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Need a place to store your stuff for the summer?  Why haul everything back and forth when you can store your stuff locally, and just pick It up on your way back to school.
Want to keep your business items out of the office and easily accessible?  Store extra furniture, equipment, supplies offsite yet readily accessible to grow as your business grows. I was looking for a storage facility that had good security, was clean and had good customer service and was also affordable as I was looking for long term lease. Our affordable Mississauga vehicle storage options can free up space around your home, or protect your classic car from the harshness of winter. We employ a number of security measures to ensure our valued customers have peace of mind leaving their vehicles on our premises.
Small businesses like lawn care companies and landscapers rely on us for day-to –day parking of their work vehicles. Contact us today for a quote, and experience the quality customer service that our family run business is known for. CDs, sunglasses, and other small junk can build up quickly and make a real mess in your vehicle. The Vertically Driven Products Shelf-It Overhead Storage Shelf is custom made to your vehicle.
After you've poured hours of free time, gallons of sweat and fat stacks of greenbacks into your restoration car, you're faced with a new challenge: safeguarding it from the elements.
When choosing your CarCapsule, order the size that is at least 6" longer than your vehicle. Once inflated, CarCapsule requires approximately one foot of additional clearance on all sides of the base. 2008 Pontiac Solstice GXP SCCA T2 Championship edition - 1 of 88 of this color, drive train, and interior- and the mice were using the horizontal surfaces in the engine compartment and trunk as storage areas for their winter acorn food stash. Featuring a sleek, modern design, high quality components and the ability to create a fully customised system tailored to your requirements, the Outback Solutions range is the answer to all of your storage needs. As a complete modular system, the range can be individually selected and customised to your needs and vehicle, while reducing redundant areas and providing increased storage space. Three types of modules are available, and these modules (a roller drawer, a roller drawer with roller floor and a roller floor) come in a range of sizes which can be mixed and matched to individual needs.

Coming complete with a two year warranty, the Outback Solutions range is a storage solution that just about anyone can take advantage of.
The Outback Solutions range has a number of unique and practical features incorporated into its design to ensure high quality, maximum functionality and ease of use. Three major components work together to create the Outback Solutions range - a roller drawer, roller drawer with roller floor and roller floor. For convenient storage of items such as recovery equipment and clothing, the traditional style roll out drawer comes with a fixed top floor. The traditional style roll out drawer with a rolling top floor gives you plenty of storage space and allows a car fridge to be easily mounted on top, enabling it to be rolled in and out as required.
For convenient access to your car fridge, the low level roller floor sits only 140mm off the floor of your vehicle. Whether you need to carry an ARB Fridge Freezer, tools of the trade or the kids' toys on your next adventure, there are a multitude of options to suit. A number of optional accessories are available to further increase the practicality and functionality of the Outback Solutions range. In the event of emergency braking or a collision, the effects of having unrestrained cargo thrown forward can be catastrophic.
ARB distributes the Outback Solutions range to provide vehicle occupants with a massive amount of protection from cargo items in case of an accident.
Take advantage of bulk purchasing power, or special sales to stock up on items, and store them easily on site, and have ready access to your stock as you need it.
In many cases, long term storage options are much more affordable than paying extra parking fees at a condo for your second vehicle.
They love the confidence they feel from keeping their vehicles and equipment somewhere more secure than a public parking lot. However, the visor mounts are in a slightly different position and require some extra love to make them fit right. Even inside your garage, it's vulnerable to gritty dirt, light dings and even paint-marring scratches. Sold exclusively by ARB and suitable for many vehicles including wagons, utes, buses and trailers, this system can be just as easily applied to non-vehicle applications such as down in the back shed.

Coming in a range of sizes and with the ability to mix and match, these unique modules result in more than 200 possible configurations. This allows for additional modules to be stacked on top, or provides a flat surface for storing other, larger items.
And unlike other products on the market, this module utilises a true flat floor, which means that in cases where you're not carrying a car fridge, you're left with a flat storage area to place other items. It also incorporates a storage tray underneath for smaller items, and like the drawers above, utilises a flat floor for easy placement of other items when not carrying a fridge. Once the original installation has been performed using securely fastened mounts positioned in the vehicle, the cargo barrier can be easily removed if the need arises. Simply remove your sun visors, mount the Shelf-It to the visor holes, and attach the visors to the shelf. Only gripe: the felt is almost blown on (apply glue and then spray felt on) and felt is missing in places. They run about the same price, but the design and materials used in the CarCapsule are definitely better. It makes me feel good that my stored items are very secure and I can access them whenever I want.
It's made from a clear anti-static PVC top that's electrostatically welded to corrosion-resistant 18 oz Herculite base. Grit stays out, moisture evaporates before it can take root and the bubble's air-filled buffer helps block against direct blows. You could even drop a five-pound hammer on your CarCapsule, and it'll just bounce right off.Whether you're storing a pint-sized Mini or a more massive Chevy SSR, there's a CarCapule that's sure to work.

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