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We can supply and install premium quality steel workshops, garages, farm sheds, storage and machinery sheds, barns, arenas, horse stables, warehouses, steel kit homes, commercial complexes and industrial buildings.
When it comes to supplying the complete range range of buidlings made from the highest quality materials we offer the complete one-stop solution. So selecting the perfect shed, garage or steel kit home to suit your need is now as simple as contacting BruceWorks. Everyone in Australia needs a shed or a garage to store their valuable possessions and to escape to and lose themselves in a world of their own.
Whether to store your car, boat, motorbike or golf cart OR to actually use as a workshop, have your own creative space or to live in while you build your dream home…. Why Buy from Snowy Sheds As Registered Building Practitioners we can manage the whole job for you, from design to build.We are your local distributor of Australia's leading shed, barn and garage brand - Fair Dinkum ShedsWe’ve been awarded ShedSafe accreditation from the Australian Steel Institute. We can help you achieve a cost effective home to suit your needs.You can use the services of our Architect Ziggi Krpan or your own. Engineered in high-tensile steel, our lightweight Pole Barn, Hay Barn and Dutch Barns are a fusion of practical, low cost traditional building designs, modern materials, and cutting-edge manufacturing. When speed, convenience, assembly time and service life are factored in, our barn kits are much better value than even a home made telegraph pole barn, but our prefabricated barns can easily withstand even the most brutal storms, and are guaranteed to remain watertight and corrosion free for at least 40 years.
Of course you don’t have to own a farm to enjoy the advantages of a steel barn building, and we can provide expert barn designs, customised for any purpose, and of any size.
Cost effective and easy to erect without lifting equipment, our steel framed barn buildings are available as DIY steel barn kits, or fully erected with a range of services to suit you.
A Pole Barn or Dutch Barn can found on most farms and smallholdings throughout the UK, and usually takes the form of a large building with at least one open side, where its roof is supported by widely spaced columns. Although there are many types of agriculutural barns for sale today, many older farm barns in existence tend to be of brick construction with timber trusses and slate roofs.
Whether you require our fully managed turnkey service including planning application, a supply only kit building or anything in between, you are assured of the same commitment to service and attention to detail.

The quality of our buildings is matched only by their versatility, and we thrive on finding ways to fit the building you want, in to the budget you’re working with, whilst never compromising on quality.
Learn more about storage ideas and storage organization, storage cabinets with these expert suggestions.
In most choices that have to be made with regards to construction components, steel is one particular of the most dependable components that 1 would think about using. Steel storage properties have become well-known because of to the many positive aspects that they offer for their owners.
A metal storage building is robust and created to withstand all sorts of severe and intense circumstances, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, strong winds, snow, ice storms, sand storms, fires, amid other all-natural disasters. As Canberra's Sheds N Homes supplier we can recommend and supply the perfect steel structure for your home or business. Our buildings are usually much less costly than  timber frame barn kits, and provide a much  wider choice of finishes and colours.  Where the timber barn look is required, they can be over-clad in a range of finshes such as feather edged boarding or shiplap cladding.
Thanks to its lack of sides or doors, this agricultural barn design provides a very low cost building, and allows unlimited access for virtually anything you can fit under the roof, from bales of hay or straw, to a tractor or horsebox.
Very few examples of period timber barns  survive today due to the durability of timber and our soggy climate. It is extremely crucial that you are distinct on this just before you commence preparing your web site for building.
Metal properties are recognized to actually last more time and it is also excellent to be used if you strategy to build your personal steel storage shed.
It is also being tremendously deemed by most homeowners particularly when they go by means of the process of arranging their garage or their garden sheds. In the case of metal storage structures, they are designed and built for a lot a lot more large-duty use.
Dependent upon the location of the building is usually the choosing element as to which type of body design will be chosen.

So whether you are looking for a small garden shed - or a spacious kit home - we have all the options covered. Today bricks and mortar are very expensive and not viable as a method of agricultural barn construction.
Smaller sized storage sheds, like the kinds you can buy at your local house development shop, are fairly easy to build. So what tends to make the metal shed significantly more useful than the rest of the other kinds of materials out there in the industry these days? The sturdiness of a metal enclosure offers protection from such bodily harm as regular every day use and tear and can be an excellent deterrent towards theft and vandalism.
Our Washington WA pole buildings are great for commercial buildings, agricultural, industrial, horse riding arenas, rv storage and air plane hangars!
They usually do not require any kind of groundwork and arrive with stage-by-step instructions. Metal storage structures are an outstanding option for lengthy-term storage since anything you place in it will be stored dry and safe from most kinds of weather conditions injury.
At Washington WA pole barn kits we take pride in providing the most structurally sound buildings in the industry! Call toll free 1-877-662-9060 for more information! These more compact storage sheds are best for small yard storage facilities in tranquil climates.
However, retailer purchased sheds are not resistant to powerful storm winds and heavy snow loads because they are typically a huge structural puzzle-small beams and panels linked with screws to produce the larger structure-that much more or much less sits on the floor.

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