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Freight pricing and delivery times to all destinations depend on your location and can be quoted on enquiry. Decorations : Stunning Wine Cellar Under The Staircase With Limestone Floor Also Modern Stainless Steel Rack Bottle Wine And Unique Stainless Steel Pendant Lamp Besides . For most homeowners, a dedicated wine cellar seems like a distant dream because they simply cannot afford to give up that kind of space in an already modest home.
But with a hint of creativity, some help from ingenious architects and an out-of-the-box design, almost anyone can proudly store and display their intoxicating wine collection. Today, we turn to the space under the staircase, as it plays host to some of the best wine storage units. Milleuno Home Design & Interior Inspirations Stunning Wine Cellar Under The Staircase With Limestone Floor Also Modern Stainless Steel Rack Bottle Wine And Unique Stainless Steel Pendant Lamp Besides Home > Decorations > Awesome Focal Point Wine Storage under Modern Stairs > Stunning Wine Cellar Under The Staircase With Limestone Floor Also Modern Stainless Steel Rack Bottle Wine And Unique Stainless Steel Pendant Lamp Besides Previous ImageNext Image The first home is nearly futuristic in its clean, neutral style.
Every edge is perfectly placed to draw the eye around the room to each squared away surface. Many of the under stairs wine storage units on display today probably serve better as a lovely wine display that would also house some of your less expensive wine.
The dark colors may not be very lively or whimsical, but they do serve to create a sense of calming in each room. The dark neutral colors make the different surfaces the real star of the show, from platform beds to gothic-inspired fire places. Natural materials are also in use throughout the space including gorgeous wood cabinetry, painted brick, and luscious wood flooring. You can merely combine it with your home bar or you can get an armoire or other cabinets and use it for your wine display.

Absolutely, as the stunning beach-style wine cellar and all-glass unit under the curvy staircase below showcase.
But you can also make use of smaller spaces in the house just like that area under the stairs.You will surely be glad to know that the space under your stairs will no longer be useless. Explore beyond the modern designs for an exceptional wine cellar that not only adds texture, style and intrigue to your home, but also makes the most of the awkward nook under the staircase. The use of concrete gray and lighter upholstery along with light wood paneling skews the space more towards neutral. The bedroom becomes a warm retreat with its cushy bed and encapsulated feeling, while still giving the slumberer some privacy.
This way, you are not just keeping wines in your very homes and saving space but you are also adding some pleasing appeal for your interior because wines are perfect for decors too.
Do not fret too much if you cannot have one of the spectacularly dramatic wine cellars featured above along with perfect storage conditions. So, what you are about to see today will surely inspire you to have an under stairs wine cellar especially that it looks gorgeous in the homes we will feature. Frugal options that are more than adequate for value buys could involve something as simple as a few steel hangers or some old, upcycled crates coupled with lovely lighting. Beautiful modern wine racks come in a variety of forms, and you can even turn that forgotten corner under the small stairway into an unassuming, relaxing hangout with a chair, a small side table and a wine rack bought from the likes of IKEA!
Unlike many other iterations of this we have seen, the wood here looks as if it could have been pulled directly from a tree which gives it a special warmth. White walls and a deep blue area rug give this space a lightness that stands out among these dark interiors.The simplistic monochrome vision gets a blast of heat from a cherry red Smeg fridge, and exposed shelving holds jars of dry foods that are both quick to hand and colorful additions.

Here, a great lighting scheme shines practicality on this home, with generously sized pendant shades casting illumination in all the right places. Next we see a return of the colorful accent fridge, but this time it is teamed with a set of mix and match dining chairs; this is a great way to save money as you can use odd chairs you might already have in different areas of the home, or have gathered as heirlooms.
This eclectic look appears very welcoming as the formality is taken out of the dining space.
The otherwise neutral scheme gains great lift from the kaleidoscope of hues, which are picked up subtly by a miniature vase of blooms and bookcase accessories.
The pattern in the pillows is reflected in the design on the dividing glass doors that take the glamour one step further with an elegant sheen.
Floral feature walls behind the sofa and a curvaceous workstation add a delicate design element to the straighter furniture silhouettes in the room. On the wall is a bio-fuel fireplace.Yes, it is nice to see that the space under your stairs could be utilized for something you love.
Aside from turning that space into a wine cellar or wine display, you can also add some under-staircase shelves where you can place other item aside from wine. If you want to see other wine cellar designs, you can take a look at sleek modern wine cellars that we have collated for you before. She finds delight in seeing unique homes and decors especially that she is aiming to get her own home in the future that perfectly depicts her chic and lively personality.

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