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De ABC Treehut (Den Haag) en de ABC Treehouse (Amsterdam) zijn additionele ruimtes waar veel van onze (boek)gerelateerde events plaatsvinden, maar waar ook een grote diversiteit aan cursussen en workshops worden georganiseerd. Social Media links and downloads of our information leaflet, event & store images and ABC logo.
He's the maverick entrepreneur behind Clitoris Allsorts, the Martin Loofah King and the iNotepad. If these numbers sound familiar, it's because 85mm by 55mm is the measurement for a standard business card.
MT: You're the man who changed his name to God, put out his own currency (the Ego, no less) and got a blank book entitled What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex to the top of the Amazon book charts.
What I wanted was a hologram above everyone's head that said what they did so I could go across and meet them.
SS: The only way you can sign up is through LinkedIn or by using an email address that is not free. SS: See, that's tricky because I can't be too jokey now that I'm the CEO of a proper business. Shed is a modern day entrepreneurial genius and he has now created the easiest and quickest success manual in the world. In de lezingen zal Shed zijn inzichten met ons delen over hoe het is om succesvol te zijn en vertellen over zijn spectaculaire avonturen, de lancering van zijn eigen valuta, het veranderen van zijn naam in God en de ophef over het publiceren van het 50 Tinten Grijs notebook, met 200 lege pagina's in oplopende tinten grijs.Over Shed SimoveShed Simove heeft een verbazingwekkenede actieve geest en weet zijn constante stroom aan ideeen om te zetten in vele winstgevende nieuwe business ventures. In this ground-breaking book, Shed reveals 30 new secrets that show you how to get anything you desire.
Ons team van meer dan 40 internationale, funky en kundige boekverkopers, koopt zelf in voor de unieke selectie boeken, tijdschriften en merchandise die ABC aanbiedt.
ABC specialiseert zich in (niche) genres zoals graphic design, comics, business, psychologie, muziek en geschiedenis maar heeft ook altijd de laatste (fictie)bestsellers en classics op voorraad. But now this traditional marketing tool is getting a digital makeover: from paper PR to peer-to-peer networking. Without that, I couldn't possibly overcome all the challenges involved in setting up an idea.

On the plus side, when you meet people who are excited about what they do, it can really inspire you, and also bring you new business.
You can't choose who you connect to, but you can hone in on the randomness - specifying 'female journalist in London', for example. This time around, I'm looking to partner with big companies on a white label basis - we skin the technology with their branding and get a little 85by55 logo on the bottom. What's got you so excited that you're willing to settle down and become a regular CEO?It's the idea that we could use speed video networking to completely revolutionise other industries - like search. In the top right-hand corner of an individual comment, you will see 'flag as inappropriate'. In his presentation, Shed will be sharing his insights on how to be successful, his various spectacular adventures, including launching his own currency, changing his name to God - and releasing '50 Shades Of Gray' - a blank book containing 200 grey pages getting darker from front to back. Deze vormen ook de basis voor zijn volledig unieke stand-up routines en bedrijfs presentaties.
In 2010 was ABC de eerste boekhandel op het continent van Europa die met de Espresso Book Machine ook on-demand titels en door klanten zelf geschreven werk kon afdrukken in de winkels.
And then there's the chore of putting all the business cards you collect into your black book. They have $8m in their marketing budget, we made our site in 10 months for just £8,000. Imagine if one day, you typed in 'PR firm, Newcastle', and Google took you to a page that let you talk live to a number of PR bods that were sitting, live in front of their screens.
Show both at the entrance of the Treehut.This is a popular event and places are limited, so please reserve to ensure your seat and avoid disappointment. Naast een succesvolle carriere in het produceren van televisieprogramma's heeft Shed een zeer innovatief merchandising imperium weten op te bouwen. Nightmare.Then, I was out having a Wagamama one night with a clever guy I know and we came up with the idea for a Chatroulette meets LinkedIn network.
You fill in lots of information about yourself (as much as you want to give) which appears in the Meet panel when your chat starts, and your mutual interests and things are highlighted green to give you some easy ice breakers.

Harnessing a constant stream of ideas from his astonishingly active mind, Shed has learned to transform his unconventional concepts into lucrative new business ventures which form the basis of his completely unique stand-up routines and corporate speeches.As well as a successful career in television production, Shed has forged a highly innovative merchandising empire – selling one million novelty gifts, executive toys, best-selling adult sweets, books and greeting cards worldwide.
We had the soft launch (that always sounds a bit pornographic to me) over the weekend, so we're now live. Worse, I might meet five accountants, (not that I have anything against accountants per se - my accountants are the wind beneath my financial wings) but that evening, I might be looking for an expert in intellectual property instead. Something with the unpredictability of Chatroulette but without the occasional masturbating 15-year old. Luckily, Airitme is more about dating and plugs into Facebook, so it's a slightly different market.
Or Your Money Back is een gemakkelijk te lezen, zeer grappig en vooral praktisch boek.Shed is zo overtuigd dat de methoden in zijn boek ook voor jou zullen werken dat hij de gedurfde belofte in de titel ook daadwerkelijk zal nakomen. A kind of speed business network that had all the inspirational and business opportunities of networking, but better. Shed has won ‘Gift Of The Year’ twice for two of his creations – a range of birthday candles that spelt “You’re Old” and the hugely popular 'Sound Machine'. He also gained worldwide fame as the bestselling author of 'What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex', a 200 page book that is completely blank inside. Inside the book, you'll find brand new, powerful and fast ways to get exactly what you want - and concrete techniques for success in your business or personal life.
Shed is so confident that these methods will work for you - as they have for him - that he's able to make the astonishingly bold and exciting promise contained in the title.

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