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Australia is in it’s infancy when it comes to shipping container homes and container cabins, therefore the number and type of shipping container homes for sale is limited, however since 2004 the demand has grown greatly and the number of suppliers selling shipping container homes has grown with it.
Also due to the large number of designs completed around the world you can normally work with an architect or shipping container home supplier and get them to build something similar to the the container home design. Many aspects of a container house are the same as traditional houses, for example fire ratings, wind ratings, asthetic suitability for the surroundings ETC. Their are quite a few options on how the containers can be insulated and theses include option for inside and outside the container, many people also grow trees next to their shipping container house and this provides shade, therefore reducing the direct light and heat from the sun. Shipping container cabins are often assessed differently so make sure you know what rules there are for different types of buildings. Another thing to consider is what type of building is the shipping container house you are buying and where is it going? Many of the container homes in Australia have been built or partially built by the occupants and this is because they can be quite easy to modify and fit out once on site, the containers provide a good solid structure to start from. For exact quotes from companies who have shipping container homes for sale, fill out the form below. We have also made it easy for you to collect quotes from a whole range of shipping container suppliers by filling out this one form, this one form will email sales reps from all of the reputable suppliers of homes and shipping container cabins for sale in Australia that we know of.

Please note: We are in no way affiliated with any of these companies and we do not receive any form of payment for this service, we simply do it to improve the industry within Australia and take no responsibility for the responses or lack of responses you receive from these companies. This one form will email all known companies who sell shipping containers directly to the public. There are a lot of companies who have shipping container homes for sale in Australia and if you are struggling to find what you are looking for then please feel free to contact us and we will see if we can help out.
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The operation and actual process of constructing a container home involves numerous steps; Contianers are the fastest and most practical way to construct a house whether it is an actual house on land or a shipping container house. When you leave for work and want to lock your doors, you simply push the button again and the home is protected by it’s steel shell. The architects website states that the home has bunk beds, a double bed room, and a dressing room. When it comes to mobility the contain rests on 6 concrete footings, allowing the home to be sited at a variety of different ground conditions. Please make sure you fill out the form with as many details as you can, if you cannot be bothered to spend the time on this form then suppliers will not bother spending time sending you a quote.

Include Size (in sqm or number and size of containers), Number of levels, Built to lock-up or built to live-in, special requirements like full length windows ETC. Although it’s a shipping container house, yet it contains all functions that are normally found in standard houses. They can come in 3 x 7 m as ready to use from Karmod factory or 2.4 x 6 m as demountable container house that can be assembled quickly on site.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. My favourite aspect of this home is how it manages to meld the exterior and interior so well – at the push of a button the container begins to tranform, revealing an exterior deck and a lofted sleeping are, which can be left exposed to the elements when the weathers good.
One side of the container is populated predominately with floor-to-ceiling windows, bathing the interior with natural light on the cloudiest of days.
Furthermore flat-pack containers can be jointed together to form houses with larger spaces and different functions.

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