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The user storage is implemented either as part of the internal Data Partition or else in an external SD Card.
With ApkDreams you can get latest android apps, android themes, android games, android wallpapers and much more for your android smartphone. Early this summer, Google provided the option to free up space when Photos detected that your device was running low. Users who back up their photos in high quality may also receive a card prompting them to delete local copies when they're running low on space. This update also rolls out a fix for users with microSD cards who would continue to see photos in Photos even after they were deleted. Tomorrow, Google will introduce the option to downgrade previously uploaded photos from original to high quality on the web. Half of my videos won't play on the phone - they will play the audio but the video just shows "Video not found" and all the auto creations show that they have been "playing" for 92+ hours. I just want a slider, like with YouTube Music that allows me to keep 'x GB of photos' locally and automatically clear up the rest. Is anyone else still having the problem of duplicate photos when sharing from the Photos app to the G+ app?

Now can the Photos team please provide a decent way to identify pictures that were uploaded as "Original" and that are currently taking space from Drive?
I'm still hoping for an option to only upload selected photos manually, perhaps via click on the little cloud symbol. Just checked Google Photos on the web, and the menu option Recover Space is already live for me. Anyone know of a SD Card for Cameras (Eg, Canon and that type), that can back up straight to Google Photos over wifi? So I could have carried more Personal memories on the Go, and tried this new GPhotos functionality! The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. I uploaded a couple hundred photos the other day and haven't gotten any new creations, even though there should be a bunch of HDRs and a couple of panoramas in there.
I currently have 100 gb free for 2 year and upload all my original photots to GP and just in case if i dont get any free offer this feature will save me a lot of time. Is it a huge difference between Original (most photos taken with Galaxy S3 and S5) and High Quality?

I assume you went into the settings - do you not have an option that says 'free up device storage'?
Right now I am not using the sync option, simply because there are some photos on my device that I don't want in any cloud whatsoever. Also, New feature of YouTube Offline that allows save videos in Internal storage is so memory hungry!
The current situation limits users to changing how future photos are saved, not the existing ones. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.
THe photos are all in the same locations as they were before (on my PC) How do I get them to replace the crappy 3MP versions sitting on Google Photos?
This change will be a server-side switch, so downloading the APK below won't make the magic happen.

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