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While showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast, the risk for severe weather is much lower today, with action much more scattered in nature. WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is setting new standards for Medicaid private insurance plans, now the main source of coverage for millions of low-income people. BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from Pre-K at Sacred Heart of Jesus School.
GONZALES- The case involving a councilman who charged a woman rent to live in a shed has been closed, authorities said Tuesday. Vessel has been accused of stealing utilities from neighbors and charging Debra Williams hundreds of dollars a month in rent for a typical outdoor storage unit. Thanks to one very heavy glass coffee table, I'm now obsessed with Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture design and architecture. I finally found the discontinued Ikea sofa for which my heart had been yearning (I got rid of an identical one years ago) on Craigslist for only $75. Bonus: Allowing the pieces to stand on their own seemed to pull the oddly laid-out living room together more. And here's a shot of the credenza, with three door-covered sections that hide shelves for dish storage, and a set of 4 drawers on the end.
Of course, we can't pull the room together without adhering to the rule: always accessorize! I didn't plan it, but - I found a set of three vintage green Pyrex casserole dishes at a thrift store.
This painting is the piece upon which the rest of the room's color palette and furniture selection depends.
I'd like to give a quick shout-out to my former boss, Dee, who gave me the Barcelona coffee table that started it all. Nowadays, thanks to the proliferation and "hipification" of Target, Ikea, and our good friend The Internet, it's so much easier to transform a bland white apartment into a colorful haven where fun meets functional. Note that I moved the fun and funky record cabinet to the side of the sofa, where it can double as an end table. Note that that wall with the console on it is the future home of the aforementioned enormous modern painting (54x72 inches). Thanks to my super-awesome and uber-handy dad and his table saw extraordinaire, I'll have that installed in a jiffy. Between that and the window treatments I'm making for the windows, that area should rocket from a D- to an A+ in no time at all. Unfortunately this color scheme doesn't really jive with the painting I'm hanging in my living room - otherwise, this would definitely be the living room for me!
24x36 with 12' side shedThis building is an example of the building that we can customize for you.
ALL OUR HAY AND POLE BARNS ARE CONSTRUCTED WITH STRENGTH AND LONGEVITY AS THE BASIS FOR DESIGN. The A16 SECURITY BOOTH was designed and created by CALLAHEAD for upscale security and ticket booth locations. The A25 SECURITY BOOTH is a CALLAHEAD exclusively designed extra-large guard booth that will deliver value to any location.  This is the ideal rental for security or ticket booth requirements. The Guard Shed 16: This 4' x 4' unit will enable you to eliminate the unnecessary use of expensive office trailers and other buildings alike. Manufactured from durable weather resistant fiberglass, The Guard Shed 16 may be used during any season. The Guard Shed 25 is 5' x 5' and includes windows, a built-in heater, electrical outlet and a light.

The Guard Shed 48 is completely weather tight, with heat and electric, this spacious Security Guard Booth is CALLAHEAD's largest Guard House. This premium Guard Station is also available with a Police lock, to provide you with the ultimate safety. The CALLAHEAD Frigidaire AIR CONDITIONER is a recommended addition for comfort when using our Guard Shed, Portashed or PORTAHEAD units.
Adding the CALLAHEAD AIR CONDITIONER to your unit will eliminate guards or ticket booth attendants from sitting outside complaining, which encourages a poor reflection of the employer. When you need secure, portable and personal storage, The Personal Portashed is the ideal solution. Complete with heat, lights & electric, the Personal Portashed exceeds any and all expectations required of a utility storage unit. The Portashed 25 is produced from only the highest quality products, with strong & durable construction built to last a lifetime.
The Portashed 48 was designed exclusively from Call-A-Head with solely our customers in mind, using only the highest quality products with strong & durable aluminum & fiberglass construction built to last a lifetime.
When Security is of concern to your premises, Guard Booths, Guard Stations and Guard Sheds provide an important first line of defense.
Additionally, you may need to secure equipment, tools, or other valuable materials in a Portable Standalone Shed or Building.
Scott and Mike’s Barn Sales provides Muncie with portable buildings and gazebos at an affordable price.
It had a dingy white cover on it which was quickly remedied with a $6 packet of RIT fuschia dye.
The glass-doored hutch was too gorgeous to not show off on its own, and the credenza that it sat on was tiring out under the weight and ill-placement of the supposed hutch.
They had a gorgeous green pitcher, also crafted from recycled glass, but I didn't want to overdo it. Vintage cookware is so much fun; not only does it function well, it adds a bit of flair behind the glass doors of this cabinet! Thanks to my trusty little sewing machine I'll be able to whip up some roman shades in just the right color to match. That's because it's being saved for an utterly fantastic, large (5 ft x 7 ft) painting that currently resides in my ex-roommate's storage unit in Boston. The colors are nothing like my current lime green and pink - which is why I spent less than $100 bringing them into the home. So pnce the painting arrives, I'll select an accent wall color (probably a very 1950's goldrod tone) and then a corresponding neutral for the other walls. Quick recap: I was fighting to arrange my chairs and sofa in a cozy grouping around the glass and chrome coffee table, while maintaining an open flow through the living room to the rest of the condo.
I wanted it to be able to shine, which was not happening in its previous home (the corner by the window). I'd almost forgotten how hideous it was, until some nice folks on Rate My Space pointed out that I should try and mask it with a table over it. This woven rattan floor pouf from Urban Outfitters is actually on my list for my living room to bring in some earthy tones.
Another piece that I've planned to purchase for my living room, this retro mid-century modern GLAMOR wall clock from EQ3 rocks my world. This fun and unique branch wall shelf from West Elm, priced high at $99, is another reason for the mood board, especially the part about it being just for fun.
You glance at a few magazines, scan a few blogs, read a few books, and next thing you know - you're inspired by a multitude of more project ideas, and tack them on your list. My inspiration pieces were an antique oriental rug that my parents gave me, some exotic hanging lanterns, a three-dollar painting from Goodwill (not pictured here), and a warm brick-colored comforter set from good ole' Tar-jay.

So by Sunday I've got to adorn the walls with art, hang a holy-cow-that's-huge mirror, and beautify some wall hooks. A few key things delayed my progress:Friday night I worked late, and spent hours collecting supplies at Michael's, Home Depot, and multiple fabric stores for the aforementioned projects. We will also frame up your cabin or home with doors and windows, allowing you to finish the inside. Our no strings plan allows you to have your own storage facility and gazebo for your backyard or business, when and where you need it. I'd like to thank the bathtub for graciously hosting this quick-n-easy slipcover spruce-up. Better yet are the dividers inside that keep all my cookbooks and wine journals corraled in an orderly fashion. This painting has a history - I inherited it from a former employer, then M inherited it from me when I moved to DC, and now I'm inheriting it back (at least for the time being) as she doesn't have a wall large enough for it.
I just wanted to throw a bit of coordinated color into the room to keep it decorated and cheerful during the wait.
I will then be able to select some retro-print fabrics and upholster the ottoman that I rescued from the dumpster, and will select a new, neutral-color sofa cover to match. It was fun while it lasted, but as soon as I can, I'm dying that brave little slipcover a nice and neutral taupey-brown. Easy to change up, easy to keep clean, neutral enough to allow color scheme changes when you get bored with blue, brown, gray. Light and airy, but with a fun design that makes them more contemporary and stylish, and less like the sheer curtains your grandma hung all over her house. What a great way to get three tables in one, but store them compactly when you don't need them. A few inspired cycles later, you're faced with a to-do list that would intimidate even the toughest HGTV design show host.Realizing that my decorating and DIY to-do list has entered this vicious cycle, I've started thinking that rooms must be completed in phases - otherwise, I'll never feel like I'm done.
I'd also like to whip up a cheap upholstered headboard, like Julia just did at OpenHandLiving.
Our metal, vinyl, treated and painted sheds are second to none, and are even HOA APPROVED!2. Although the real meat of the project is on hold, pending the arrival of a large piece of art (more about that later), I've made some great scores lately that really have the space looking more put-together.
You are not required to fill out a credit application, nor are you required to keep your building.
We often tell our customers, "You may find a cheaper built building but you will not find a better building for the price."3. It's all about pulling the room together so that you've got a clean and coordinated space that is ready for guests, even if it is a little sparse. Therefore, I had time to determine this one thing: There's nothing more frustrating than laying around, exhausted, headache-y, and nauseous, staring at work just waiting to be done - and knowing you're too incapacitated to do it. And knowing the clock is ticking down the hours until your weekend is over, and those two precious days of home improvement time are being squandered. But it may be a little bare, and you'll be thinking of a million things you could do to really tweak the space.

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