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If you like it and would like to come get it, call or txt Please do NOT call to chat or trade ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES!!!! View DetailsThe Everton storage building by Yardline offers the space you need and the styling youa€™ve been looking for. At Barn, Shed and Carport Direct you will find the highest quality carports, metal garages, RV carports, boat covers and barn sheds for your all your needs. More and more farmers are choosing metal barns that include options like an office, feed rooms, tack rooms, tool rooms, and workshops.
Barn configurations are available up to forty feet wide for any single section and up to three hundred feet in length.  In most cases, anything over forty one feet in length, it is recommended to choose the vertical roof option due to potential seam issues. This brief article will hopefully give you some ideas and tips when searching on line looking for carports, barns, or sheds. An enclosed utility shed is available on most all models which will allow you to secure items such as your lawnmower, ATV, tools, weed eater, etc. Our Farm Buildings provide farmers with an inexpensive and effective way to shield valuable farming equipment from the harsh elements.
All of our metal structures come in several attractive color options and can be built in a variety of styles like the popular barn style. Simply name what you desire and we are committed to helping you build it to exceed expectations. Using our website customers may get estimates and make purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need a place to store farm equipment you know the folks at Barn, Shed, and Carport can provide the best!
Since all of our barns, sheds, or carports are produced to order, each structure is pretty much built with the customer’s specific needs in mind. Throughout time, wooden storage barns coated in a darkish red paint have been iconic images most people associate with the perfect, cute, little farm.
In addition to the high quality coat of protective paint that you’re building receives to help and keep it from common problems like rusting; your metal building is not susceptible to the things some wood sheds are. When buying a storage building you can choose to have a permanent or portable foundation so that your building can be disassembled and moved whenever you decide to move. After you decide what your metal building will be used for, you can begin thinking about how to customize it to suit your property. If you plan to use your building for storing your car, rv, boat or other vehicle, consider adding windows. If you use one of our buildings to provide shelter for horses or cattle, we can include venting and insulation options for more effective heating and cooling. In larger buildings, you can add more walls or dividers to create multiple separated storage spaces. Your home and its value are important not only while you live there, but also when the time comes to move and sell your property.
We mentioned hail which can greatly reduce the aesthetic look and value of your vehicle, but storms also cause other issues. Building a fully enclosed garage as an addition to your home is often quite expensive and is a hassle when you consider dealing with a construction company for several weeks at a time. Carports can be even handier than a garage when you consider the other possible uses for it. As summertime arrives many of us are getting back out in the yard to play… I mean work… on our various outdoor projects. Whether you are looking for a small metal building to house just your lawnmower and garden tools or a larger building on a much grander scale that can accommodate several vehicles like boats or even RV’s, odds are that you want and need your new building to be tough and durable enough to withstand the tests of time and weather.
At Barn, Shed, and Carport Direct we have a wide variety of affordable metal buildings for sale. Clearly, metal buildings offer many advantages and benefits and that is why they have quickly become so popular in many industries.
You can choose from a variety of attractive metal building styles and several types of carport styles like the A-frame, Barn, Standard and Deluxe models. Metal buildings, since they are of course made of metal, can withstand unfavorable weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes very well. If you own a house, at some point the need for extra storage space will soon become quite evident. In most cases, storage space is the key requirement a homeowner has, so figure out how much space is needed for you. This style consists of an A Frame as the center structure and two A frame style lean to’s on each side. For your Barn Shed Plans call Barn, Shed and Carport Direct Serving all of; Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Arkansas, Louisiana, Virginia, and Ohio. For custom work please give us a call at (800) 673-9118 and get your custom building quote today! Metal and Steel buildings including barns, sheds and carports are becoming increasingly popular in today’s agricultural farming industry. Longevity, a describing word that lots of companies throw out there willie- nillie, but when using it to describe the metals to craft a steel storage shed or barn, it is not, it is true.
Mother nature has been having a few good chuckles over the past few years at the Americans expense. So when it comes to renovating or just sprucing up the overall look and quality of your farm, go with the percentages, be one of the popular farmers that everyone envy’s. If you have any questions about our metal barn products feel free to call one of our representatives today! I will sell them by 12's (for 50 bucks) if your interested but can't afford the whole case.
The labor and material to construct a barn can get costly especially if you consider the time involved and is that the most efficient use of your time.

The main reason is cost but also in addition to less fire hazard, you will have less maintenance, and another big reason is time. Options include structures that are engineered up to a 150 mph wind rating and 65 psf snow load. Owning a metal farm building is not only an affordable option, but also an earth friendly one since metal is highly recyclable and needs less maintenance. Our metal farm buildings receive a high quality coat of protective paint that protects it from common problems like rusting. We are always searching for more ways to improve our customer service experience in addition to the quality of buildings we offer to you. Our company owned and operated crews to ensure that you, our valued customer, are getting the highest quality products and service you will want to tell your neighbors about.
Our friendly trained staff is waiting eagerly to help answer all of your questions; we want you to be happy and satisfied with every detail of your purchase. We specialize in helping farmers like you get just the right size building for what you need.
Basically, your barn, shed, or carport comes in 5’ length sections with base rails that should be properly anchored to whatever type surface the customer has or will have. Moreover, yes, long ago, when metal and steel were the more expensive material to use, wood was the correct choice.
We can name a few like Quality, Durability, Affordability, and those are just some of the reasons why a metal shed just makes sense. Issues with wood sheds include problems like rats chewing holes in the wood, insect infestations like termites, wood rot or one of many other common lumber problems. These steel buildings can offer your family years of protection for all of your investments.
Functional features like windows can often be added to your building as easily as any other exterior decorative element when you order. No matter what your storage requirements are, buying a steel or metal building for storage will offer you year round protection and durability for many years. It’s true you could park your car anywhere you like, but have you ever seen what hail does to vehicle?
With all the colors that Barn, Shed and Carport Direct offer to customize your carport it is easy to create a complimentary look that matches your homes color scheme.
Imagine driving home in the rain with a trunk full of groceries that need to be in the fridge and freezer, it is much nicer to unload groceries under the cover of the carport than it is to try and get those groceries inside in the rain don’t you think? We plant gardens, tend to our yards and landscapes, or use the extended daylight to get handy with a project or two to spruce up the ole homestead. Our metal buildings are just what you need to hold up through all kinds of rough weather be it summer or winter and stay looking great for many years to come.
Over the years, metal buildings have become popular not only in the commercial and residential sector for storage sheds; metal buildings are even being used in the community for building houses as well. There are many options offered to customers that are so enticing like; a variety of colors to match existing buildings, the fact that a metal building offers strength and affordability that you cannot get from traditional building construction methods, and much more. Your metal structures can come in a wide range of colors and sizes, simply name what you desire and we are committed to helping you build it to exceed expectations. They are also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting.  Metal buildings for sale are much cheaper than traditional buildings, and are easier to maintain. Aside from these, metal building frames can be recycled if you decide to remove them from your property.
The Barn Shed style is the perfect metal building for farms and country homes, and can add a cheery classic look when added to any home. Arguably the most common solution is to go out and purchase a storage shed from a local home improvement store, but quality usually suffers. A very small 4? x 8? lean-to style provides sufficient space for small tools, but larger items will of course require a lot more space. If so, make sure that you choose a style and options that give you good access and provide adequate lighting. The elements used to create steel today are leaps and bounds stronger than the materials used in earlier times. She has been leaving a trail of destruction and broken homes in her wake while continuing to show her control. Some people prefer to hire professionals to maintain their properties, while others prefer to do some or all of it themselves.
The basic concept of a barn structure dates back many, many years and is most often thought of relating to agriculture. You probably will be disappointed if your two vehicles are a large Pickup and a mid size car.
This is usually referred to as a “combo’ meaning a combination of shelter and enclosed storage. If you are looking for a building style that fits your farm you are certainly in the right place. Popular farm building colors include the iconic red, light grey, charcoal, blue, green, brown, white, ivory, and tan.
In pursuit of that goal, we have decided to quality-control the entire process from excellence in manufacturing practices all the way through to the finished product on your property. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Barn, Shed & Carport Direct; we stand behind every metal building we sell! After all, we know that when you order a farm building that will last for years; you want that company to be there for your needs, to support the product you purchase and stand behind it. Clearly, metal buildings offer many advantages and benefits and that is why they have quickly become so popular in the farming and agriculture industries. Here at Barn, Shed, & Carport Direct we also offer additional benefits like your choice of colors so you can match your home.

In fact these buildings offer durable versatility and can be totally customized by size, color, and more to meet your specific desires. Once you are ready to purchase, you will have to decide on the size and type of building you will require.
Popular barn shed and carport colors include red, light grey, charcoal, blue, green, brown, white, ivory, tan and clay.
Match the look of your existing architecture by matching the shape of the roof, color matching the walls, trim, and the front or back ends of the storage building.
Panels can be added later to enlarge the storage building and provide you with even more space to suit your changing needs. Our Buildings at Barn, Shed, and Carport Direct are just what you need to hold up through all kinds of weather and stay looking great for many years to come! It’s not a pretty sight, but hail is not the only reason to own a carport, in this week’s blog I am going to point out a few other reasons why a carport is an excellent investment. You can enjoy your carport while you live in the home, and highlight a covered parking area as part of your homes benefits should you decide to sell. Simply getting into and out of your vehicle with adequate cover is so much nicer on a rainy day when you have a carport to keep you and your loved ones dry and comfortable. In addition you can much more easily move your carport if you decide to expand later, or to add on a shed or other features. We suggest moving picnic tables beneath the shelter and decorating by using tiki torches around the sides and hanging rope lights or party lights along the edges of the carport for a festive and cooler area to gather in the summer months. Having a shed to store all the tools and supplies we need is vital… so we don’t have to listen to our spouse complaining about all the junk in the closet or the corner of the garage. Our metal sheds will add plenty of value to your home by providing an affordable space to store all those little odds and ends that you need for your projects.
So whether you are looking for a smaller building to house your lawnmower and tools or a building on a much grander scale that can accommodate several vehicles, odds are that you want your new building to be tough and durable enough to withstand the tests of time.
There are hundreds of styles and options available when you shop online, but the iconic cherry red barn shed is arguably one of the most popular of them all. I strongly recommend choosing the largest size that you can comfortably afford, one that still blends in with your landscape and leaves yard space. Windows and skylights provide plenty of natural light, but it is common to run electricity to the shed. Using metal structures have been growing in today’s trends due to the low prices, longevity of the materials, product itself and the durability of the materials during mother natures twists and turns. Metal storage structures and steel storage buildings can now withstand greater forces of heat, wind, fires and rains. Because of the durability of the metal and the solid foundation in which it is laid upon, a steel barn or shed is less likely to be completely ripped to shreds, which in turn, cost you the farmer, less to replace, refurbish, or rebuild.
The primary uses for a barn have been to store farm equipment, or hay for cattle, and were constructed of wood or timbers. With today’s farming equipment becoming larger and more expensive, it is important to protect that investment with proper shelter and the ability to secure your equipment.
They are engineered products that are very durable and meet the needs they are designed to do.
Some folks are concerned not only with parking space but want to make certain that there is adequate room to comfortably open the doors.
The leg height is typically a standard five foot, which provides approximately eight foot of clearance at the center peak on the inside.
Metal farm buildings are not susceptible to the same rotting and other decay issues that all other wood buildings are. The price of wood has gone up in the last few years and so therefore, the option, which will be easier on the wallet and finances, is metal or steel.
Metal sheds are quite simply built to last a long time; it’s really hard to go wrong with a metal shed.
Our Buildings are just what you need to hold up through all kinds of weather and stay looking great for many years to come. Storage sheds will give you that extra space, and at the same time allow you to start parking your cars in the garage again.
For easy access, make sure that the doors are at least 34? wide, as most lawn mowers will easily pass through. The scientific progression made in the last decade or so has not only changed the steel but has also the revamped the composition of the paint now used to cover the outside of the metal. Not to mention all of the wild fires that have been occurring in the United States make people iffy about purchasing a wooden barn because it will be the fastest to go up in flames. Many farmers over the years have also erected barns to protect their livestock or horses from the elements. It is really amazing how getting a vehicle out of direct sunlight can increase the longevity of your investment. Due to the fire hazard of a wood structure, the modern day barn is constructed of galvanized tubing and roof sheathing.
At some point, it was determined that an ingredient in red paint, ferric oxide, may help to preserve the wood. However, if you intend to store more than one vehicle, we suggest the leg height to be as close to the highest point on the tallest vehicle you are storing. In addition, the painting process has changed, instead of being simply sprayed on; it is sprayed on and then baked on to insure its longevity. This way the tallest vehicle may be parked close to the edge of the structure without limitation from the bow.

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