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Sydney Woodworkers Garage Doors are all custom made to meet your requirements for Windows, Garage Doors and Gates. Sydney Woodworkers designs and imports its own branded hardware specifically suited to solid timber joinery applications.
Sydney Woodworkers has been hand making spare parts for old houses and all styles of finishing joinery since 1928. Sydney Woodworkers extensive range of durable mortice and tenon Verandah Gates have the flexibility to be trimmed to suit most applications. Woodworkers have produced numerous videos aimed at explaining our products and providing practical instructions on common issues relating to their installation and maintenance. To access the videos and FAQ Sheets go to the More Information drop down Menu on the home page or click on the links below. Sydney Woodworkers offer more Window stock sizes and designs in Surian Cedar than any other supplier and we custom make to any size or style. Pivot doors have become popular because they give a wide generous opening and a simple appearance that works well with contemporary architecture. A pivoted single door may be 30% more expensive than a single door and sidelight combination and twice as expensive as a standard width single door.
In theory, yes, but in practical terms pivots beyond 1500mm wide and 2400mm high are likely to have excessive warp. Unlike standard doors, pivot doors are not restrained by hinges down one side that stabilizes any tendency for the timber to move.

We've been connecting Australians with local trade professionals and home services for over 12 years. We produce using a variety of materials including Surian red cedar for its beauty, durability and prestige or N.G. Whether you are building a new home or renovating, Sydney Woodworkers is a great place to start to make your dreams come true. We’re committed to giving our clients more choice and products that are built to last a lifetime. We also source selected hardware items domestically where available to offer our customers the widest range of options specific to door and window applications. Our stock mortice and tenon gates permit most driveway and pedestrian requirements to be supplied without the long lead times for both Heritage and Contemporary applications and providing the traditional solution for privacy and security.
Our video range continues to expand and augments our extensive website FAQ section which focuses on product details and consumer queries. It does however provide an additional 200mm in openable space (if a stock 1200 wide pivot is used). Australian standards allow for up to a 5mm warp in a standard 2040 x 820 door before it is classified as a defect. Pivot doors swing on a point top and bottom that provides no restraint to warp movement in the door. We’re confident when you touch and feel the difference that distinguishes beautiful red cedar product from inferior materials your choice will be easy.

We know our details are authentic and we try to ensure our prices are a little old fashioned as well.
Compared however to a double door design, the cost is very similar but the openable width is 60% less than using two stock doors. Extrapolating that acceptable warp out to doors 1500mm wide results in bows up to 16 - 18mm being within regulations.
Most doors remain stable in any event but as timber is a natural product (with stresses built into it from its life within the tree) it can assume any shape when unrestrained that can pull the fabric of a door into a warp. Sydney Woodworkers restoration products offer more choice, better prices and origin designs. For this reason Woodworkers carry a range of pivot doors sizes 1200 wide and either 2040mm or 2280mm high (frame height 2170 and 2400 respectively) which we believe will not exhibit excessive warp over time. In most situations, pivot door warps are not easily detectable but we always seek to caution our clients in advance that large doors quite naturally can have larger bows and warps than conventional doors.

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