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Internationally renowned photographer, Nigel Barker shoots serious world issues not only from his lens- but also straight from his heart.
When you first see Nigel Barker, you instantly become smitten by his debonair good looks that exude strength and confidence. Today, when you mention Nigel Barker, many initially recognize him as the noted fashion photographer and judge on the Tyra Banks hit show, America’s Next Top Model, now in its 16th cycle, aired in more than 146 countries and watched by more than 100 million people per week.
Whether he is taking pictures of gorgeous models in exotic locations for a magazine or of frail children battling HIV in Tanzania, Barker’s mission is to capture and reveal to the world the beauty that is everywhere and within all of us.
MM: When you were younger, did you have any idea, any vision, of what you wanted to accomplish—what you wanted to become?
MM: Through the years, you have traveled all over the world, and are constantly around beauty. For me, that moment was the dawning of everything, a sort of spiritual awakening, as far as what beauty was really about. NB: The Beauty Equation is based my quest to find what truly makes each and every one of us beautiful. NB: I am currently a board member of the Edeyo Foundation and will soon travel to Haiti to do my second film which will be another 45 minute documentary about the life in Haiti versus the actual devastation of the earthquake.
NB: The Humane Society first came to me and asked if I would be a spokesperson for the Protect the Seals campaign, and wanted me to take photographs with the seals on ice.
MM: You traveled to Tanzania to film "Generation Free," a documentary about efforts by the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation to create a generation free of HIV. MM:  Do you believe philanthropy lies within all of us as human beings or is it something that is learned? He has used the camera as a tool to capture the real essence of beauty, which is the inner philanthropist within all of us. Voted one of Reality TV’s Sexiest Men, it is no surprise that for the past twenty years, this London native has been taking the worlds of fashion, beauty and entertainment by storm. Through the years, Barker’s growing commitment for social responsibility has effectively translated his passion for photography into celebrating and inspiring his great commitment to philanthropy.
The androgyny, grunge, heroin chic look was in, and I knew that this was not going to work for me.
The young girls asked if Nigel Barker could shoot them because they had seen me on America’s Next Top Model.

Each chapter in my book is an anecdote that sets out to explain the various definitions of inner beauty taken directly from my own experiences.
Instead, I suggested they take pictures of me photographing the seals which would help motivate people. I remember one time a year ago, we were driving and my son suddenly declared that he wanted to save the chickens. That you want to live your life in the best way possible, so that you live it right with no regrets.
BLACKWELLA?i??i?? Than Meets The Eye In a rare interview, Mimi Makabi tries to discover who the man behind the trademark label A?i??i??MR. In an in depth, exclusive interview, CS Editor-in-Chief, Mimi Makabi chats with Barker on his life, career, passion for philanthropy and what it means to be beautiful.
Instead of giving it all up, I thought of using my years and experience in this business to pursue my passion for photography.
To me, beauty comes from confidence and compassion, motivation, energy, personality, sense of humor, and of course, passion for life.
The people were thanking me, but I thanked them because, in fact, I felt my wish was being granted - a wish that I didn’t even know I had.
I loved shooting a documentary about seal hunting, a major issue I have been protesting since I was a boy.
They must realize how lucky they are and to become educated on problems in the world and how to solve them. His introduction to the fashion industry in the mid 1980s, on The Clothes Show, a televised model search in England, launched his successful modeling career. They all had serious life-threatening conditions and had spent many years in pain, undergoing chemotherapy and various operations. My angle has always been to take a beautiful picture and to give an aspect of hope and humanity.
In general, girls have a much harder time in the US as well as third world and developing countries. He worked all over the world for fashion giants such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Gaultier, Kenzo, Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.After a decade in front of the camera, Barker followed his dream to become a photographer and moved to the other side of the lens.
Four weeks later, I was offered a more permanent role on the show as a judge as well as a photographer.

By 1996, Barker had launched his own photo studio, Studio NB, in Manhattan’s fashionable Meat Packing District. While modeling, I noticed that fashion photographers made a good living and had interesting, unusual lives. She sat in front of me, a frail little thing with her arm very scarred from multiple operations. Today, I have become an Ambassador of the foundation and have been attending rallies all around the country and learning so much about child poverty, child marriage, abuse and brutality towards minors all around the world. The 2-week pilot used music to teach urban high school students core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subjects. Most people, celebrities and all, when they look at the camera, think they have a good and bad side, but this young girl put her arm right out to the camera with all the scars on it.
For the next two years I tried hard, and in 1996, I finished modeling and started my own photo studio in New York with my wife. She looked me right in the eye with a piercing and haunting look that was filled with strength and courage.
We will conduct a series of leadership workshops for youth and college students from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The first phase of our project (June 2015) in Lagos with NGO partners, The Makoko Project, taught participants (ages 14-21) how to create solutions for the socio-economic issues that impact their community through social entrepreneurship.
All of this work is being captured by award-winning filmmakers the Horne Brothers in our forthcoming documentary "Amazing Grace: Freedom's Song". AUGUST 2015 -- This month we traveled to Abuja, Nigeria to execute the 2nd phase of our year long sustainability project. This trip included academic and leadership programs with Boko Haram conflict  survivors, RUNNING INTO THE DARKSEPTEMBER 2015 -- Last spring, TEDX RVA asked Change Rocks Foundation founder Yewande Austin to present a TED Talk about sex trafficking. Yewande's talk not only shed light on our foundation's creative approach to activism, but encouraged attendees to summon the courage to confront other social issues that dwell in the dark. Now you can watch her entire talk and compelling spoken word piece, "Daddy's Girl" on Youtube.

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