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Drivers, you will love the fact that you no longer have to pick up load bars from the trailer floor. A: Chemical companies, general freight companies, and owner operators alike use Yellow Rack. Yellow Rack won't tear into packaging if freight accidentally comes in contact with it; instead, it will bend to let freight pass rather than cause damage.A  And what about decking beams or load bars?A  Fork lifts can run into beams that are stored in the Yellow Racka€”but its flexibility allows the Rack to take the shock instead of the load bars!
A: Yellow Rack was made to store up to 6 square-type load bars (also called decking beams, shoring beams, load locks), but it can also hold much more! The two outer compartments on the Yellow Rack are made slightly larger: there are still some of the wider load bars out on the market. Yellow Rack fits 24"-to-center vertical e-track (logistics slots) and any horizontal e-track.
Yellow Rack is completely portable, so it can be put anywhere in a trailer where e-track is present. The uniquely engineered features of Yellow Rack insure that it will hold even its heaviest load of 6 decking beams securely, even over the roughest roads!
Q: I know Yellow Rack can help prevent loss of freight protection equipment, but are there any other reasons to use it?
A: Yes!A Load securement is a big deal for chemical and freight companies these days in terms of the law. In communities across the country, local authorities are increasing the number of liense and weight units that enforce commercial vehicle inspection codes. A: Your Yellow Rack is built to withstand the tough conditions that exist in cargo trailers. Your browser is incompatible with minimum security standards, and may be unable to use the Cisco-Eagle shopping cart. Store your entire side kit panels and post conveniently under your flatbed trailer with the LOAD ARMOUR Side Kit Storage compartment.

Just slide back the retaining bar, shove in the load bar, and slide the retaining bar back into place. It's so easy to remove the bar from its restraint position, carry it over to the Yellow Rack and snap it in, and vice-versa.
Keep jack bars out of the way by installing just 2 slot brackets on the inside wall of your trailer, and clip in the Yellow Rack!
For items that can ship via common carrier (UPS, FedEx, DHL), you can supply your account number and we will charge shipping to your account. For its help with safety and compliance issues, keeping bars on the trailer where they belong--ready for locking in freight and avoiding loss and damage--customers find the Yellow Rack one of the handiest tools to hit the freight protection equipment market in a long time. Not so with a metal rack, which would make the load bars take the shocka€”and that means bent and damaged equipment! These older bars have been discontinued but are still in use, so we made these two outer compartments a little wider to accommodate them.
Because the Rack is self-adjusting, a perfect fit is guaranteed every time it's clipped in! We strongly recommend positioning the Rack at the rear of the trailer to keep load bars out of the way of heavy freight moving equipment. Both federal and state governments are increasingly diligent about making sure all freight is secured. Code violations are not good for safety purposes, but they are good for a community's revenues! All Rights Reserved.All designs are original and protected by trademark and copyright laws. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Imagine the savings to your company by drastically reducing loss of this necessary piece of equipment!

The Yellow Rack will restrain up to 6 load bars, 12 jack bars, 6 straps, or any combination thereof. Look at our strength video to see what happens when a fork lift rakes across the compartment tabs--the Rack snaps back into its original shape! Chemical transporters store their shovels and brooms in the Rack, others store rolls of tape and even pallet jacks! With a fold down door your side kit storage compartment locks and looks like a tool box from the side.
Yellow Rack eliminates repetitious bending and lifting heavy load bars and keeps load bars off the trailer floor and dock, thus helping reduce costly injuries and claims.
Full instructions for how to use Yellow Rack--from installing clips to loading it with freight protection equipment--are included with each shipment.
Once the Rack is filled with load bars, it cannot be removed from e-track because it has to be tilted to disengage the clips.
Yellow Rack helps drivers and companies solve compliance issues because of its ease of use, driver acceptance, and its adaptability to company driver compliance programs. The Yellow Rack is self-adjusting to the slots in E-Track, so there will never be a problem with a secure and easy fit. What we do claim is that if cared for properly, just like any other piece of equipment, the Yellow Rack will give years of service.

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