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The panels are slightly staggered, meaning that along it's length there are 3 panels which are 215cm tall and 2 panels which are 210cm tall. Does the roof need to tilt slightly to one side as well as having a fall over it's length? Going on my rough working out at the moment, it would have about a 3" fall over it's length - does this sound okay? Have cut the supports for the joists by hand out of some leftover 3" fence posts (hard work - took ages!
Looks like a decent effort to me Bit of facia round the sides to cover the opening, job done. Do you think that the rest of my steps sounds correct - ie nailing the joists in, putting the deck on and fitting the fascia boards?
I did think about a pitched roof, but to be honest it's quite tall for a shed as it is (over 7 feet exc. Thanks for the pointer on the overhang - so joists 4" out either side from the outer panel and then screw the fascia onto that? Probably put a small former right on the top of the fascia to bring the felt edge out a bit to drip off.
Had a quick glimpse at the small flat roof on the front porch and that only seems to come out about an inch or so.

At the end of the day, its a shed, cut the joist ends flush with the concrete panel, and fix the facia so it is against the panel. Register or Login Advanced Search Renovate Directory Login to Your Account Remember Me?
Join Date Apr 2010 Location Victoria Posts 61 My Man Land Bought a new place and it came with a crappy tin shed, and I need somewhere to hide occasionally, so I decided to build myself a shed. Join Date Apr 2010 Location Victoria Posts 61 Got a chance to hang some of the cladding panels. Jim - hoping it won't get too hot and I would like natural light in there so it's a bit of a compromise. Had a win, I already paid for the cladding (#7 post) so the timber bill isn't that humungous any more.
Electrician also came and fininshed running power from the switchboard to the shed and fitted off powerpoints, switches and ceiling fan. Join Date Apr 2010 Location Victoria Posts 61 I went to that B****** place and it was regular hardwood architrave, 27 bucks for a 3m length. Join Date Apr 2010 Location Victoria Posts 61 Well, finally got off my butt and did a bit more work. Then went and ordered some flashings for the back and sides and pulled the fascias out that have been sitting for ages.

It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I'd like to have a water butt in one corner so it would help if I can direct the water to a drain pipe that way? I am going to put in a celing fan (and maybe an aircon if I can get it past the lady of the house) 3 laserlite sheets and 5 tin sheets.
Have a sky light in the house usually put a white cotton bed sheet over it in summer, seam to work. Didn't bother with Bowens or anywhere else, no doubt I could buy it for less in longer lengths etc. Not to be used in place of professional advice from people appropriately qualified in the relevant field. All structural work must be approved and constructed to the BCA or other relevant standards by suitably licensed persons.
The person doing the work and reading my advice accepts responsibility for ensuring the work done accords with the applicable law.

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