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Comes with Elevator, Auto-locked door, Air conditioner, Closet, Bath with reheater and more.
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4) Besides the cases stated in the previous clauses, REJ is not liable to any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the use of REJa€™s services excluding any claim or controversy causes for reasons attributable to REJ. A storage-rental facility in Tokyo’s Sumida Ward is being used as residences by the poor, and officials of the area seem to be turning a blind eye to it. A senior official from another ward said that the criteria for the acceptance of residential registrations is different for each municipality.
As the homelessness and unemployment situations continue to be a problem, more situations like the one at the storage facility will surely crop up.
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Ward officials themselves say that they have accepted residential registrations from 69 cases at the facility. So places like the storage facility that can offer cheap and easily obtainable residences is a huge need for the poor, who cannot get jobs if they do not have a residential address. He said that strengthening fire department and local government regulations for buildings is just one part of the issue, but the more pressing one is actually creating housing facilities so that those verging on homelessness will not resort to living in places where they are not supposed to live. The official said they cannot turn away those people who are just trying to work and pay their taxes and there is no existing law against residential registration in illegal structures.

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