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Still trying to find a place to store away all the garden tools, sprinklers, patio furniture and cushions, bikes, BBQ grill, and lawn mower in one convenient location? Our under deck storage solutions use a simple, sloped drainage system to keep any runoff at bay. The Under Deck and Storage category has exploded in the last 8 years as our clients have requested greater functionality and value for their deck and room square footage. If you’ve got a deck or elevated back porch, we’ve got the solution with under deck storage!

Then we incorporate clapboard, lattice or plank siding to enclose your new under deck storage area so it seamlessly complements your home. In addition, manufacturers have responded with several products that combine good appearance and function.
Atlanta Decking can create a great under deck storage area that’s spacious, dry and helps protect all your seasonal items. Keeping everything dry and organized (especially during inclement weather) will give you a little added peace of mind for years to come.

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