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The only problem I ran into was the fence system that was added to the saw before I bought it (and was a very nice micro-adjusting fence) was not long enough to extend the length of the table (it is the type that has catches for both ends).
In closing this I want to take the opportunity to thank all the LJers who have served in our nation’s military forces for their service to our country on this Veterans Day. If you use that switch with this saw, there will come a day when you leave it attached when distracted, walk away and start doing something different. I recently built a mechanical device to actuate my TS, to overcome an unsafe switch position that came with the saw. Please don’t be upset about me belaboring this, but in my field of work, I have seen too many consequences of inadequate safety engineering.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Like any other novice to woodworking I went out and started collecting magazines, books, internet articles, and the like in an attempt to educate myself on project builds and shop set up. I have be relegated to cutting small piece parts and have not dealt with larger sheet goods (outside of this project).
One similar to this is on my short list, with wheels (necessary in my shop) and a router table.

The you will start to change a blade or some such , and eventually you will activate that switch at the wrong time. The power switch should always require a defined specific movement, and be very difficult to do accidentally. When I started talking about rewiring my dust collector, and running a 220V circuit, I almost got drowned in warnings, dire consequences descriptions, and multiple inquiries about my expertise. I have a larger top with extensions so I don’t think that I will build my saw top flush. 2) Provided some much needed work surface space as I do not have a stand alone work bench yet. Well, I have done a lot of wiring, and have considerable background, so I successfully defended myself, I think.
So when I began equipping my shop with the tools and gadgets that would facilitate my hobby a simple contractor saw stand would simply not do. I have to make a very defined movement to turn on the saw, and it can only be done with my hand, even if I don’t have to look to do it. I wouldn’t want another reader, perhaps a beginner, to think that a foot switch is suitable for a TS.

That way you have to conveince of being able to start and stop the saw easily and anytime you walk away from the saw or do a blade change you have a second switch for safety.
So I grabbed one of my ShopNotes issues (Vol 15 Issue 89) and proceeded to make a run at building a table saw workcenter. If you need a foot switch to turn on the saw, it implies you have both hands busy holding the work, and that suggests you need a jig or fixture to do some of the work for safety. Or, place a safely designed switch in a better position on your cabinet to facilitate turn on. You should always be able to use one hand to turn on the machine, and it should always be required to use your hand to turn on the machine.

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