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If you're looking for a shed base or need to build a shed base then we have a number of resources for you. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket.
Here at Walton’s we love to see our buildings and other sheds transformed into pubs, clubs, studios, gyms, cinemas and much more!
There’s no better feeling then strolling into a pub on Friday night; well apart from if that pub is at the end of your garden! A pub shed is the ideal way of creating an entertainment space at home without losing space in your home.
This tropical bar was designed and built by Stephen Lodge, who was inspired after years of travelling the globe chasing those perfect surfing spots. The world we live in has changed dramatically and our modern lifestyles have a huge impact on the environment around us. More and more of us are now taking the plunge and opting to work from home; but the practicalities of this can be very complicated. The thatch on this garden building does not just add to its overall look but also helps keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer. A summerhouse is a great addition to any garden providing a space to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.
This summerhouse caught our eye straight away; we love the colour used to paint the outside of this building. Inside the summerhouse furniture and accessories really add to the overall feel of this building. It could be argued that all the sheds in this competition are unique but these sheds are totally and completely unique!!
This shed is made from many recycled materials; the framework for the shed is made from 12 recycled telegraph poles. This category showcases the best normal sheds which are transformed into almost anything; a gym, a restaurant or even a disco! The Disco Shed has travelled to countless events and festivals around the UK including T in the Park, Big Chill, Camp Bestival, Reading, Leeds, Shambala and many more. Sheds and summerhouses can easily be turned into a studio; they come in all shapes and sizes so can fit in most outdoor spaces and gardens. This is a great looking 10' x 8' Contemporary Summerhouse that is a contemporary twist on a 1950's style. This building is clad using 12mm thick interlocking tongue and groove board to prevent weather damage and provide maximum strength. This garden building uses planed timber in the floor joists to provide a sturdy support on your base.
This Product carries the 10year Anti Rot guarantee as long as the garden building is well maintained. The Walton's Premier Corner Summerhouse is a stylish and well built garden building ideal for any garden as a relaxation space, office or studio! Walton’s offer FREE Pick Your Day Delivery on wooden sheds, summerhouses, playhouses, and wooden workshops to most areas of the UK. Please Note: In order to receive the full 10 year anti-rot guarantee, it is necessary that you treat the garden building with a high quality, spirit-based, timber preservative. This 5' x 5' or 4' x 4' Waltons Pro Shed Base is the perfect alternative to concrete or paving slabs. A lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete bases for sheds, cabins and greenhouses. This insulation kit is perfect for helping to regulate the temperature of your shed or summerhouse, whilst reducing energy costs!
This insulation kit is perfect for adding warmth to your garden buildings during the winter and keeping it cool in the summer!

This competition was originally set up by Uncle Wilco from Wales who launched the competition to showcase the best of British sheds. It can be a great escape from a busy household and perfect for entertaining guests in your very own garden.
The Tiki Bar is a tropical hideaway where yummy, coconut flavoured cocktails can be sipped all year round even when it’s chucking it down outside.
The Eco Shed category brings together sheds that incorporate recycling or an environmental feel. Adding a living roof to your building is not only great for wildlife but can be beneficial to the sheds interior too. The owner of this shed was very tight for space so decided to put an allotment on his shed roof. Separating work and home life can be difficult sometimes but by having your office out of the house it can make a world of difference. Adding electricity to the buildings transforms them from outdoor wooden buildings to modern tech hubs ideal for any type of business. After having children the couple who own this stunning building decided to add something special for their two girls.
This year the category is full of interesting buildings and shows how versatile a summerhouse can be.
This summerhouse was painted with Cuprinol Seagrass on the outside which has totally transformed it’s look from the very traditional to a unique garden building.
It features a small water feature, a hummingbird, a red velvet rocking chair and much more.
The dome shape at the top of the teapot is made from old poly tunnel tubing and the shed’s cladding is made from curved cuts of timber sourced from a nearby mill.
Normal sheds can be used for garden storage but they also provide a blank canvas to transform into whatever your imagination can think of!
The garden can be the perfect place for an art or music studio; the garden is quiet and is away from your home.
Some artists even use Log Cabins and Summerhouses into galleries or shops to sell homemade masterpieces. The roof of this shed also features a green roof; with sedums, grasses and a tree growing on the roof. The show’s popularity continues to grow and grow and what better way to pay tribute to your favourite show than building a new shed! This summerhouse has been constructed from high quality 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding to offer extra durability and superior quality, the shiplap is profiled to offer a better surface for water to run off. The first part of this TV series will be aired on the 24th of July at 8pm and will be hosted by George Clarke and the competitions founder Uncle Wilco from Shed Blog.
Take a look at Stephen’s site for more information about the bar and how it was created.
This year the category is full of unusual and stylish buildings made from recycled or upcycled materials. Living roofs and natural insulation can provide lots of warmth for a shed, summerhouse or log cabin all year round. Living in a cottage is cosy but not very practical for bunk beds; after many pleas from their daughters the couple then decided to add bunk beds to this cosy garden room. Traditional summerhouses have always been popular in the UK but now there are also a lot of modern summerhouses available. If you want to add space to your home a summerhouse can be a great alternative to a brick built extension and often does not require planning permission. Inside this summerhouse is painted in a deep orange colour and the ceiling is draped with purple voile giving the interior a very Moroccan theme. Its stunning green colour really makes it stand out and it really does look like a tea pot.

The top of the teapot is made from an old fishing buoy and can be opened during those hot summer nights. Sheds are ideal if you want a hideaway from your home or just a quiet place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. This shed contains everything you need to entertain a field full of revellers including DJ decks, lights, The World Famous Disco Shed inferno smoke machine, a record sleeve lined roof, bad jokes and two men looking spread shed love all over the land.
Hectic homes can sometimes block imagination so why not create a studio at the end of your garden where you can relax and be creative. This shed is purpose built to house aerosol graffiti art adventures and of course some relaxing too.
The living roof ensures any floor space lost has been replaced and also helps keep the interior of the shed warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This shed was built entirely from scratch and with only basic drawings found on the internet.
It's doors open fully to 170cm, making it easy to move furniture in or out and allow plenty of air in during the warmer months. The roof and floor of the summer house are clad in tongue and groove board for added stability and strength. The inside and outside of this shed also features examples of Stephen’s exceptional wood carving skills. The roof of this shed provides lots of growing space and grows courgettes, carrots, broad beans, garlic and much more! A living roof is a great way of making your shed stand out and also provides a great home for insects and wildlife. We think this shed is a real winner and is one of the most unique buildings we've ever seen!
Garden sheds come in many different shapes and sizes; so you can find one to fit almost any garden or outdoor space. The inside of the shed also features halogen spotlights for each light box and even the classic blue light for the Tardis roof. The tongue and grooved timber panels are further supported by a durable 27mm x 32mm framing. The building is fully manufactured in the UK and made with sturdy and traditional British 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding.
This spacious summerhouse is perfect for relaxing and admiring your garden with friends and family. The cladding itself is machined with a shiplap profile to aid water dispersion and enhance the longevity of the building. The beautiful floor to ceiling frontage and sides allows you to have a full view of your garden and it also helps keep the building right and full of sunlight throughout the day. To ensure it's stability, the easy to assemble pre constructed panels are supported by 27mm x 44mm rounded edged framing. This contemporary summerhouse also benefits from using only planed timber, to not only give a superior and even finish, but this process also closes the pores of the timber.
This makes it much more resistant to moisture and will help to extend the life of the building.
The side shed of this building is modular and can be constructed on either side of the main summerhouse room.Please Note .
In order to receive the full 10 year anti-rot guarantee, it is necessary that you treat the garden building with a high quality, spirit-based, timber preservative prior to or shortly after construction. Please check our delivery section for more details.Download our installation instructions for this building at the link below.

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