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There are many individual designs and interior ideas for making a small space more livable, but a single piece of transforming furniture or tactic for organizing better can fail to cover the big-picture questions of dealing with larger plans and layout strategies. Poliform approaches the problem of small space living from the opposite angle – looking first at the larger-scale issues of size, demographics, needs and style, then focusing in on specific solutions that work as part of a whole plan for specific small homes, from entire interior design ideas down to furniture, furnishings, storage and decor. My Life in 80 Meters Squared is a project that seeks to address the needs of a specific demographic: young urbanites who occupy modest boxes with more room than many but much less than a typical luxury dwelling. Creative contemporary domestic designs, from unique home architecture to custom interior, furniture & DIY design ideas.Find inspiration via plans & pictures of compact modular mini-houses, small-space apartments, all-in-one bathroom & bedroom projects & more.Upcycled cargo shipping container houses, to space-saving furniture, ultra-modern interiors & futuristic homes!
If the requirement of storage has increased in your kitchen and most of the spaces are already in use in the form of cabinets, shelves and other surfaces then that does not mean an end to the storage capacity of your kitchen. Here in Louisiana the weather tends to go like this-  nine months of unbearable heat and humidity, two months of sweater weather, and one month of true winter. A moment of decorative clarity gave me an idea and Dave the Builder a reason to stop by the antiques warehouse to decrease the present inventory by one. Coming up with unique and decorative options to house and hold firewood is not a huge challenge. Fitting in well with the weave, warmth and wearing patterns of your most comfortable winter sweater will be no problem. Why not bring the outdoors inside by using a decorative outdoor planter as a firewood holder? In other words, this may seem large enough to some, but is certainly not a mansion by any means.In the kitchen, two tracks make for maximum efficiency in terms of spatial use. There are still many areas in your kitchen that you may have overlooked and can prove great in terms of providing storage. The colors and details of this Berks Blanket Chest from Andersen & Stauffer Furniture  are wonderful. These impressive winter white foldover baskets designed by Robert Ogden for Lostin baskets will coordinate function and purpose with beauty.

Furniture doubles as spatial dividers, creating conceptual partition walls without actually closing off different areas and making the rooms feel smaller. The passenger model will be offered in short or long wheelbase configuration, arriving in U.S.
Seuss The Lorax Diaper Storage CaddyFree Shipping for all orders over $125.If you see an add to cart button, this item is in stock and usually ships in 1-2 business days. I realize this Maple Syrup painted milk crate may not be a practical choice based on the small size, but it depicts the perfect winter scene.
This is no compact car - the larger TC Wagon has a 121-inch wheelbase.Both vans come with dual sliding doors and an available one-piece power tailgate preferred by moms.
How does this hot new Ford stack up versus the Mazda5 or Nissan Quest ?Click past the jump for the full review of the 2014 Ford Transit Connect Wagon, with a full image gallery of the exterior design and interior layouts.
The trapezoidal bumper face is in contrasting dark grey to form the car’s lower bumper, which is ringed in chrome on the top U.S. Body color bumpers and fascias lighten the design and help the TC Wagon to clearly be a fun-loving passenger model and not a work van.Bumper-mounted halogen fog lights and a unique front headlamp appearance finish off the front end nicely, and the integrated blade blinkers at the base of the main lamps is very chic. The low glass line means kids will be able to see more out the windows than they can in the back of many crossover SUVs – especially in the third row.Some tasteful sculpting appears in the lower trims of the TC Wagon, and the sliding door rail is not ashamed and hiding in the body. Loud and proud, this van wears its track right there for all to see.From the rear, the most notable element are the vertical blade taillights and the extra low bumper height. The TC Wagon’s commercial roots mean this van is quite boxy from the back, but almost in a fashionable way. Paired with the sliding doors, the TC Wagon looks like the easiest vehicle in the segment for loading child seats. A short-wheelbase TC Wagon will be offered with seating for five people, up to a long-wheelbase model with seating for seven.Both cars use the convenient sliding doors, but this generation of TC brings an available single-piece tailgate that hinges at the top, just like every other crossover and van out there.
This is the setup moms prefer versus swing-out French doors that contractors and delivery folks like better.The front cabin carries much of the Focus -inspired techy feel to the control surfaces and rising central dash bulge.

Navigation functionality for MyFord Touch is an additional extra, but at least comes with a backup camera. Even so, the Focus-style standard twin info monitor setup is handy and modern - it can be controlled by the steering wheel toggle pads for all functions.Some higher-quality plastics make an appearance for this generation of Transit Connect, with the pre-production interior images using a contemporary brown, titanium and khaki mood. Plentiful cup holders and storage areas abound, and all the rear seats are a special flip-and-fold design. Once folded, they stand vertically and can be slid toward the middle row for more cargo room.The high interior roof looks great with the built-in cubbies above the first row of seats, or with the big glass moonroof that is optional. Based on how these engines perform in the 2014 Ford Fusion , the Transit Connect Wagon may be able to hit the high 30’s for its highway EPA mileage rating. This package includes hardened intake valves, valve seats and bi-fuel manifold.Once converted, the Transit Connect can run seamlessly switch between gasoline and CNG, stored in a separate tank. Ford’s timetable shows the Transit Connect cargo van arriving next, in the first quarter of 2014.Based on the competition and offering of the TC Wagon, the projected base price of the short-wheelbase model is $21,500 and up to $22,750 for the LWB version. The Mazda seats six but has almost no cargo room left behind the third row when all the seats are in use. On the plus side, the Mazda5 is very affordable and reliable.Gallery Mazda5 Nissan Quest The Quest is actually a larger and far more expensive van than the Ford TC Wagon, but is here because it is similarly unafraid to show its van styling.
A deep-tinted glass window-line extends the full profile of the Nissan , giving it s global minibus feel that is absent from the Odyssey and Sienna - and makes them seem a bit dull as a result.Gallery Nissan Quest Conclusion Ford’s van foothold really fell apart after the cancellation of the firm’s minivan lineup nearly a decade ago. In the face of declining volume and overwhelming SUV preference among buyers, the loss of the Freestar was not mourned by many at the time. It left an even bigger hole in the Ford commercial fleet sector than it did in the consumer van market, just as priorities for urban businesses started to shift toward flexibility and efficiency in cities.It looks like the dark days of van-hating are about to turn.

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