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Georgia Pack and Load Moving and Storage, Inc., isna€™t just a professional moving company.
You will save time and money by choosing Georgia Pack and Load for your moving and storage needs. Ben expressed to us a few different times how happy and impressed he was with our service while we were working at his home, so we knew we would be hearing from him again one day.
Ben went on to tell us a little about the problem he was having, and whether or not we could help him out. Ben told us that he has been renting out a storage unit in the Atlanta area, near his home in Midtown, for over four years now.
The reason Ben got himself into this little time crunch was because instead of leaving the leftover inventory from his store in the storage unit, over the last few months he and his employees have just been filling it with the junk from the store that they weren’t using.
So before Ben knew it, the storage unit was full of junk, and now he desperately needed the space because his store is overflowing with extra merchandise and he needed somewhere to keep it. We told Ben not to worry about it, because believe it or not, we have heard similar stories with storage units over and over for years.
Casey, who was talking with Ben over the phone told him, “take a deep breath and relax, we are going to help make sure everything gets done right away.
Casey made a call to both Carson and his crew, who were out at a job in Marietta, and he call Clark and his crew, who was doing his third job in Alpharetta that day.
So Casey grabbed Ryan, who was also in the office and told him it was time to hit the streets.
Today was Betsy’s day to shine, she had her chance to show the world that she still had some good miles left in her, and that she was just now hitting her second wind.
Ryan and Casey hopped in Ole Betsy, gave her a little TLC, started her up, and hit the streets.

Casey, Ryan and Ole Betsy arrived at the Atlanta Storage Facility right on time, it was actually within 2 hours of Ben’s call in. Ryan hopped in Ole Betsy and backed her right up to the junk in the storage unit, with Casey’s help of hand signals of course, (always remember, safety first). The two Stand Up Guys strapped on their gloves, tightened up their boots and britches and got right to work.
With their team work, hard work, efficiency, and determination, the two guys had all the junk from the storage unit into the truck in a matter of 28 mins on the dot. Once they had all the junk loaded up into the truck, the two guys realized that Ben was there alone, and that he was planning to unload his truck all by himself.
So the three of them huffed and puffed, and unloaded Ben’s massive truck of pottery merchandise into his now spotless storage unit. You may be a young couple who has outgrown your current home thanks to the pitter patter of little feet, or youa€™re an older couple that simply wants to relocate to a smaller home. We do all the work for you, unlike public mini-storage facilities that require you to load and unload all of your items yourself while dealing with cramped, inconvenient spaces, not to mention fellow movers blocking access to your unit. Ben used the Stand Up Guys Junk Crew a few times back in the summer of last year to clean all the junk out of his basement in his Atlanta, Midtown area home.
Although he was just asking that as a formality, in reality Ben already knew the answer, of course the Stand Up Guys could help him out of a junky jam. He has been using the storage unit to hold the leftover items that he doesn’t have room for at his pottery store.
They both put on the work uni’s, (there are always a few extra pairs of uniforms in the office just in case of emergencies) and hit the road.
Ben even had is company moving truck parked right next to the storage unit, it was packed to the gills with the merchandise that he needed to put in the unit.

Ryan stayed inside the bed of the truck to make sure everything was stacked accordingly, while Casey was in the unit passing him all the junked up items. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on our website. All your important and cherished items are wrapped, packed and loaded and ready to move; unfortunately, you have nowhere to place them. If you hire us to handle your move and your storage, we will leave on all the wrapping and shrink wrap, the furniture pads and quilts, and all the other materials needed to secure your items when we place them in our storage units in Atlanta, GA. Once you have dealt with the Stand Up Guys you will be hooked for life, we’re just that good. The two office jockey’s had to drive Ole Betsy since the other two, newer trucks were on the road. Little did he know how well we treat our repeat customers (we treat all our customers great though so…).
They told Ben that they would help him unload the whole thing, because by himself it would have taken at least three hours. Like I said before, once you use the Stand Up Guys Junk Removal Crew once, your hooked for life. The construction of your new house is delayed for a couple of months, and while your family is staying with friends, there is no vacancy for your many belongings.
Casey might work in the office now, but there was a time where he wrote the book on junk removal, back when he was on the truck daily.

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