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Tecno mobile is a popular Mobile device manufacturer in Nigeria and other parts of Africa with the objective of making technology available to different people with range of products according to their purchasing power. The company which used to be known for its dominance in the feature phone category has won the heart of many Nigerians with a wide range of Smartphones that offer smart experiences at very affordable prices. Tecno M7 is a dual-sim phone that catches the eye especially with its sleek design; its premium look and feel can be compared to any other smartphone available in the market. The M7 features a 5.0- inch capacitive touch screen, operates on 2 Sim cards and weighs about 152g. The 5- inch display has a disappointing resolution of 480 X 854 pixels (poor screen resolution), screen is bright and colours are also fair.
Another feature that was unleashed is that the phone automatically goes silent when turned face down when a call comes in.
Users are bound to experience reasonable performance with the 1.3GHz average benchmarked Dual-Core processor and a 1GB RAM.
The M7 has a 2000mAh removable battery with talk time of about 6 hours and 22 hours standby time. The Tecno M7 delivers average performance, great android experience and ultimately, a good value for money. The Tecno Smart family range of devices is a proof that the company has achieved great success in translating advanced technology into superior localized products at very affordable prices. Honestly, the rate at which Tecno releases devices lately is quite alarming and the devices comes in little specs difference from earlier released device. During the Jumia mobile week, we heard of the Tecno 8H DroiPad which we talked about on this blog.
A Tecno WinPad 10 was launched recently and the device is still not stated on the Tecno website. The device also comes with an attached keyboard which can be used as a standalone tab or as a laptop. Wet, it runs on windows 10 operating system and no, it cannot be made to work like android.
This is evident as the Tecno Phantom A+ was one of the most popular device in the year 2013.
Although it is not designed to compete on high end specs sheet, the phone offers great value for money and delivers an outstanding performance and user experience.

At the top of the phone is the headphone jack and just beside it is the USB port which can also be used for charging. The M7 uses the Android software buttons for navigation (Home, back and Menu) and these are located on the screen. Another impressive feature is the ability to move apps installed on the phone memory to the memory card thus giving space to apps that need to run on the phone. This makes it easy to download movies and install as many apps and games without the fear running out of memory. Do you or have you used the Tecno M7, kidly share your thoughts in the comment section below. If our estimates are correct, we have witnessed like 3 devices or so released in such a short time.
It’s currently only available in slots Nigeria stores and we are hoping it circulates in no time. Tecno, due to past milestones, has worked itself to a position where all eyes are firmly fixed on its activities.
Physical buttons at the front of the M7 are absent because the control buttons are on the display screen.
The rear of the phone is slightly curved, making it rest perfectly in the hand and also giving it a comfortable grip.
Viewing angles is very poor but the screen delivers a  fair display while playing games and watching movies.
We advice that pictures be taken with the camera on HDR mode (not advisable when subjects are moving, this increases the chances of getting blurry images) to produced a better pictures. Apparently, these devices ain’t properly marketed (I apologize if I am talking out of place). Am wondering if Tecno is thinking of dropping online promotion or reducing it to a minimal.
With great attention comes great expectation and quite remarkably, Tecno has constantly lived up to all the expectations levied upon it. Interestingly, some of these devices are not even available on the Tecno mobile website yet they are on sales in the mobile market.
I love experimenting with devices and for every device i experiment with, i usually write something about it here for my esteemed readers.

From being the new phone brand Nigerians were skeptical about to being the only considered phone brand option for most, Tecno continues to impress.Since the launch of the brilliant Tecno Boom J7 music phone (Techno Music a€“ you see what they did there?) earlier this year, the Nigerian public has not been able to get enough of Tecno.
Tecno has however now come with a device sure to satisfy any and every craving, the Tecno WinPad 10. The Tecno WinPad10 is a Windows 8.1 enabled gadget which offers you the productivity of a laptop and versatility of a tablet.
With a screen size of 10.1 inches, it makes itself impossible to overlook and most importantly makes itself worth the look.
The Tecno WinPad 10 together with its case has been designed to adapt to whatever task you best need it for. With this, you are assured you have all your standard Microsoft Office applications by your side when you are talking business. The tile interface which gives you an easy access to all your favorite apps also comes in handy when you go social.
The Tecno WinPad 10 is backed with the Intel Quad-Core Processing Power which gives you maximum fluidity and responsiveness as you get work done and navigate through the depths and spheres of your device. When it comes to connectivity, you can connect to the world via 3G and Wi-Fi and with friends through Bluetooth 4.0.
Nothing of importance passes you by whether youa€™re alone or with your friends.Battery PowerAll evidence shows that the Tecno WinPad 10 is a competent companion that will never let you down no matter the situation.
Perhaps the biggest fact to confirm this claim is its extraordinary 7000mAh battery which is sure to keep you going round the clock!
The Tecno WinPad 10 stands gallantly with a 32 gigabyte internal memory to ensure you have ample space to store all applications, documents, games, music, videos and more. It also comes with one year of Office 365 and a one year guarantee!Considering all that the Tecno WinPad 10 packs, it sells for a price which is sure to win your heart.

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