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I previously wrote about a new feature in Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage Spaces called Write-Back Cache (WBC) and how it improved write performance from a Hyper-V host.  What I didn’t show you was how WBC improved performance from where it counts; how does WBC improve the write-performance of services running inside of a virtual machine? Interestingly, these are better numbers than from the host itself!  The extra layer of virtualization is adding performance in my lab! The VM’s performance with the VHDX on the WBC-enabled volume was slightly better than the host’s raw performance with the same physical disk. The VM’s performance with the VHDX on the WBC-disabled volume was nearly twice as good as the host’s raw performance with the same physical disk.  That’s why we see a WBC improvement of 6-times instead of 11-times. So, would you say that for virtualizing SQL servers, particularly on a tight-budget testlab, that using Scale out File Servers is the way to go for storing your SQL Server’s VHDs? WaiverAnything you do to your IT infrastructure, applications, services, computer or anything else is 100% down to your own responsibility and liability. Interestingly, these are better numbers than from the host itself!  The extra layer of virtualization is adding performance in my lab! What if abnormal increases in write behaviour led to the virtual disk (a LUN in Storage Spaces) using it’s allocated SSD tier to absorb that spike, and then demote the data to the HDD tier later on if the slices are measured as cold. Credit: I got help on SQLIO from this blog post on MS SQL Tips by Andy Novick (MVP, SQL Server). Ah – Having a smaller portion of SSD will impact the performance of a tiered storage virtual disk, obviously, because you would have more data living on the cold tier. I’m interested to see how SSD tiering improves the poor performance of parity spaces?

Can you please let me know of the performance impact on VM’s running on Hyper-V, stored on SMB3 on a storage space? I’m curious if you’ve been able to find information on how frequently the write-back cache is emptied?
A 1GB WBC that hasn’t paged out 50% of its data only leaves 500MB of available cache.
So…1gb per virtual disk…what does SS do with Unidesk, where each VM is easily composed of a dozen+ VHDXs? For now we have one pool with 2 vdisk, one Parity with 90GB WBC for storing backup data, and another in Mirror tiered with 11GB WBC. B) Performance of storage space is dictated by (1) resiliency [don’t use partity for VMs], (2) the hardware [there are only 2-3 reliable JBODs, and so far, only HGST appear to make reliable SSDs], [3] your design.
The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
This is a write-job so it wasn’t CSV Cache.  I suspect sector size (physical versus logical might be what’s caused this.
Now it’s only 6 HDD, but how many SSD do I need to add to use the cache (not tiering)? While increasing the by factor 10 is nice, to me it still looks like very poor performance. MSFT recommends not changing that – this is a temporary write buffer (with committed writes to disk).

If you wanted to test benefits of WBC only, shouldn’t you have both CSV the same but one with WBC disabled?
For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. The guidance from Microsoft is that 1 GB should be good enough for most everyone; it is for absorbing unusual spikes and not for sustained activity. Please independently confirm anything you read on this blog before doing whatever you decide to do. Does it still provide any benefit or is it not able to work with the monolithic (and larger than the cache pool) Hyper-V VHDX file?
It would be nice to have separate pool consist of SSD disks only as and they will be the “central” WBC for all pools in the pools. For now I try to investigate this, because such performance is nonsense even in comparison with 4 x 7k hdd raid without WBC.

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