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Gorilla Glue Fast Cure - Dries WhiteNew Gorilla Glue Fast Curing, Dries White formula dries eight times quicker than the original formula.
Gorilla Glue is a one-part, moisture-curing, totally waterproof, non-toxic urethane glue with long open time (10-15 min.). I'm planning on putting laminate flooring in my bedroom, but my concern is that my bedroom has a sliding door adjacent to my deck so occasionally the floor gets wet. Due to a recent rate hike by Fed Ex we've been forced to raise our minimum order for free shipping.

It has just 30-60 minutes clamp time and it dries to a softer white color, which makes it perfect for crafters, model-makers, and woodworkers using lighter woods. It is much stronger than yellow glues, remains flexible for life and won't extrude from joints due to temperature or humidity cycling. Ultimate Wood Glue 1 answer Would this glue be good for laminate flooring click-and-lock joints? So I was wondering if using this glue in the joints would keep water from getting through the joints to the subfloor.

It has excellent spreading and layering characteristics with a very rigid glue line, once cured, making it ideal for vacuum laminating veneers or general woodworking.

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