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Great ideas and photos Peggy, I love taking a bookcase right up to the ceiling to save space!
Did you know that hidden inside your interior wall is a recessed shelf waiting to be created? A recessed shelf is an ideal solution to the annoying problem of not having enough storage space in the bathroom. If you like your bathroom just as it is, consider adding a recessed shelf inside an interior wall in your office to add more interest to plain walls.
Whether you add a recessed shelf to your bathroom or office, consider these tips to get you off to a smooth start.
Before buying paint, check your garage or closets for leftover paint that you used for trim.
The shelf unit will be placed between studs, and that’s where your trusty stud finder comes into play. If you’re installing a recessed shelf at the same time as you’re installing new drywall, then you won’t have to wonder what’s behind that drywall. DIY Network has a detailed, step-by-step tutorial and materials list to help you build your recessed shelf.
Now, just pick a fine Saturday to start this project, or better yet, take a DIY Friday off!
Do you prefer the open look of recessed shelves in the bathroom instead of medicine cabinets? Minimalist Work Desk With A Storage Space Inside - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Squeeze more storage space into your kitchen by utilizing some of these corner kitchen cupboard solutions. With an eye to all that unused space above her upper cabinets, this savvy homeowner extended her uppers to the ceiling. Older homes often have their quirks — short walls and bump-outs that may actually be hollow.
A happy medium between solid- and open-front cabinets, these sleek uppers feature small openings that flash hints of what’s inside. Look at different DIY blogs and their kitchen makeovers (Chris Loves Julia, the much-hated but full-of-ideas Young House Love, etc) and see what speaks to you. One of the most important components of the East College Street project is a 35 space underground parking garage. Building this garage, while extremely expensive, allows for us to provide underground parking facilities and storage space for residents and create a courtyard and green space in the back of the site as opposed to asphalt.

The parking garage door is opened and closed with an electronic garage clicker given to each resident.
Install wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling shelves around the toilet to create much needed storage space. She believes that style is about embracing your unique sense of life and expressing it in your home and the way you live. Chances are, any cabinet space you do have could be better utilized storing personal items. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project. So, if you’re in love with your pedestal sink, but need a place for that container of cotton balls, consider giving your interior wall a job! You’ll need to figure out your desired length, width, depth and number of shelves before buying materials or making cuts in your drywall. If you’re not a regular DIYer and want to keep expenses down, consider borrowing some supplies from family, friends and neighbors. If you’re running low on paint, take your old bucket to the paint store for a fresh batch that will closely match your trim paint.
However, before you break out the stud finder and start making cuts in the drywall, consider the location carefully. In general, you’re going to locate wall studs, cut into drywall, build and paint your shelf, add braces, position shelf between studs and secure the shelving unit. Most of all, remember to have fun building your recessed shelving, and enjoy it for years to come. These 9 ideas will show you how to take advantage of deep recesses and give you organization strategies to keep your kitchen space clutter-free.
The additional space keeps more seldom-used kitchen items close at hand but safe from dust. In this island cabinet, a tucked-away cubby takes the place of a drawer and becomes the perfect hideaway for those clunky rolls of paper towels. Although pipes, wires, and ducts run between framing members, some of these spaces are free and clear, and can be converted to shelving and storage, like this modern interpretation of a traditional Japanese idea. If you’re brave enough to open up walls to investigate, you might discover unused space that can be converted to storage.
Other kinds of movable kitchen storage include work islands, wine racks, and computer stations.
In 2012, Peggy launched the blog Decorating Files to share her experience and knowledge to help readers create a home and lifestyle that reflects their own individuality and personal style.

There are creative ways to store your bathroom towels that are stylish, affordable and convenient in a small bath. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Garage Storage Ideas Ceiling Garage Storage Bicycle Storage Bag Bicycle Storage Hook Space Saving Solutions Overhead Storage Garage Garage Bike Storage Ideas Bike Rack Home Bike Stand Rack Wall Mount Bike Racks Organize Your GarageJoin the discussion on this Garage Storage Ideas Ceiling Garage Storage Bicycle Storage Bag Bicycle Storage Hook Space Saving Solutions Overhead Storage Garage Garage Bike Storage Ideas Bike Rack Home Bike Stand Rack Wall Mount Bike Racks Organize Your Garage using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. Just think of all the things you can put on a recessed office shelf – that vacation photo that keeps getting knocked over on your desk, or your awesome highlighter collection in a nice glass jar.
Some items you may want to borrow include a level, stud finder, circular saw and drywall saw. Some of you may opt for a more exciting paint color, but I think that matching your recessed shelf color to your trim is a nice coordinating touch. Reduce the risk of barging in on electrical wires by staying away from the areas close to light fixtures and switches. If you’ll be cutting into existing drywall, make a small inspection hole at the desired shelf location.
A modern desk should be functional, stylish and perfect for all your papers and other stuff. Fortunately, clever kitchen cabinet manufacturers are finding ways to shed light on this Neverland. Those high-flying upper kitchen cabinets will never be out of reach when you add a rolling library ladder that makes everyday access easy.
Here, an old air duct chase that’s no longer in service makes an ideal open kitchen cupboard — a clever storage solution.
Reach in and feel around the sides of the hole to make sure it’s free of plumbing materials or electrical wiring. The built in paper towel holders are really great, but it may not always be something you like being in plain sight. So you may use it as you like and the storage space inside is ideal for personal papers and electronic equipment.
Home improvement whiz Ron Hazelton has more information on how to go about making these inspection holes, or “peep holes,” as he names them.

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