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The old gallery is going away soon!Please harvest your photos from it and upload to the new gallery system ASAP before its too late. I'm going to use the aluminum foiled insulation in the ceiling before I put the headliner(redone) back up.
Foil backed bubble wrap, Home Depot and lowes sell the stuff for insulating ducts and appliances like a hot water heater.
Furniture for an average bedroom, larger boxes OR a couch, chairs and tables, several boxes, bikes. Furniture for a 1 bedroom apartment, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, mattresses, couch, and love seat. Furniture for a 2 bedroom apartment, mattresses, several boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, love seat, couches, entertainment center OR a small sports car.
Furniture for a 3 bedroom apartment or small house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment OR an average size car OR commercial storage, inventory or equipment.
Furniture for a 3 to 4 bedroom house, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, couches, entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment. Furniture for a 4 to 5 bedroom house, boxes, mattresses, appliances, tables, chairs, couches , entertainment center, work-out equipment, patio furniture OR car, boat or truck plus several boxes OR commercial storage, inventory and equipment or construction materials.
In setting prices for storage rooms, a facility manager will be influenced by various factors including: their costs, their level of occupancy, local competition in the storage market and the characteristics of particular customers. The most obvious issue with costs is that the typical storage centre is a fixed-cost operation – almost all the costs are fixed, such as capital, property-related bills (business rates, insurance and utility bills) and staffing, and these costs stay about the same whether there are four customers or 400.  But that doesn’t mean that charges are completely unrelated to these costs. Most owners know roughly what their occupancy has to be in order to break even and after that new customers are all contributing towards profit.

At the current pricing levels, most self storage centres seem to achieve break-even at or below about 50% occupancy, and most stores have some vacancies, with mature stores often being 85% occupied. So once break-even occupancy is passed, any extra lettings are contributing directly to profit.
Storage managers therefore want new people using their storage space and should rationally be willing to reduce prices if this helps to bring in new customers. This works well, especially because of the inertia in the self storage business with users usually storing their things much longer than they initially expect.
We see price discrimination being used in all sorts of areas – the pricing of train tickets, or how much is charged for computers (educational discounts being offered by Microsoft and Apple) – but why would a storage manager want to give this sort of discount? But not all customers in these categories are equally well off.  These and other discounts allow the centre manager to discount prices to individuals within these groups, in order to get the customer to store their stuff without upsetting all the other customers. One answer is that they want to encourage customer loyalty, and certainly for many self storage businesses this is an important factor – the past customers are the best future ones. Another less obvious reason that they keep storage charges down is to discourage other businesses from coming into that market and competing with them. Although this may have been a factor in lower storage prices in some towns, in general in the self storage market in the UK this appears not to have happened very widely, and indeed supply has been sucked into the industry by what are perceived to be healthy margins. The 1" foam gives the paneling a solid surface to lean against rather than just being supported by the pillars alone.
I used EPDM rubber patches glued to the steel for sound deadening then put the insulation over that. That means charging different customers different prices for essentially the same storage space.
At full price it might not make sense for students or retired people to use self storage, but with a hefty discount it could do and, as we have seen, the storage facility will be making a useful extra profit too.

The idea is that some companies charge customers less than they would be willing to pay and the puzzle is to work out why they might do that. It could be that they do this to encourage customers to stay in storage for longer periods and to use more storage space than they might otherwise. This appears to be what happens sometimes with a single storage supplier in an isolated town.
Talk about your center console, seats, door handles, upholstery, steering wheels or any other item in the cab of your van. It could be that they are simply pricing on a cost plus basis and don’t feel that they want to maximise charges over the short term. By keeping prices down, the established storage company makes it unattractive for a competitor to set up and take some of his market.
Don't confuse the ice and water sheild or other roof products for EPDM, most are asphalt based and will smell and soften with heat until it dries out, hardens and cracks at which point it will no longer do the job. The 3m adhesive used for the insulation is like rubber contact cement and has it's own sound deadening qualities so that in itself is adequate if you spray more than one coat of glue on the steel.

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