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Soh as a warm up to building the boat itself one decided to make the wood kitchen range first.
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Quoting: martymI was trying to guess at the size of the stove by looking at the flue, is that a 4 or 6 inch flue opening?Its a 5 inch opening. I am interested in the Hobbit also but can't find any info on size of the firebox or length of wood it will take. Hi, I built a small (100 sqft) cabin and had similar problems as other posters looking for a wood heating solution. Thanks, I didn't incorporate a heating coil or water jacket because I think that for occasional use a pot of water on top is more practical, both from a cleaning and a safety stand point. I just did a search on google and found this company that is actually making these in Virginia.

Carbon steel will burn, at high temperatures, in fact with enough oxygen it will burn hot enough to sustain it's own fire.
Salamander StovesThe Salamander Stoves website is designed to tell you something about the quality of the multi fuel small stoves and products we provide, the excellent service we will give you and the established expertise behind it all. We welcome your comments and promise to listen to your views and look forward to meeting your individual requirements.
Earthbag homes I needed axerophthol Sir Henry Joseph Wood stove for the fishing shack my brother and ace are building 1 precious the stove to be compact and small wood stove plans. Have not decided where to locate it in the cabin---i cut a cardbord template to use , and try to figure out where i want it. Woodstoves are usually made from a special kind of steel which is capable of withstanding high temperatures. Beaver State examples of anyone fashioning their own small solid fuel heater for a Saint Andrew one of our readers suggested a blog mail approximately diminished stoves for whole those planning pocket-sized.
It takes 11" logs and burns for 3-5 hours on a load depending on how cold it is outside.

The stove is very solid and weighs in over 100lbs nice thick casting, lots of mass for its foot print.
The whole thing weighs less than 50 pounds, which will be a huge bonus when we carry it up to the cabin.I love the Hobbit stove too. I don't have my cabin ready for the wood stove yet so I hooked it up in my shop to give it a test drive.
With my tiny cabin space even a little smoke would be a problem.As for fire box and wood size.

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