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Celebrating Cafe Racers, Scramblers, Flat Trackers, Street Trackers and Brat-style Customs uniting builders, riders, bloggers, followers and aficionados under one virtual wooden roof. Fronted by Anthony 'Dutch' Van Someren and partnered by the guys and girls from Spirit of the Seventies, Untitled Motorcycles and Motorcycle Deluxe - BSMC brings us daily bike porn from around the world via their website and facebook page. Custom BMWs at London’s Bike Shed Motorcycle Club IIIJune 13, 2014 by staff • About Custom, EventHave you noticed how many BMW boxer ‘specials’ are popping up at shows and exhibitions all over the world? Now an annual show, BSMC III was the venue where 5,000 people over the last weekend in May chose to spend their weekend.
Furthermore, there is a welcoming air of friendliness that invites you to relax and spend the day chilling to civilized music and street buskers, talking to the builders of the bikes, having a coffee or something stronger from the bar, or taking in a relaxing smoke in the Cigar Lounge. Quite simply there was something for everyone – and that includes getting a haircut from a gentleman barber; or a permanent memento of the event by Hard Luck Tattoo. Mantra by Sette Nero – 1980 R100T with tuned engine, braced custom swing arm, K75 modified front end, one-off exhaust and custom rims. To the devotees of urban customization, the BSMC is a one stop urban retro motorcycle website loaded with all manner of bikes to be viewed from around the globe. Mk 18 Grim Reaper by Motokouture – R100 series-mix with a 1070cc big-bore engine, hand-built fuel tank and exhaust system. This year’s show was heavily attended by UK and mainland Europe’s street custom builders and their followers. And then there were also the enthusiasts exhibiting artwork and photography associated with the urban movement that is growing like Jack’s Giant Beanstalk… Anthony “Dutch” van Somere, one of the men behind BSMC, summed up perfectly the weekend’s sell out show with “I can’t believe it! Talks are already taking place on the subject of next year’s show BSMC IV, where, hopefully we can expect the same levels of enjoyment and motorcycle builds.
After a year of hard graft and a very steep learning curve, the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is a full-time reality and we are open to new members, to join us in taking advantage of over 10,000 square feet of amazing space in Central London dedicated to motorcycle culture and lifestyle, open seven days a week. If you want to come to the Bike Shed in the evenings, becoming a member is not a requirement, it’s simply an option for those who want to be part of a club vibe, enjoy members events, and support what we have built. Having a membership scheme is a requirement for our license but it also means we can keep the bar and club for people like you who want to drink with like minded bike-aficionados and petrolheads, plus we can choose to keep out the general Shoreditch massive, who would probably sit on the bikes and vomit on your redwings.
The BSMC’s new headquarters includes a cafe, restaurant, shop, gallery, bike showroom and event space, with barbershop, pop-up retail, brands and whatever cool stuff we can squeeze in, all centered around bikes and bike culture.
We are open to everyone, all day from early doors till 11pm, but after 8pm you need to be a member to buy alcohol – unless you are dining on hot food. As well as making you part of something unique, becoming a member means you’ll be first to know whenever we do something new, run an event or exhibition, or have news to share, but it’s also a way of supporting us. As part of the club you can take advantage of the members-only drinking hours, 8pm – 11pm, and  hang out with like-minded people at a place you can call your own, with a limited membership list. This gives you all the benefits above, but your membership card is also an annual ticket for you, plus one (accompanied) to all our Bike Shed events globally, without ever having to pay another penny. Diners can come to the club for a proper meal, booked or walk-in, and consume alcohol at their table, even if they are not members. While you don’t have to be a die-hard biker, or even have a bike license, the Bike Shed membership is primarily for like-minded people and petrolheads who appreciate two-wheeled culture, so if we are oversubscribed we will favour applications from people that ride, or have a genuine interest in bikes.
When you click APPLY NOW (below) a form will pop-up, which you need to complete. After you hit SUBMIT you should see a THANK YOU window.
We expect the same gentlemanly behaviour we get at all our meets and events, so the club is not a place to show of your stunting skills, or how loud your new exhaust pipe is.

We have parking for around 25-30 bikes on our own private road on a first-come first served basis. The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, at the discretion of the club management.
The membership list will be decided and managed by the Bike Shed crew and is not open for discussion. Membership Payments must be made in advance of membership being approved, which will take at least 48 hours from application. The best blogpost and online-store on vintage – fashion, retromobilia, vintage-bikes and racing with a great variety of vintage and classic products, which have outlived their time! Custom motorcycles may conjure images of chromed-out Harley-Davidsons and sleeveless denim, but The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is kicking that image to the kerb and promoting a New Wave Custom Scene where professional bike builders, shed-based mechanics and fabricators exhibit their endeavours on equal terms under the philosophy “Built, not bought”. Following two hugely successful exhibitions at Shoreditch Studios in 2013 , BSMC needed a much larger venue for this year’s Event III. Deus Ex Machina, Krazy Horse Customs, Foundry Motorcycles, Down and Out Cafe Racers, Kevils Speed Shop, Old Empire Motorcycles and many more pro-builders joined forces with shed-builders from all over Europe, cramming 120 stunning bikes into the 200 year old, brick, iron and glass building. Triumph, Barbour and Moto Legends were on-board as sponsors, helping to quadruple the size of the exhibition and reach out to some of the more mainstream biking fraternity.
Adorning the walls throughout the venue’s various themed rooms was a collection of artwork and photography including pieces by Conrad Leech, all for sale.
There was even a Distinguished Gentlemens Lounge complete with whiskey bar and barbershop offering traditional cut-throat shaves. Over the weekend north of 6000 enthusiasts basked in sunshine, enjoyed great food from the Street Kitchen Airstream caravan and witnessed the largest gathering of Bobbers, Trackers, Brats and Scramblers this side of the Atlantic.
BSMC - The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club has very quickly built up a huge following of shed builders, established and growing custom brands and aspiring spanner wielding hipsters. Featuring the cream of shed builds submitted by eager builders happy to expose their months or years of hard work for comment and applause, along with the latest builds from established workshops such as Wrenchmonkees, Cafe Racer Dreams, Fuel Motorcycles, Untitled Motorcycles, Spirit of the Seventies, Old Empire and many more. These bikes are not just the preserve of professional builders but also come from genuine enthusiasts who find the flat-twin German models the ideal starting point for creating their vision of a unique motorcycle.
Located under the roof of Tobacco Dock, a former warehouse close to London Bridge, admirers of cafe racers, trackers, scramblers and brat-style bikes were delighted by the many display bikes – most of which were BMW boxer-powered. It has become an annual show that has grown substantially over the past two years to warrant a change of location to the larger floor space of a restored warehouse now dedicated to exhibitions. Delicious burgers served up by the StreetKitchen kept hunger at bay and racks of cool biking accessories were regularly being topped up. Jean-Philippe Rayson was one of the many French visitors to the show and his delight was clearly obvious, “My friend and I decided last minute to come over to London to see the usual tourist traps. Of which the majority on display were regenerated BMW Boxer machines – the numero uno engine and chassis choice of today’s builders, mainly because of the air-cooled engine’s ‘natural’ authentic style and solid engineering that requires very little attention.
If you’ve been to one of our events or exhibitions in London or Paris you already know what to expect – the BSMC in Shoreditch is simply more of the same, but every day. You’ll also be on our database and will hear about everything we do before anyone else, whether it’s one of our exhibitions, openings, launches, the DG Ride, or anything else worth knowing about. Non-members are always welcome all day and in the evening, but remember you can’t buy an alcoholic drink unless you are dining (eating hot food) or you are with a member and are signed-in.
This means memberships could go fast, so if you think this might be for you we suggest you don’t hang-around thinking about it for too long.

Our idea is not to be snobby and keep people out, but we do want to avoid having our memberships bought-up by local city-firms looking for a cheap private members club to drink in, so unless we know you already, please tell us about yourself, how you know us, and why you want to be a member. If you didn’t see this message you may have messed-up some mandatory fields in the form.
If you don’t see this window then you missed out a mandatory field and your application has not been submitted. Aficionados are expected, but newbies, wannabes and bike fans are equally welcome to be part of what we do. Tobacco Docks in Wapping promised the floor space, and with nearly a quarter of a million Facebook followers, social media suggested filling the place wouldn’t be a problem.
It seemed fitting that a dock yard built to unload and store tobacco would feature a dedicated smoking lounge, so there was one, offering fine cigars and a wealth of knowledge. Perfect timing as later this year The Bike Shed will morph from website and exhibition, into a permanent London based venue, giving more people a hub to get involved in this New Wave Custom Scene. The Bike Shed encourages you to escape from the world and all it's crap, into a place where bikes come first, and sensible life choices (and better halves) take a back seat. If the bikes weren't enough there's bike gear, people and places from around the scene and insightful comment on design and direction amongst those weilding the spanners. Here are a few of the special BMWs found at the recent Bike Shed Motorcycle Club III in London. What makes this particular bike show so different is that the bikes are accessible – no chain barriers or glass cases to human hands investigating the calibre of work that goes into making personal vehicles of joy. In all it made the Bike Shed Motorcycle Shop show a ‘must-do’ event – something the 5,000 visitors to this year’s Saturday and Sunday show will readily agree with. With links to consumables, advice and associated products, BSMC is a perfect window for self expression, ingenuity, mechanical art and remembering the cafe racer scene that so many of our parents enjoyed.
From there we will issue your card and it will be kept here at the Bike Shed for you to collect on your first visit to the Club. We have residential neighbours and are in a high pressure area for public nuisance and disorder, so it’s up to us to show that bikers are a cool but considerate community. If you wanna rev hard, showboat your skills or demonstrate how long you you can hold it on the back wheel that’s up to you, but please do it somewhere else. On super-busy days we can clear and open a whole arch to accommodate another 80 bikes, but this won’t be the norm. It makes you realize that you do not have to pay big money to have a good looking bike that still has to adhere to speed limits. If you get us in trouble with neighbours or the law we’ll have to ask you to leave the club.
There is also lots of bike parking on Hoxton Square and outside the Shoreditch Town Hall next door, plus we’ve applied for a new Motorcycle Parking Bay nearby.

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