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I removed the wheels and added ball accents to the top corners.  The wheels made it too tall next to the chair I placed it by. If you want a distressed or aged patina on the furniture you makeover – chalk paint is the way to do it.
I was inspired to paint this table a bright fun color like one of the tables from oomph.  I adore this site and browse frequently for inspiration. But I could not commit to any one color, so I went about adding some color in a different way.  The table top is slightly recessed so I bought inexpensive hardboard and had it cut to size to use as inserts for the table top and bottom shelf.
I painted each one a different color so I would have lots of color options and never tire of the table. I made my own chalk style paint using this recipe.  I only needed a little bit of each color, so I cut the amounts in half. When looking for modern office decor ideas it is important to keep in mind the key elements of the modern style. The idea is to maintain a clean look, which can be achieved by limiting any extra fussiness, instead consider a bookcase of simple space that lacks any ornate embellishments. The use of natural light, without window coverings is a staple for this look and can be implemented with relative ease.
We have provided here an inspirational gallery of wooden furniture that is much possible to projects with pallets.

I can just imagine some candles and greenery on the mirrors when the holidays come around.  The mirrors on  the top and bottom will reflect the light and add to the holiday glow. Not chalk board paint, but paint that has a chalky finish that beautifully distresses and then gets buffed with wax. Start by choosing pieces that have strong and well-defined lines; such as a desk with sharp angles.
The office itself should have simple neutrally colored walls, with only minimal color accents. This design style also favors exposed natural elements, such as brick walls or chrome ventilation systems.
We always look forward to give you the up-to-date trends of thrifty furniture that you can make inexpensively at home.
The adhesive needs has been done using the glue for nice gripping and wood has also been sanded down for a chic, smooth and splinter free touch.
Annie Sloan is the brand that is just beautiful, but it is pricey.   This is my first time working with this type of paint. Make sure to keep the drill bit straight as you make the hole.   You want to go as deep as one half of the screw.
The construction materials used in this style can be steel, chrome or glass, with natural wood also making an appearance.

Furniture pieces that are up off the ground, and neutral or simple construction will help align the overall design style. Pallets come as a great wood waste from the ships but you can try them for some home wooden projects to improve your home. This amazing type of table can really let your living room to be more functional and visually attractive. Be careful not to drill right through the ball like I did.  Luckily I only needed four and six come in a pack.
Natural colors can be used in angular accent rugs on a bare floor to help bring a warmth to the environment.
If you are vintage furniture lover then this DIY pallet sofa table would a mind blowing suggestion to reclaim pallets for you classical taste of furniture. Make it loaded with embellishments and decorative material to fully take the attention of visitors and guests as it will be amazing to use as a pallet entryway table to accent your entry.
Although I think the next time I will buy the Annie Sloan clear wax since the Minwax on white paint adds an orange tint on rough spots.  I had to redo them to get them white again.

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