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John – it will probably be a little while before I get everything finished up just because there are some other projects on the go too. Jim, I find that it works great for me between having a nice flat surface and storage in the cabinets below.
That’s as big as the photos get in the article but if you save them you could zoom in. Do you register cordless tool purchases with the manufacturer more often than with a corded tool purchase?
I've recently finished the last piece due for the year, and have decided to take a couple days to make a new hanging tool cabinet.
The Woodshop specializes in creating custom built cabinets for kitchen, bath, and living areas.
If so I know it’s not a great question but I built one recently and was wondering if I needed all the support I have under it.

The last one I made over 3 years ago and I'm in need of a little larger one and can use the old one for book storage such. As the SMC TOS doesn't allow to post links to other forums please feel free to drop me a line (PM or email) if you're interested. I just finished installing the doors only to find out that one of the packages of hinges was mismarked and had to drive back to the hardware store. It’s not always quite that clean but I usually aim to keep it that way whenever I can. Does a torsion box require full support or because of its design can I just support the corners? The torsion box doesn’t need full support since it is so rigid and can be supported at just a few points. I was simply not in a good mood, and as I re-read the post I made, I did sound quite bitchy (Is that O.K.

Obviously the more support you can give the better but it certainly doesn’t require it. Im in the process of converting our 1-car 12×19 garage into a wood shop and will be incorporating some of your ideas. I've seen a bunch of different ways and I have the Tool chest book, and the likes, but I find that often woodworkers are a little more creative than the norm. Im in the process of reviewing how im using the shop to place my tools accordingly as mentioned.
Thanks for any advice, and yes Tyler, I'll post pics when it's finished of both the old and new.

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