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Our premium wood siding has proven itself with decades of great performance in all weather types, and keeps looking great.
Composite sidings which have become the industry standard have had a 25 year pattern of failure and class action lawsuits.
Watch this short video and learn about all of our doors features like the patented leading edge door system. Like the Amish, Mennonites are known the world over for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. In a word, our buildings are quality, a rare feature in today’s world of quickly-manufactured, disposable products. Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains.

This is Great to know if you are, or may be planning to finance your home, car, a boat, ect. If for any reason you are no longer able to keep your Graceland Portable Building (Financial burden, moving out of the state, ect.) We will come and pick it up with no additional cost (if payments are current). We believe that if you compare our buildings with any other building on the market we will come away the clear winner. Graceland has invested years of careful preparation and planning, resulting in the most finely constructed portable buildings you’ll find.
Also, make sure to watch the videos, they go a long way in making a well informed decision. This frame is 100% back screw with over 200 screws while the industry uses nails or even staples!

You won’t have to replace a Graceland building because of a leaky roof five years from now.
You won’t have to worry about high speed winds with our 150 mph rating (FEMA approved) and hurricane clips on each joist.

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