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Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! Ashish Bhupal Posts 3 Posts Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! Massat91 Posts 1 Posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! Ashish Bhupal Posts 3 Posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!!
Andragogy Posts 1 Posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! I started having the same problem with my Galaxy S4 just after the software update, but after trying the clear cache and reboot suggestion the problem remained. I do have apps like dropbox and pandora but I cannot imagine it taking up the bulk of the 15.5GB that the phone claims I'm using. THE UK's broadband has been put to the test and here's the best and worst places to get online. A YOUTUBER has built the ultimate smash-proof phone case that can survive a 100ft drop leaving an iPhone with less than a scratch. Have you ever seen a "Cannot Take Photos" message pop up on the display whilst trying to save photos and videos?
Aside from just transferring and backing up files, the JetDrive Go App is also equipped with a snapshot function which allows photos and videos to be saved directly to the JetDrive Go 300 flash drive right after being taken. Other than the Airdrop function, the JetDrive Go 300 is an alternative way to share files with friends when there is no Wi-Fi connection or among different platform devices.
Designed for business users, the JetDrive Go 300 supports a variety of file formats including Microsoft Office, Apple iWork and Adobe PDF files, making it an easy way to view and download your important documents directly from browsers and cloud storage.
The JetDrive Go 300 combines a Lightning connector and a regular USB 3.1 (Gen 1) into a flash drive*, providing you an ultra-convenient way to back up and transfer files among iOS devices, Mac computers, PCs and laptops. The JetDrive Go 300 features an attractive high-quality metallic body that matches your iOS device.
Fully compatible with all iOS devices, Transcend's JetDive Go 300 is an MFi-certified flash drive that meets Apple stringent safety, performance and manufacturing standards.
Both connectors cannot be used at the same time.Performance varies by capacity, user hardware and system configuration. When you have a GoPro camera, you no doubt will want extra storage space for your pictures and videos. This is why we have compiled a list for you below of the top 10 best Micro SD cards for GoPro in 2015 Reviews so you can easily find the best ones available.
This micro SD card has a fast transfer speed at up to 40MBs and a file rescue downloadable software which helps to recover videos or photos which have been deleted or damaged accidently. This micro SD card for GoPro has an up to 48MBs transfer speed and has great performance for full HD video recording, plus music, high resolution pictures, mobile gaming and more. One of the best micro SD card for GoPro, this card from SanDisk can hold up to twenty-four hours of HD video.

This memory card for GoPro gives you up to eight times the speed of a regular memory card, with speeds of up to 40 MBs, it will keep up with the demands of high-performance photography. One of the best memory card for GoPro, this card from Samsung features read speeds of up to 48MBs and can transferring photos, music and videos quickly. You can capture smooth, full HD video with no interruptions with this UHS-I Class 10 micro SD card from SanDisk. This card makes it onto the list of the best micro SD card for GoPro due to its high performance memory and read speeds of up to 48MBs, so you can transfer all of your precious memories quickly, plus this card is UHS-1 enabled so it can record full HD videos. This is one of the top choices for SD cards for your GoPro camera, as it is UHS-I Class 10, enabling you to record full HD videos with no interruptions, plus it is built to be very durable.
When you have a GoPro camera, you will definitely want to expand its storage with a micro SD card. Power off and follow this: [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2.
Don't let any fantastic moment slip through your fingers because your iPhone runs out of space. The extended Lightning connector is also designed to be compatible with most protective bumpers and cases. Just like any of the other important accessories you can purchase for your GoPro, a GoPro memory card is essential.
It was made to quickly capture, play back and transfer 1080p, 3D, full-HD and 4K video, plus give you the highest quality photos, movies and songs.
These memory cards have been tested to get high levels of data integrity and reliability and they are also water proof and made to perform under a big range of operating temperatures.
It is temperature proof, water proof, magnetic proof and X-ray proof, so you really do not have to worry where your adventures take you – this memory card can handle it. You’ll never have to choose which videos you want to keep and what you have to delete with this card’s very generous storage capacity for 128 GB. These cards are made tough, making them extremely durable, even under the most difficult environmental conditions. It is UHS-1 enabled so that it can capture full HD videos and it is also temperature proof, waterproof, X-ray proof and magnet proof, making this memory card reliable and ensuring your files stay safe during any little mishaps or in extreme weather conditions. It is made to be very durable, so that makes it perfect for adventuring with your GoPro in all kinds of environments and weather. It can also withstand the elements, making it perfect for adventuring through the wilderness with your GoPro, and it includes and adapter so you can use it with your desktop computer, digital camera and laptop.
This will allow you to go adventuring with your camera and not have to worry about the memory card getting damaged, but instead being there to hold all of your memories for you.
To find a quality one that can handle all of your adventuring, choose from the handy list above.
We ran into the folks from Nifty Mini Drive, a successful Kickstarter project which is about to go on general sale.
The App Features a Backup function that can move all of you photos and videos from your iOS device to your JetDrive Go 300 with a single tap.

Give it to your friends, so they can browse photos on their own laptop, or copy large files without having to connect to the Internet. It will allow you to have that extra space you need while you are out filming with your camera so you don’t miss anything. This high capacity Class 10 card uses UHS-I technology to give you the high-speed performance you want up to 633x or 95MBs. They expand your storage on your GoPro camera so you don’t have to worry about running out of space while you are out enjoying making memories.
You’ll really love the flexibility you have with this memory card as you go all over for your adventures. This makes it one of the world’s highest capacity cards and it will let you shoot and store more videos and photos without running out of space.
With 64 MB of storage, there is room for all of your videos and its fast data transfer speeds let you move the media from the card to your computer quickly and easily.
The fast write speed reduces the time you’re on hold while your videos and pictures move to your card, or from your card to your computer later. There is an included SD adapter which lets you use your card as well with a laptop, digital camera or desktop computer. It is shockproof, temperature proof, magnet proof, X0-ray proof and waterproof, making it truly a worry-free SD card. It is full of SD cards that have plenty of storage for your needs and that are durable, so they will hold up to rough adventures. The cached music was going to the internal memory, which caused my Applications storage to have 9.5 GB. However, there are of course any different options on the market for a micro SD card for GoPro, so how do you choose the best GoPro memory card? It also comes with a USB 3.0 reader for a high-speed file transfer, making this card the perfect choice for the speed and space you need while capturing memories on the go.
The 32GB of storage gives you plenty of room with some to spare so that you can record all the video that you want.
Check the storage details for the device memory, it shows pictures and videos 6GB, so i transferred all media to SD Card. Again I have checked everything and there is no file in the device memory above 1GB and it still shows me pictures and videos 6.65GB. They started out on Kickstarter to be made out of metal, but changed it during the run to plastic.

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