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I was contacted by a customer in Rawtenstall who had found my website from a Google search.
All the woodwork in his flat had been painted with oil based white gloss 3 or 4 years ago and had yellowed. I recommended using water-based paints which do not suffer from the problem of yellowing to the extent that oil based paints do. After a full day of sanding down with my Festool sander and dust extractor and wet sanding all the surfaces were prepared without any dust. Adding a little paint conditioner really makes the undercoat flow out beautifully leaving a lovely surface for the gloss to go on.

Silk paint is shiny, mid sheen and eggshell paint are halfway between matt and silk sheen wise, and there are also specialist paints like light and space paint, and paint that claims to have less odour, and the list goes on. We should mention that this all depends on the porosity of the surfaces which varies greatly depending on the type of plaster, and structure of walls, and some paint will take more than 2 coats to cover depending on the competence of the person applying the paint and also the contrast of the new paint compared to the colour it is going on to. It is suitable for interior and exterior use over new and previously painted wood and metal and has been specially formulated for use with Crown Trade Interior Acrylic Gloss as the first stage of a high quality water-based gloss system.
We are also offering you tutorials on 4 of the most important things you will need to know about decortating.
With regards to woodwork the usual choices are gloss (the shiniest), satinwood (mid-sheen), and eggshell (least sheen).

EU Regulations introduced in 2010 forced paint manufacturers to remove a lot of chemicals to reduce levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds). As a result white oil based paints now yellow much quicker, especially in areas that don’t get much light.

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