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DM: Yes, well, I actually had help doing the MOD, but I designed the overall appearance of the console.
I think Danny deserves a pat on the back for having one of the nicest looking modded retro gaming systems we have seen to date.
Super quality, italian-made retractable closeline has nylon cords that pull out to 15 feet and automatically retract with a push of a button.
As Seen Online Product Videos are part of the Regal Gifts Corporation Network of Site - Regal is an 80 year old Canadian catalogue brand famous for our unique, one-of-a-kind household and As Seen Online products, brought to millions of As Seen Online Product Video consumers through a network of independent Regal sales reps in every province and territory. I have seen another like mine, but i had to do it better… I basically had enough of using a converter to play NTSC games and only seeing them in 50hz format.

We know that every As Seen Online product video will help you make better buying decisions! I wanted to see them on an LCD or LED screen in 60hz, with SCART in the full glory that us British were denied in the early 90’s, for no reason.
I have been playing video games since I was 6 and have pretty much every game iv’e ever owned since then. I wanted it to be different, striking and bold, but not too OTT like I had seen while searching the net.
I wanted the console to keep the SNES logo at the back, but  have a modern color theme to it.

So i chose gloss black and silver, all lit up with blue internal LED’s that could be seen through the vent at the front and the cartridge slot that I had replaced with perspex.

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