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Anyways, we’ve had a number of commenters asking for more information on and photos of Casey. Rene and Casey auditioned for the ABC reality series Celebrity Storage, and made it to the final five (out of more than 200 folks trying out).
In this clip Rene’s infamous German accent is on display as he rivals Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson on verbal dexterity and speed! Oh, Rene also made an appearance on Spike’s Auction Hunters show, and thankfully we can actually embed a clip for that one!
Here’s a great excerpt from the recap of the episode from the network that paints Rene as quite the intimidating figure on the auction scene! Like any city, San Diego has its fair share of locals who are here to snag the best auctions they find, and Ton and Allen were ready for that. There’s still no word if Rene and Casey will be back for Storage Wars Season 5, and if they are, if they will be promoted to full time. So Starcasm readers, which of the new Storage Wars bidders would you like to see get promoted? The day I met Rene at storage auctions in Vegas I knew he was great entertainment but most of all a true King Kong of professional storage talent with a great eye for valuables in storage lockers.
Rene, I must humble myself to admit , taught me everything I know about how to sniff out valuables and how to sell them. Though im in staten island ny now, bidding with little competition, Rene and I still keep in touch and yes, hes still my huge mentor. Storage Wars : you needed more than just Barry and I love Barry too but Rene is 100% pure amazement, just wait and see the future of what he brings this world.
Rene is a real family man who adores his beautiful wife Casey and his heartbeat is his daughter Tatiana. Its entertaining to watch them, but I get tired of constantly seeing her very obvious breast implants in every outfit she wears. Sorry to say Casey has a hot body and OK looks but Brandi has her beat.Brandi and jarod are the hard working couple and not affarid to take chances . So, we thought you might like the nitty-gritty lowdown on: how real the “Storage Wars” are. Even if you don’t watch the series, there is still a good chance that you have heard of the show. In the Storage Wars series each episode will showcase multiple storage units being auctioned at one location, this in itself is not accurate. In reality, the frequency of people abandoning their unit with all of its contents is not high. Which brings us to our next point… there may be treasures that turn up in abandoned units but unfortunately, not as often as we would like. One piece of very valid information that every prospect hunter should know, and that Storage Wars either misrepresents or skips over completely… sunk costs.
Think about this, when a storage unit is auctioned off you are buying everything in it, whether gold or garbage, and becoming responsible for removing all said content.
Finally, unlike the auction hunters on TV most of us don’t own pawn shops, vintage stores, or have 50 friends who happen to “experts” on dating priceless nic-nacs, so you will need to be having to pay a percentage fee to put whatever you do find in someone elses store. One thing that the televisions series have got dead on is that when there is an auction, bidders are not allowed to enter the unit.
Though there has been a trend in this type of auction we would like to emphasize that we do not jump to auctioning a unit’s contents.

Despite the reality check, storage auctions are real and very well could be the new, landlocked, non-violent and completely legal equivalent of being a pirate… which is awesome.
Or go ahead and give us a call at (775) 851-3535 and we’d be glad to answer your questions!
Would you like to know the actual Twitter accounts of your favorite stars on Storage Wars, Storage Wars: Texas, and Storage Wars: New York? Facebook may have the corner market to the social media universe, but TV reality stars love to TWEET to their fans about their latest antics, ventures, and just every day life activities.
Seriously, people portraying themselves as a cast member of a television series, I don’t get it. Did you know that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars visited the Alamo during their summer vacation? Mike Braiotta from Storage Wars: New York tweeted to his fans, “If u remember a few weeks back I said we were having another little girl? Mary Padian from Storage Wars: Texas tweeted, “Thanks for my new hat, bubba!” Of course, she’s spoke to Bubba Smith, one of her co-stars on the show. Twitter is #3 in social networking but #1 to connect you, a fan to your favorite auction hunter reality TV star.
We have compiled all of the verified accounts we could find by storage auction hunter reality television stars, so what are you waiting for? We will be crediting every member's account with a free month and we deeply apologize for the down time. Lucky Little Payton got one of the coolest Alice In Wonderland themed birthday cakes ever for her seventh birthday! And here is a photo of Brandi Passante’s mother, which she tweeted along with the caption, “This is my mom! These photos are great, but there is a still a huge, mysterious gap in the Brandi Passante photo collection. This Storage Wars spinoff series will go beyond the storage auctions, and explore the domestic drama and bliss of America's favourite unmarried couple, Brandi and Jarrod. As Jarrod plans to throw Brandi a surprise engagement party at his favorite local dive bar, Brandi is busy secretly selling Jarrod's pickup truck to help pay for the upcoming nuptials. Jarrod forces the family to give up their stuff to make room for his lifelong dream: a bar in his house.
Payton and Cameron want allowance, but with the house under construction, Brandi and Jarrod have to think outside the box (and the house) to find chores. This past season the network injected some more estrogen into the club in the voluptuous form of Casey Nezhoda, wife of Rene Nezhoda and co-owner of the 7,000 square foot Bargain Hunters Thrift Store in San Diego. We haven’t been able to find out very much actual info other than the fact that she is married to Rene and the two share a young daughter named Tatiana together.
Actually, they’re no strangers to the storage locker auction reality show scene either! If you watch the first clip I linked to you’ll notice it features a few snapshots of the couple, including this one of Casey and Rene near a waterfall in which Casey is wearing a bikini! Scanning the guys surrounding the auctioneer, Ton and Allen spot a guy called Rene, who is allegedly a big bidder – he apparently recently dropped $4,100 on a single storage unit – yikes!
With Dave Hester gone and recent reports suggesting Barry Weiss (and possibly others) may be leaving, it only makes sense that the network would want to add some new blood!
I like reality and since this is a reality show, let’s not skew the definition by adding fakes.

Since then the show’s gain in popularity has influenced the creation of multiple spin-off series. This frequency diminishes even more so when people have valuable things within their storage unit.
This helps keep the auction moving at a fast pace and eliminates the risk of something being removed before it has been auctioned. So, before you “follow” any star from either television or the movies, you must make sure the Twitter account is verified. Thank you so much for providing the list, at least now I know they real account and I can follow my favorites.
However, rest assured that we're doing everything possible to prevent this from happening again. But, despite all the fame (and numerous fan sites), Brandi has managed to keep her private life just that — private. To free up her schedule, she dupes Jarrod into a "lazy contest" so he will spend more time with the kids.
Some of the Beyhive’s private investigator drones have identified Becky as fashion designer Rachel Roy, but a spelling mix up has some of B’s bees swarming on Food Network chef Rachael Ray!
This popularity has also created a rise in the interest of auction “hunters” in real-life storage unit auctions. These suits range from authenticity to salary disputes and have caused grief for much of their fan base and the “reality tv” sector as a whole. We will exhaust every option for contacting a client and all of their emergency contacts before we consider putting the unit on auction. We have some repairs to do on the server, some holes to patch on the site, and a lot of files to restore from backup. C’mon high school gal pals or Brandi Passante college chums – share a little bit!
They don’t talk to each other, look at each other or make any references to a life together. Keep reading to see a huge selection of the hilarious comments left on Rachael’s most recent Instagram photo of a pulled beef sandwich. Generally only one BIG winner, but nonetheless the auction hunters who get these units walk away profitable or at least breaking even. Even after the unit is set to be auction, if at anytime we receive contact from the client the auction process will be stopped. And so nice & friendly in person, I have no idea why all the Storage Wars fans don’t just adore her! I thinks it’s great to have another attractive women on the show that makes Brandi jealous, wishing she will look that good when she gets that age if she not already there!
My guess is that Rene knew he had a better chance of getting on the show with a hot wife at his side so he hired her.

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