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This may sound like a really stupid question, but since I haven't played your game, is there any mfi game controller support?
Thanks for the suggestion, we are looking to give the game a LOT of support post release, as I mentioned we're really happy to take feedback on board.
Hey everyone,Just quick note to let you know that we’ve updated our game, Auction Wars: Storage King.
When that shutter door rises you only have a short amount of time to guess what the lot is worth, then it’s straight into the action! Face off against realistic opponents, each with their own characteristics and bidding patterns.
We absolutely will come back, if you do look at the game we welcome any feedback!Yeah, good luck with your release!

The game is more about making good judgements than it is about having quick responses - but we'll absolutely look into it and see if the game could be improved with stick support.
We absolutely will come back, if you do look at the game we welcome any feedback!Just started playing.
I'll get in touch with sanuku too, thanks!Sanuku is a member here, but he doesn't check in that often. Auction Wars: Storage King App Store LinkWe’ve had a fantastic response to the game so far, we’ve had some great feedback and in this update have tried to address some of the main points we’ve been seeing. If you do have any more feedback we are still actively supporting the game with improvements.
They come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s on the special rare items that you’ll be making serious dough.

If you play well you’ll be rewarded with an invite to a secret location; this prestigious auction house deals only in the finest quality goods!The game is easy to play, but requires skill and plenty of good judgement. Not only do you aim to bring home the bacon, but you can also unlock achievements and push yourself up the leaderboards. Can you beat the scores set by friends and strangers alike?We hope you enjoy playing Auction Wars: Storage King as much we’ve enjoyed making it. We’re always happy to take on feedback from our players, so please don’t hesitate to leave comments in your reviews, or get in touch with us directly via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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