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NAS servers contain streamlined operating and hardware components designed for efficient system performance, unlike general purpose servers.  They also reduce bandwidth bottlenecks because the component is physically separate from the network server- this is especially helpful because storage remains accessible even during network server failures. In addition, many of these NAS servers incorporate a wizard or other user-friendly tools to facilitate the installation process.
In order to avoid disk-failures, many NAS devices readily support one or more RAID levels and include an intuitive tool to help you choose the right RAID level to meet your business’ requirements.  Once these parameters have been established, all files written to it will be automatically and continuously protected. We want to wish everyone a happy holiday and we hope you all get some much needed time with friends and loved ones! Learn how to creating long-form content can boost the value of your content & help improve your rankings!
There are a wide range of NAS systems available from various manufacturers including Synology, Qnapp & Netgear.
The most reliable way to store your valuable music collection is on a Network Attached Storage device that supports RAID 1 or above, to provide fault tolerant redundant storage. A Network Attached Storage device that supports fault tolerant redundant storage, provides the benefit that should a drive fail the NAS device will continue working, allowing you to replace the failed drive. Although you could purchase a cheaper Network Attached Storage system, that contains a single drive, should that drive fail you could lose your music collection unless you have a backup, it would also mean you would be without an operating NAS system until you replace the drive. One of the big decisions to make when purchasing a NAS system is how many Bays does your NAS need.
The Single Bay NAS systems don’t offer any fault tolerance, so we would not recommend these devices for the storage of your valuable music collection unless you maintain an up-to-date copy of your music elsewhere. The 2 bay systems are probably the most popular as these can house two drives with typical storage of 1TB or 2TB drives, that will provide a great deal of music storage. Depending on the size of your music collection, it may be wise to consider a 4 Bay system as this will provide even greater storage capacities, allowing up to four drives, and with typical drive storage of 1TB or 2TB per drive.
Remember if you wish to take advantage of fault tolerance, one of the drives in your system will become redundant, thus reducing your storage capabilities, but allowing for the fault tolerant operation. Another of the big decisions to make when purchasing a Network Attached Storage system is the physical drive size. Normally Network Attached Storage systems come without any drives, and the drives have to be purchased separately.
There are many different brands of NAS devices currently available, we have chosen a selection of Network Attached Storage devices to feature. The My Cloud EX4 is Western Digital's answer to the increased demand for larger personal storage devices. Everything but online capacity expansion (where the user can swap drives one at a time to a larger capacitiy) is suppoted.
All of the expected staples are present, such as USB 3.0 connectivity and all common RAID configurations supported out of the box.

Yeah a build your own and a look into RAID alternatives like FlexRAID, unRAID and Greyhole based stuff. I agree, I would love to see regular NAS builds (different budgets) and os's with comparisons to pre-built gear. NAS build guide for home use (backup, basic network advice, where bottlenecks exist) would be super useful.
Horrible performance for the price, compare that to building a $400 PC and then installing a bunch of hard drives and setting up RAID 5. A network attached storage device is a great way to store data on your your desktop or laptop and retrieve it using any device within that network. NAS technology takes the traditional file server approach to a whole new super advanced level by creating systems designed specifically for data storage. For the uninitiated, NAS provides a central hard drive on which you can store, share and back up all files from multiple computers in the household. The dedicated NAS drive contains one of more hard drives and provides file based data services. The increasing popularity of network attached storage technology has given rise to several types of NAS drives with innovative features.
The network attached storage technology allows you to connect a network hard drive for all computers within that network and access the data from anywhere within that entity. In addition, multiple hard drives are arranged using RAID configuration, securing your data and allowing a faster access to it. Computer manufacturer and retailer Dell provide a range of computing solutions, from laptops, desktops and tablets, to data storage solutions with a wide range of network attached storage products. Tom Boggle is a professional blogger who loves writing about technology, gadgets and mobile phones. This is a superb reason to purchase this type of system as it provides extra protection for your music collection. Network Attached Storage devices are available with 1 Bay, 2 Bays, 4 Bays, 6 Bays and more, the most common NAS systems for Home use are the 2 Bay and 4 Bay systems. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. When folks look for places to consolidate all of their bulk files, media, system backups, etc, they tend to extend past what is possible with a single hard drive.
While WD has stated that feature will be available in a future update, I find it a bit risky to intentionally and repeatedly fail an array by pulling drives and forcing rebuilds. Many of these bullet points are common among most NAS devices, but there are a few notable standouts. Sub-$400 for a bare 4-bay NAS is certainly nothing to sneeze at, and the prices on storage-equipped models are on-par with the cost of adding WD Red drives separately, making the purchase selection almost a no brainer.

The back-end is Linux based, similar to other NAS devices out there, such as the Synology DiskStation. A pair of redundant power connections enable a second power supply (available for purcahse separately from WDC) to power the EX4.
The increasing sales of NAS drives speak volumes of the popularity of this innovative technology.
The NAS drive connects via an Ethernet cable to a wireless home-network router, which enables laptops and other devices equipped with Wi-Fi networking to use the drive wirelessly. Though it works as a file server, it does not have a keyword, mouse or a display and works similar to a network device.
It just makes more sense to back up the data and re-create a fresh array with the new larger drives installed.
Remember this is a consumer focused NAS, but it has carried over some features from WD's higher-end line. If you are using a single disk external hard-drive for storing all your critical business data, the HDD will fail one day causing data loss.
They often include built-in features such as disk space quotas, secure authentication, or the automatic sending of email alerts should an error be detected. Thus Network attached storage is an innovative concept of file level data storage technique with its own network address, enabling heterogeneous group of clients to access the data in an efficient and quick manner. A dedicated computer based file server is the most powerful NAS device and is used for business networks as well as home networks. The centralized data storage optimizes your work space and increases the efficiency of your business procedures.
As there are several NAS devices available in the market, it is important to identify your storage requirements and choose the best one for your network. A big one is network redundancy, and more importantly power redundancy - a first seen on a consumer-level device of this type. Every business needs to be adept to technological changes and upgrading your storage units with NAS technology is essential for businesses to stay ahead of competition. NAS drives comprise of multiple hard drives arranged using RAID configuration for data security and faster access. These ports can be configured redundantly, as failover, or bonded together (provided the connected switch or router supports it).

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