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I know some readers who love big city life, so this is for you and cottage country lovers, here’s a peep at the other side of town. Our DIY Project To Build An EntrywayNovember 3, 2014 • 20 CommentsOur DIY project to build an entryway is done.
If you’re new here or follow me, this DIY project started as a repaint the dining room idea. I’m really excited to see how the paint color, Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue looks that I first posted about back in May.

I left off with you when we had the column built and had attached the transom window and we still had not built the lower half wall. This Penthouse in Chicago has 13 rooms and the details looks like 6 terraces, but I can’t be sure. Like a lot of ideas this project grew bigger to the point that we have not painted the dining room yet.
Then we decided to build a foyer or entryway and started brainstorming on the how-to and design.

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