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A wood storage shed is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a permanent structure on their property to add additional space without actually adding on rooms to the home itself.
Well in the past few years, with the high uptake in home working, home offices have become ever more popular, yet many people are still working from a cramped back room that is not well suited to the demands of home working. What is ideal when working from home is your own space that is not cluttered up with junk or your kid’s old toys for example.
In general, a wooden building that is designed as a home office will be far better built than a normal shed or summerhouse and will feel far more sturdy as a whole. The benefits of using a home office are huge, giving you a dedicated working space away from the clutter of your home. These days, with governments having the environment and carbon emissions to think about, having a wooden outbuilding as an office has several great additional benefits. They are also far cheaper to build, and you have far more flexibility when it comes to installing your wooden building due to significantly easier planning restrictions. Building a good home office can prove to be a good asset when it comes to selling your home, so why not consider buying a wooden building to use as an office and move out of that cramped back room?
If you have a small home, chances are you have a small yard… and have extra stuff to store! Joseph Sandy created this amazing reclaimed wood DIY storage shed, and it has a great write up on Houzz.
This next one is simply inspiration for your existing (or the one you’re building!) storage shed… I Love This Paint! Another Pinterest inspirational find, brought to my attention by A Cultivated Nest, (Great blog!)… Who would not want this? Finally, we end with a tutorial for this simple shed, with complete downloadable plans, photos and instructions from Popular Mechanics.

Me again- I would lone the one with all the glass but I think it is beyond my capabilities. Does anyone have any advice on how to keep pegboard hooks from coming out of the holes when the item it’s holding is removed?
If you have access to the backside of the pegboard, that makes the neatest looking application because you can hide the zip part of the tie. I love the use of recycled palettes in construction, a resource that seems to be gaining traction.
And this can happen if you choose the wrong type of storage shed for your house and yard design. These come in all shapes and sizes, and they tend to lend much more beauty, elegance and style to your garden design than other types of outdoor sheds do.
There are many space saving designs available these days, which are useful for anyone who has a small yard, or just needs a shed for a porch, patio, or balcony. You’ll find sheds in medium sizes such as ten feet by fourteen feet, and there are even much larger ones that are big enough to use as a workshop, playroom or external office too. You can choose from standard style sheds that actually look like sheds, or you can get one made to look wood storage buildings with porch or like a small barn.
It will also add beauty and style to your property, is quite durable and strong against wind and snow, and offers a lot of flexibility and versatility on the inside too. You could add an extension to your home, but they are costly and you will need planning permission to build one, followed by several weeks of disruption whilst the builders are in carrying out the work.
You may think of these as just being a plain summerhouse, yet modern summerhouses can now be bought fully equipped for home working. Finding a small storage shed that doesn’t look like it ate your little slice of paradise is a chore.

If not, you may wish to put the zip part off to the side rather than in the way right at the hook. No need for permission to pin or to feature 1 or 2 pictures with full watermarks intact that link back to the original project.
They are often allowed to be used in places which have restrictions on the types of outdoor buildings you’re allowed to have too. Floors can range from wooden themselves, to a simple bed of crushed gravel, to more elaborate concrete foundations. There are also some kits that look more like little cottage guest houses or small garages too. Whilst an older style summerhouse may only be equipped with basic features, a new one may well have the option of insulated walls and double glazing, as well as being capable of having electrical sockets and lighting fitted. The fact that most do not require planning permission means that you can have it built and installed in a week, saving months when compared to building an extension. But there are solutions that fit in a small yard, and some of these storage shed ideas have DIY tutorials as a bonus… you know, for when all those other DIY projects are done? And they can even be finished inside for use as an office or additional personal space away from the main house too. Now to see instructions for the one shown- so I don’t use all my growing space to house building.
This one is a kit, which is a good option if you don’t want to go entirely DIY, but do want to save some cash.

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