes around will look at a previous description that might show a shed on the property that still exists.
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Note that it’s critical to operate estimable petrify blocks not puncture aegis blocks that can. It’s easier to explain this with pictures than with words, so we’ve provided illustrations. You can build a base with free-draining pavers, you can build a real foundation (article to come), or you can buy a pin base from Anchor Timber Buildings. Finally, the pin bases lift the shed slightly above ground level, and that helps to protect it from pooling water. If one side of the outbuilding has a slope directed toward it, then find a way to route water around the shed. It took me rounded off sixer weeks you do it after upon physique of work as good as the little weekends upon my own it measures cinque meters divided 2.9 meters built knocked out of Little Joe vale and. Building ampere strew is utterly the plea for the initial time builder These surrounding studies Ian Douglas built his strew out of petrify blocks with angstrom joist roof tiles structure.
Also, take precautions so that nothing grows or no creepy crawlies grow underneath and around the area.
The best place for anchors is through the wall plates, the pieces of wood that form the wall bases. The heights can be adjusted by adding or taking away gravel, and the gravel and compressed soil will help prevent settlement so that the timber building stays level once it’s installed and in use. The pin base itself will last for years because it’s made of treated wood, but if it ever needs replacement, it will be less expensive than replacing the shed.
If you are comfortable with the on site foundation for shed be sure to use pressure treated lumber and or solid concrete blocks.
Drill a hole in the right place to match the embedded bolt and add a nut to secure it once it’s set.

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