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Lorrey, who learned of the scheduling of this afternoon’s event last week, said there is nothing political about it. The gates are familiar to all who pass Lowell’s Shedd Park at the intersection of Rogers Street (Route 38) and Knapp Avenue in the city’s Belvidere section. Today, Lowell’s Shedd Park is home to fifty acres of  tennis courts, baseball diamonds, picnic areas, and a water spray park. An 1896 plan showed a subdivision consisting of Hoyt, Belrose, and McAlvin Avenues traversing the core of what later became park grounds.
The vote to accept Shedd’s park was unanimous, and a rising vote of thanks was offered to Freeman Shedd. The original Bowditch plan for Shedd Park called for an open air theater, roughly where the little league baseball diamonds sit now along Knapp Avenue, a pond with a beach roughly where the Senior League baseball diamond sits now, and gender-specific gyms and tennis courts.
In the last days of November and into early December 1910, a 6? inch service pipe was laid into the park, and from it approximately four million gallons of water were let onto the land to flood about five acres of land for a skating rink. Outside downtown Lowell, there are few Lowell landmarks as universally well-known as Belvidere’s Shedd Park. I succumbed to one of his "join us for cyclocross practice" invitations and ended up somewhat hooked. Sure, I was only riding my mountain bike, and sure, I was clearly not in the same league as the others who turned out for practice, but still, I was hooked. Numbers 600-609 were entitled to the front row, a space typically reserved for talented riders of at least some racing accomplishment*. Not wanting to foul any of the contenders, I ignored my pre-start call to the front, and waited while the next 8 groupings went forward as well. They neglected to tell the start organizer this, however, so the rollover group was mistakenly called first.
When I had checked the forecast a few days earlier, 7am's 28 degrees promised to leap to 37 by the 9am start on a sunny, windless Sunday morning.
Having arrived a bit before 7:30am, I had time to take a reconnoiter lap of the course, register, and spin for 25 minutes to warm up. As we took the first turn for a circuit of the running track that prefaced the hole shot right turn toward Climb 1, the morning's earlier frost had melted into the key ingredient for a light mud. We circumnavigated the "upper plateau" before entering a back-and-forth hairpin characterized mostly by loose dirt.
Having been gapped a bit, I caught back up at the resulting logjam and successfully made it to the bottom, passing a handful of riders along the way. What my mountain bike lost in straightline speed, it made up for at least a bit with turning stability on the descents. I knew the race was set for 40 minutes, but I didn't really appreciate how long it would feel. I opted to take the climbs (1 mounted, 2 and 3 on foot) relatively easy to keep some energy in the tank. I slid to the left to let him pass, then made chase, experiencing for at least a few seconds what it must be like to be chasing the leader for real. Back on the sidewalk, I pulled aside to let another half-dozen or so of the leaders pass, then did the same just before popping back out onto the track. Prior to the start, one of the organizers had spelled out the rules--if you've been lapped, you finish on the same lap as the leaders. The 82nd place rider was the last on the lead lap--he finished just over ten minutes back at 44:08. With all the interest and activity in the abolitionist movement in Lowell in the 1840s – 1860s, I though that this personal letter written by President Abraham Lincoln would be of interest. In this letter dated 24 August 1855, Abraham Lincoln, who had been defeated in an election for the United States Senate and was practicing law in Springfield, Illinois, writes to his close friend and confidante Joshua Fry Speed (1814-1882), setting forth his closely guarded personal feelings about slavery and the future of the Union should slavery be extended into the new territories.

Lowell historian and Lowell Historical Society genealogist Walter Hickey is not only an avid and meticulous researcher, he is a great story teller. Some visitors to St Patrick’s are savvy enough to question why there were two catholic churches within yards of each other. Although officially removed from office, Roach did not go quietly, probably with encouragement from Rev.
On November 5, 1858, the Daily Citizen and News reported the appointment of McEvoy as a Justice of the Peace, with the comment, “All Right, saving the presence of his reverence who shut the doors of the organ against the new “Squire”.
Rogers Street,today, is one of Lowell‘s main gateways into the city, providing access from Tewksbury, the city’s southern neighbor. Rogers Street gets its name from the Rogers family, who were early landowners in the area during Lowell’s first years. The private girls’ high school accepted both day and boarding students, with the day students sharing in all of the privileges of boarders. At the time of the 1860 US Census, the Rogers Family had lost its patriarch, Zadock Rogers, Sr. The history of the school’s majestic buildings stretched back beyond the school’s 1892 founding. The sisters’ original plan had called for the donation of their estate to charity after both had died, but Elizabeth had a change of heart after meeting Mrs. By the time of the 1880 US Census, Emily and Elizabeth Rogers were the sole remaining members of the Rogers family.
A page from the 1956 Edition of “The Pickout” – the Yearbook for the Lowell Technological Institute. Our dear friend and past President of the Lowell Historical Society and the Lowell Museum – John Goodwin died last month at the age of 95 nearly a year to the day that his beloved Cassie died.
He was preceded in death by his wife of 68 years, Catherine (Hill) Goodwin, one year earlier. Survivors are three children: Elizabeth Long (Robert) of Lisle, IL, William Goodwin (Meredith) of Whitehouse Station, NJ, and Jean Demetracopoulos (John) of S. The Babe in concluding, gave some good advice, asking the men to encourage baseball among the younger talent and to give them an example of clean living. The spring tours of historic Lowell Cemetery begin this week on Friday, May 4 at 1 pm and Saturday, May 5 at 10 am. The tours take 90 minutes of walking over uneven ground and are conducted rain or shine.  Parking is available along the avenues of the cemetery within the back gate. This is a cross-post from Lowell Historical Society Board member Eileen Loucraft’s blog  LowellDoughboys. Militant Methods of Protest: A Discussion of the Municipal Annexations of Belvidere and South Lowell by Lowell between 1834 and 1906.
The overall winner for little kidsas determined by my girls (ages 10 and 12) was the Veteran’s Memorial Park, in Dracut, MA because it has a smaller playground area and usually is less chaotic and safer for little kids to not be trampled. So, if you’re looking for a cool place for the kids to run, climb, get wet, and maybe even have a picnic, choose one spray parks of these and visit it on a hot summer day!
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Shedd, the owner of the land, gave it as a gift to the City of Lowell, with no strings attached. It is from the MHS collection and was was posted today on the Massachusetts Historical Society website. Farrelly was defended by John McEvoy, an attorney who coincidentally just happened to be the organist at St.
Prior to admission into formal dinner each night, girls were inspected to ensure that they exhibited proper posture as well as straight seams on their stockings.

Check out former LHS President and former LTI professor John Goodwin’s photo with the Textile Manufacturing faculty.
Goodwin seated to the far left in the first row of the Textile Manufacturing faculty group photo. John and Catherine were local treasures always to be remembered by those of us who called them friends and colleagues. Goodwin, 95, longtime resident of Lowell and Chelmsford, MA, and summers in Ogunquit, ME, died June 14, 2012 in Dover, NH. Peter’s by-the-Sea, 535 Shore Road (Bald Head), Cape Neddick, ME, with light refreshments following at the nearby rectory. From all appearances, this home run artist is a champion social hub as well a diamond celebrity. He was accorded a wonderful demonstration as he left the hall to keep another engagement with the Knights of Columbus. In early May, the City Solicitor was directed to apply to the Supreme Judicial Court for an injunction to restrain Michael Roach from serving as undertaker. Patrick’s church!  Father O’Brien summarily discharged him from his position in the church!  He was FIRED!!
Peters by-the-Sea near his Ogunquit cottage-serving both churches in many capacities, including many years as Treasurer. Interment of ashes for both John and Catherine will be Monday, July 30 at 11:00 am in Lowell Cemetery. In characteristic vein, he said he had been present at 17 functions during the past week and was pretty well tired out.
Mary’s Industrial school in Baltimore, which he attended 22 years ago and where he leaned the fundamentals of the national pastime of Bro. Outside the building his progress to his waiting automobile was barricaded with groups of kids anxious to get just one look at the man they had read so much about. Mona Meehan went on to become the first female chief of staff appointed to a US hospital at St.
After receiving degrees in Textile Engineering at Lowell Textile Institute, he taught there (now UMass, Lowell) until his retirement as Professor in 1980. Until very old age, he was an active Mason (32nd degree, Kilwinning Lodge Past Master, Joseph Warren Medal). The other candidates in that mix in order, are incumbents Joe Mendonca and Vesna Nuon and challengers Corey Belanger, Erik Gitschier and Mitchell. Mary’s, just a few doors down in the 1840s.  One might say the reason was that the old, wooden St.
Underhill, asking her to run the new school if Rogers were to provide the appropriate grounds. He served as National Secretary to the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society for 20 years.
I went direct from school to baseball, joining the Baltimore club with Ben Egan and Ernie Shore.
Our first jump was to North Carolina and I was at a loss to know how we would sleep on the train. By the way, I never understood why they called that an industrial school, but anyway, 16 or 17 years ago, we played together.

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