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Daniel Jakobsson, also known as Yaken, is a project engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden, who lists many vices aside from building motorcycles, including brewing beer. The donor is a 1977 Yamaha xs750 which needed complete renovation and to be made street legal.
The airbox was binned to accommodate K&N filters and a high performance battery was mounted under the swingarm. This article has just helped me figure out exactly what I want to do with my stock XS750… really good looking set up. Just send me an email on [email protected] and I?ll help you with the part spec you?re looking for.
Is it just my imagination or do the cam-covers on the right hand side of these XS750 triple engines, resemble one of the Sponge Bob characters?

The assembly of the beemer will start this weekend and hopefully published on bikeshed in a couple of months. I’m interested in how you build your saddle , did you buy the Seatcowl or is it a special part by you ? He immediately set about looking for a donor bike and inspiration for his own build, which came courtesy of Bike Shed co-founders Spirit of the Seventies and their xs750. While friends helped with the mechanical side of the rebuild Daniel got on with the design.
The handlebar is a motorcross item that’s been inverted with a new front master cylinder. Lighting comes from 6.5 inch matte black headlight and clear Kellerman indies while the speedo is a 60mm analogue unit.

I have a 77 as well and have done a few things which include chopping the rear seat and readying it for fiberglass seat and also a front fork conversion from r1 which I love.
First years chasing friends, enemies and girls on bicycles which a few years later led me to motocross. The frame was finished in dark matte metallic green while the tank was left with a brushed raw metal finish in clearcoat.

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