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Everyday We Stray Further From God's Light Drake's Views from the 6 Cover Parodies Have a Cold, Refreshing "Bepis" Cheesing Which White Suburban Mom Are You? You can download Mega Pokemon List in your computer by clicking resolution image in Download by size:. DISCLAIMER: All background wallpapers found here are believed to be in the "public domain". If you are the author of any material and do not like to be published on this site, please contact us for further clarification of circumstances. Thanks!(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand) (no subject) — zorbo17 — Expandaarux 2012-08-04 05:48 pm (UTC) Hey!

I would also trade for some Virizion items, but I'm currently just seeking the Kid and zukan.* If you want to cancel a request for an item, that is fine! Just let me know as soon as possible so that I'm not waiting for your payment.* I have duplicates of many of the items here, so even if an item appears claimed or sold, ask away! I have more of the pink cards than any other, but some of those I still only have one.* The condition of most cards I'd describe as "used", but some are in better condition than others. Thanks!(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand) (no subject) — sorjei — Expand(no subject) — happyjolteon — Expand(no subject) — sorjei — Expandlapopearmadillo 2012-08-04 05:57 pm (UTC) Magikarp vs Bibarel and Magikarp vs Munchlax to 11746? Thanks!If you're not interested, please let me know so I can pass the items on to the next person.

The back of the card features the attacking Pokemon.1 Treecko vs Yanma $22 Grovyle vs Whismur $23 Sceptile vs Nosepass $27 Mudkip vs Wooper $28 Marshtomp vs Combusken $211 Mightyena vs Duskull $414 Wurmple vs Ralts $217 Cascoon vs Treecko $218 Dustox vs Skitty $221 Ludicolo vs Nosepass $228 Pelipper vs Heracross $244 Shedinja vs Chimecho $248 Makuhita vs Aron $254 Azurill vs Cyndaquil $270 Aron vs Wurmple $271 Lairon vs Hariyama $286 Volbeat vs Chikorita $297 Carvahna vs Corphish $298 Sharpedo vs Forretress $299 Wailmer vs Charizard $4119 Cacnea vs Aron $2124 Seviper vs Sceptile $2129 Corphish vs Mudkip $2145 Kecleon vs Ledyba $2148 Duskull vs Larvitar $3152 Absol vs Kirlia $4179 Relicanth vs Sharpedo $2196 Latias vs Pelipper $2197 Latios vs Blaziken $2198 Kyogre vs Gyarados $2199 Groudon vs Latios $2"Green" (Late AG)5 Charmeleon vs Glalie $38 Wartortle vs Sandshrew $412 Sceptile vs Rhydon $214 Combusken vs Lombre $216 Pichu vs Swablu $420 Linoone vs Cyndaquil $622 Lombre vs Pidgeotto $224 Taillow vs Roselia $228 Wurmple vs Togepi $238 Kadabra vs Delcatty $4 (I think these are the same, I just scanned 2 by mistake)47 Lucario vs Regirock $2"Blue" (Early DP)1 Turtwig vs Sudowoodo $22 Piplup vs Chatot $23 Chimchar vs Turtwig $24 Manaphy vs Chatot $25 Mantyke vs Graveler $26 Mantine vs Heracross $27 Buizel vs Chimchar $38 Chatot vs Wurmple $39 Lucario vs Electivire $310 Mime Jr vs Gastly $211 Weavile vs Medicham $212 Bonsly vs Psyduck $213 Pikachu vs Weavile $314 Munchlax vs Murkrow $215 Aipom vs Hoothoot $216 Wingull vs Ponyta $217 Roselia vs Pichu $218 Roserade vs Electabuzz $219 Cherrim vs Bonsly $220 Drapion vs Lucario $321 Pachirisu vs Marill $222 Starly vs Cleffa $223 Buneary vs Chimchar $224 Glameow vs Aipom $225 Bidoof vs Munchlax $227 Croagunk vs Pachirisu $428 Carnivine vs Pelipper $229 Shinx vs Piplup $631 Budew vs Marill $232 Vespiquen vs Heracross $233 Cranidos vs Monferno $234 Shieldon vs Graveler $235 Abra vs Luxio $736 Beautifly vs Floatzel $337 Heracross vs Carnivine $238 Meditite vs Skorupi $239 Medicham vs Tentacruel $240 Azurill vs Geodude $241 Zubat vs Roserade $242 Murkrow vs Riolu $243 Wooper vs Shieldon $244 Geodude vs Staravia $245 Ponyta vs Weavile $446 Magikarp vs Bibarel $248 Psyduck vs Hippopotas $250 Steelix vs Abomasnow $2"Glossy" (Mid-Late DP)Please note that these cards are larger than the others, and to ship them together may increase shipping cost. Thanks!(Reply) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand) (no subject) — xxkarachan — Expandjoltzapvire 2012-08-04 06:05 pm (UTC) IS the leafeon still available?

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