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While prepping wood for finishing, I’ve discovered that acetone will wipe away pencil marks.
Chris Marshall offers some of his best tips for dust collection when using a miter saw, and then tests the effectiveness of the dust collection on 10-in. When Chris wrote the original article for the magazine, he tested the machines all with the same blade. Following on the heels of last year’s innovative medium-sized Bandy Clamps, Rockler now has expanded this edge clamp family to include small and large sizes too.
For more substantial edge clamping applications on thick material and countertops, consider Rockler’s Large Bandy Clamps.
Aside from wood gluing and clamping purposes, you could also use these clamps for keeping power cables, extension cords and air hoses out of your way in the shop, or for other applications around the house. Tell Your Top TipThere are just a few days left in the “Nordys” contest — the annual event held by Rockler Woodworking and Hardware in the midst of celebrity award season.
But like I said, there are only a couple of days left to enter (deadline is the 22nd of February, 2015). And if you win … and you want to share a little with your favorite eZine dude — well, that is entirely up to you!
Chuck Zeman started collecting hand tools at garage and estate sales, and then found himself using them to build functional objects. A corporate move to larger headquarters in March prompts Laguna Tools to sponsor huge moving sale. I like to use those little plastic tabs that come on a loaf of bread to hold the bag closed. New from Schiffer Publishing, this book will help you combine varieties of wood grains, textures and vibrant colors into attractive striped patterns on your projects.

New manual Staple & Nail Gun provides up to 75 percent more driving power than standard staple guns, while offering the added benefit of shooting 18-gauge brad nails, too. RYOBI’s TSS120L Sliding Compound Miter Saw with dual rails can crosscut workpieces up to 2 x 14-in. Reader William Harmsen sent in some great pictures of a chess board he built using a Woodworker’s Journal plan! I added a piece between the drawer rail and outside rail on the ends to make it a little more stable. Now, the company’s blade brake technology can protect end users wherever they need to cut wood — in the workshop, on the jobsite or out in the yard. Our easy-to-use patterns will take you through the trammel routing process for making your own Longworth Bowl Chuck. Right-sized, loaded with features and ready for double-duty in your shop, this downdraft table is designed around specialty panels that hold your wood steady and protect it while sanding.
Customize your table saw by replacing one wing with this convenient and floor-saving router table.
This jig allows you to cut out or shape accurate circles, semicircles and arcs using a standard jigsaw or router. Enhance your table saw’s cutting quality and safety with a zero-clearance throatplate. It’s faster than erasing or sanding them, and the acetone dries quickly without raising the wood grain. Not only does the Bosch saw produce the most sawdust but the size of the sawdust is considerably more coarse than all of the other saws. It’s a double slider so it works on a bench, is dead accurate, and has some kind of cyclonic dust collector that attaches instead of a useless bag.

When it cam time to film the video for the More on the Web, he wanted a few additional shots of the Bosch saw inaction, which had the standard blade back in it.
This year, all you have to do is send in the best woodworking tip you’ve ever heard, and you could win big (it will be like your own virtual red carpet walk!). The upright back and sides effectively confine the dust and direct it down into the vacuum chamber. The difference between amounts of saw dust he collected during initial tests with the Freud blade and with the Bosch blade was minimal. Now, your submission does need to be in the form of a video … but hey, doesn’t one of your kids have an iPhone?  Yup, I thought so.
Click over to the Woodworker’s Journal Facebook page to check out our sweepstakes where you could win a Baileigh table saw. Upload it to the site and bing, bang, bong … you could be the big winner and super famous (woodworking-wise). The trestle base is red oak, stained black to match the black epoxy filler used in the voids common in mesquite wood.
Recommended usage for the small size includes delicate edge moldings — even white pine — due to the no-mar design of the contact surfaces.

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