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Join 11,264 of us on the Homemade Tools forum, and get your free 50 Must Read Homemade Tools ebook. Here it can be more clearly seen how the rear legs splay out, to make for a more stable base for the saw. The two hand screws that hold the folding stretchers in place when it's erected, hold the unit closed when it's folded. Easy to store and transport, I anticipate it will see a lot of action over the span of its lifetime. Sign up for the weekly email updates to be notified when new articles are published and other news.
Ya no se cuantas veces dije que no me acababa de gustar el invento del brazo de la ingletadora como sierra de mesa, que me daba muchos problemas. Cada uno tenemos nuestras necesidades y nuestros gustos y en el tema de las sierra de mesa no podA­a ser menos. La opciA?n mA?s sencilla para cortar las ranuras para las chapas de los cajones u otras partes del mueble suele ser usar la mesa fresadora con una fresa de disco para ranuras con un grueso igual al de nuestra chapa, pero sin una mesa fresadora siempre pensamos en realizar esta tarea con la sierra de mesa, aunque sea con una sierra de mesa casera como la que yo tengo. Yo tengo mi soluciA?n para fabricar una sierra de mesa casera, con su guA­a lateral y todo.
Cuando nos planteamos como hacer una mesa de madera para la cocina o para el comedor muchos pensaremos en que no conseguiremos hacer una mesa bonita y resistente. Occasionally I need a table saw in a place where it's not really convenient to have one, such as outdoors to rip some lumber for a project, or out on a small job site.
Having come up against this problem in the past, I've used the old carpenter's trick of mounting a circular saw under a piece of plywood laid on a pair of saw horses, and used that as a makeshift table saw. Before going on, I'll state the obvious: Yes, I know there are small, cheap table saws that are more portable than a full sized table saw.

I'm doing some planning 'on the fly' here, more or less to use the scrap material I have on hand. After some planning with SketchUp and the time to try my ideas out on the frame, I had a design that meets my criteria. The front leg set is attached to the underside of the top with a pair of 5" strap hinges. Seen above, the back legs were cut on an angle and project rearwards to increase the footprint of the frame. All items remaining after this specified time are considered abandoned and forfeited, with no further rights by the Buyer.
It utilizes a circular saw mounted with its cutting side upward and bolted to a homemade table with an opening to clear the saw blade.
Having the saw's guard come through the table was something I was undecided about at first. El disco de corte no se mantenA­a vertical, sino que se inclinaba a un lado y a otro a medida que giraba.
At these times, I find that I'm either stuck bringing the lumber back and forth to my workshop for cutting, or cutting on site with my hand held circular saw. This works well, but is a bit iffy in the safety category and still not very convenient, especially the fence - this would be a strip of wood screwed or nailed in place.
Of the smallest and cheapest, none are as compact as this, or as economical - after all, I have the circular saw already. The hole is where the blade (and guard) comes through, and I used a jigsaw to cut out this hole. This piece is thinner and has a rabbet cut on the inside to receive the shoe of my circular saw.

The thumb screws are made from #10-24 machine screws with washers welded to their heads, and they screw through to two t-nuts that are countersunk in the top. The problem with that is it can sacrifice rigidity, so I had to come up with a frame that was strong without being overly complex or bulky. There are folding stretchers that join the front legs to the back legs and these swing on butt hinges.
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Strength is very important here - since it only uses this T to hold it in position, the joints have to be very strong.
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The nails protrude through (I didn't have ones short enough) and I cut them off with the grinder.
In the end, given that this is not a saw for doing fine, delicate work, I opted for the greater safety margin.
Keep in mind that this won't be vying for any beauty contest trophies and isn't a piece of fine furniture!

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