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Call the office, and you’ll reach our friendly, professional manager right there on site (no call centers!). All unit sizes are approximate.  Descriptions of “what fits” in a storage unit are general guidelines only as size, shape and number of household items vary by individual. Household storage for a large family including furniture appliances, patio furniture, garden equipment, etc.
Several months ago I began renting a large unit at this location (after having shopped around extensively) to store furniture related to my real estate business. Max and his staff are warm, friendly and knowledgeable people who are maintaining the longstanding tradition of solid customer service and attention to detail.
The units are clean and good value for the money, the building is well maintained, the premises are always very tidy and the hours of access are more than reasonable.
I continue to recommend Max and the Public Storage facility at 17 Hobson to family, friends and strangers alike. Premises if very tidy, access hours are reasonable, and overall a storage facility I would strongly recommend. And I've been a customer at Public Storage for over 7 years, and i can honestly say that the staff here have been very easy to work with. Customer service always stands out, and you guys are right on point with making us the customer feel comfortable with your services. Feel confident with our secure access to all floors and individually alarmed units. Have a vehicle you need to store?
Reserve a unit for free, and on many units, enjoy your first month's rent for just $1. Ramble on in for Road Trip Plans, Couples and Adventure Travel, Dog Travel Tips, Reviews and more! The first step in the process is to find self storage places in your area that are going to be cost effective for you. Hopefully these tips will help you set up your self storage unit quickly and easily when you start planning for your location independent lifestyle. If these Tips for Finding and Packing a Self Storage Unit for Long Term Travel  were helpful to you, you may want to check out these other long term travel tips.
When we quit our jobs to go traveling we thought that paying for a storage unit wasn’t worth the stuff we had so instead we sold what we could and gave the rest to charity. Getting rid of things is really hard because for whatever reason I develop a connection to the smallest items.
For me, the most daunting task is always the first: finding the right self storage place in my area.
This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to pack things you won’t need in the back. Payoff early if desired with no penalty- percentage of total payments made goes to "Rental-Purchase" program. You own the building in the end of only 3 years- unlike other places that stretch it out to 4 years.
The chart below is an example of payments (not including sales tax, delivery, or prep work).
There’s nothing quite like the process of pulling your vinyl out of its sleeve, placing it on a turntable and lifting that needle. If you have a collection of records, you want to keep them in good condition so you’ll be able to enjoy them for a lifetime. If the original sleeve or album cover is ripped, you can purchase new ones for a cheap price, just visit your local record store. Store Shelves: The raked shelves they use to display records at shops aren’t reserved for retail —make one or purchase one for your apartment! At Fiesta Bargain Storage, we’re here to help you figure out how much extra storage space you need.

Fiesta Bargain Storage can meet your business and personal storage needs in the south Mesa, Arizona area (we’re located on West Baseline Rd. Now with Ashley the pair is always courteous, engaging, accommodating, and interested in their clients. Over that period of time, the Public Storage personnel on site have been professional, helpful, courteous and easy to work with. Max is easy to talk to and is always very willing to do all he can to make things go smoothly. The staff has always been friendly and courteous whenever I was there to pay my (slowing growing) rent fee. At some point you’ll have to make some sacrifices and sell off  or giveaway pretty much everything you own but what do you do with those remaining things that are either too important or to practical to get rid of?
In my experience, living in large cities, you are typically best off finding a self storage unit that is both off a major highway (for easy access later when you need it) and as far away from the city center as possible. The key to being able to use all of the space in a unit is to pack boxes all the way to the ceiling. It’s important to try to start this process about 2 months before your leaving date to make sure you have enough time to get it all done.
The whole process was quite stressful mainly because we left it till the very last days, such a mistake!
Your tips for finding an affordable storage unit will be useful to know while I’m looking for one that I can use.
My husband and I are wanting to make some changes to the shop in our backyard, and we need to take a lot our stuff we’re storing there and move it.
I think finding the right self storage unit is the hardest part, balancing size, price, and location. For this reason, vinyl record storage is crucial. Set up your apartment to proudly display your cool collection (you put a lot of work into, after all!) and keep your precious cargo safe. Stacking them is probably one of the worst ways you can store your vinyl because the position can cause warping and scratches– your vintage Beatles album can’t withstand that kind of manhandling! Exposed records collect dust and debris, which can get inside its grooves and mess with its quality.
If your personal taste tends to lie in the vintage realm, then display your record collection in a way that’s totally you– by using retro storage units, that is. If you consider your decor tastes more contemporary, pick shelving options that are simple, sleek and functional. In fact, the company sells the EXPEDIT Shelving Unit, which is a series of squares perfectly sized to fit records upright.
Bring an album cover (that you don’t need) with you when you look for furniture so you can see if it fits.
While displaying your vinyl as wall art won’t effectively store all your records, it makes for great decor.
Our large selection of listings and helpful tools will make it easy for you to find an affordable apartment quickly. Whether you need a storage unit for business or personal use – we’ll offer it to you at a bargain price and give you the friendly, knowledgeable service you deserve. Max & Ashley are part of the crew that have greeted customers and potentially new customers, to the Public Storage facility these past years. Some travelers have the benefit of a friend or family members house or garage, but in our case the only choice we had was to find a long term self storage unit.
Being off a major highway will help you in the future when you need to return to your storage unit to either trade out clothing, access supplies, or add a few more items that you’ve collected in your travels.
That way, when you have to go back into storage later you can quickly and easily find what you need. This was the hardest part of our big change and was also the most impactful and fulfilling.

I liked the idea of selling your large items on the internet and then having a big yard sell to get rid of the rest. However, it is comforting to know that I can sell bulky items that are replaceable (like furniture) on Craigslist. Choose from one of our inventory storage buildings or have one made with the options that you want. Truly, playing records is a whole different experience than listening to MP3s– it’s no wonder many contemporary artists release their albums on vinyl! You can purchase whatever size you need for your collection, or add more shelves as needed.
They take time to get to know you, talk to you and also listen to any issues you might have. We wanted to share our experience with you and share our tips for finding and packing a long term storage unit. I don’t personally like Ebay very much as they charge you a  lot of fees, and shipping can be difficult and cut down on your profits. For us, we packed our clothing and supplies that we would need ( like winter and camping gear) in easy access plastic tubs or suitcases, and put everything else in boxes.
Also, make sure to pack the things you wont’t need to access in the back corners of the unit. This idea helps you part with your things easier because you know they are going to someone who will use it, but also, you are making a bit of profit too. Modern versions of these old items are sold at places like Urban Outfitters, though you may find a truly vintage version at a thrift store or consignment shop.
EXPEDIT shelves are versatile, as you can set them up vertically or horizontally, which is good if you need to change up your space.
They're ready to provide satisfactory service with a the goal to "make it right" the first time. Property is cheaper in rural areas so the rent for the storage unit will be cheaper as well. Put the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom to form a base, and use the small boxes for stacking. It’s an effective and easy option that appeals to a sort of form follows function design style. Don’t worry – our freight sized elevators and free use of dollies on site will make moving in and out easier than you thought. Your goal here is to sell everything so don’t be cheap and get what you can for your stuff. Make sure to leave the  space in front for your suitcases and tubs of clothing for easy access. I have had units at a number of Public Storage places as well as Access units and another one on the side of the 401 in Oshawa. These are both important to me as I prefer to deal with people who are like me in that respect.
He also seems to be interested in not only Public Storage business but the business of the customer as well. I know of others who have units here but live closer to other locations but have chosen to stay at this location because of Max.

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