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Your stroller can be delivered by 8 AM as long as you have made your reservation at least 48 hours before you arrive and we have received your early delivery fee of $10.00.

The DSR-40 is a DVCAM videocassette recorder that includes versatile interfaces in its compact body.
This chassis features a patented one-step fold for easy storage in any mode, an adjustable handlebar, rear helmet pockets, 20" rear air-filled tires for a smooth comfortable ride and rear drum brakes for better control in jogger or stroller mode. Through its RS-422A interface, the DSR-40 could perform as the editing player in current analog systems.
The plush padded bench style seat can accommodate one passenger with 3-point safety harnesses and the interior space includes pockets for snacks and toys, supportive floor board and multiple viewing windows. The amount of effort and time to recover items left in rooms is tremendous and will incur a $25 recovery fee.
Its i.LINK interface makes it possible to copy digital video, audio and data with virtually no quality deterioration.

If you need your stroller earlier on check in or later than check out you may want to consider extending your reservation.
With many other useful features, combined with the superior image and sound quality inherent in the DVCAM format, the DSR-40 is an ideal VTR for a wide range of video professional applications including liner editing, non-linear editing, duplication, demonstrations and so on.

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