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If you’ve been using DeWALT 18-volt tools for many years, chances are they’re powered with older Ni-Cad or nickel-metal hydride batteries with posts on top that plug into the tool. Chris Marshall: And to that end of stripping and starting over, I would use one of the heavy-duty, gel-type liquid strippers you can find at home centers. Here’s why I like it: it’s a “next generation” waterbased poly that crosslinks with the air as it cures for a tough finish.
If you don’t like the amber tone and want to keep your table as blonde as possible, I’ve also had good luck with Rust-Oleum’s water-based Ultimate Polyurethane.
With either product, I’d stick with a satin sheen as you’ve done already with your table’s current finish. Chris Marshall: About four years ago, I made a collection of trivets for Woodworker’s Journal (“Trammel-jig Trivets,” December 2011 print issue). I used wood from the same board to make a small stand for a photo we display on a shelf (see below). As far as dyes go, aniline dyes can give a beautiful color, and if you are good at color mixing, can get a very good approximation of purpleheart.
One possibility, since light exposure is the chief culprit, is to look for an ultraviolet-opaque, clear finish.
Drawing a centered line along the edge of a board can be a bit of a guessing game unless your tape measure or the rule of your combination square is centered exactly on the board’s thickness. Use the tool for marking out mortises and rabbets, or for making reference lines for drilling holes and centering fasteners. Formed from durable polymer, the tool accepts standard wooden pencils and has an onboard pencil storage slot.
Installing Blum Tandem totally enclosed drawer slides in the interior of cabinets should be easier with Rockler’s new Undermount Drawer Slide Jig (item 57268).
With the ProScribe™ tape measure from Swanson® Tool’s Savage® brand, you can transfer a measurement by sliding the patented retractable scribe guide along the edge of a board and using the reinforced tip to mark the workpiece, or mark with a knife or pencil held against the metal tip. Today’s lithium-ion batteries have slimmer profiles and better power-to-weight ratios than the older batteries, but their slide-on mounts don’t fit those older DeWALT tools.
I have stayed away from cordless for a couple of reasons , first they were not very reliable and batteries often didn’t really last that long (this was a while back) then you had the issue of every company having a different battery or having several batteries.

I hope they might even provide a reverse adapter so I can use my dozens of old batteries with the new tools.
Personally, satin just looks best to me on a handmade “utilitarian” project like a kitchen table.
It’s not exposed to direct sunlight, which might help explain why it, too, is still basically the purple color you see here. Ask your vendor for one with a high degree of inhibitor (called UV absorbers in the industry) and use just it as your finish, whether indoors or out, and it will extend the life of the purple. An embedded rare-earth magnet lets you store it on any ferrous metal surface, such as a stationary tool or tool chest. It features three rare-earth magnets on each side of the jig to hold the slide securely as you drive its installation screws. If I want a newer battery technology and that’s not available for my current tool collection, why wouldn’t I shop the open market? But make sure to wear chemical-resistant gloves and apply it with plenty of fresh ventilation, because the fumes aren’t healthy to breathe. I also appreciate that the finish has a slightly amber tint, which warms up the color of the wood. If you like that color, your best bet is to obtain a light-fast dye stain and tint the wood with it.
As Tim suggests, eventually the purple color of purpleheart typically turns to a brownish color, but not on this trivet. If you prefer to go the dye route, as Tim suggests, there are now dyes on the market that are highly lightfast. The problem is if you finish this wood with oil or similar product it will change quickly to a brownish color. I don’t like purpleheart on such a large scale but the island is colonized by termites. Using the jig is simple: hold it in place against the cabinet wall with the slide attached, and the jig both levels and positions the slide correctly for a 2mm setback.

If you like the wine color you need to put it in the sun every now and then it will turn a wine color again but there is always the chance of cracks and checking.
Just insert your pencil into the center hole, rotate the tool so the guideposts contact the wood, and then scribe.
Its foamed nylon body can be clamped in place if desired, and it has access holes for the slide installation screws.
The compact batteries slide onto the bottom of the adapter, and then the adapter’s top post fits into your tools like the original batteries do. I read your article on the latest in water-based polyurethanes (“Water-based Coatings,” August 2015 print edition of Woodworker’s Journal) and was wondering which would be the best?
On a pale-colored ash table, it could look great to give the table a vintage heirloom look.
Small items are easy like wine stoppers can easily get their color back but furniture is more of a problem. It’s a really dense wood; is there a product I can use (like Cabot bleaching oil) that will gray and protect it? If you already have some of the newer lithium-ion 20V Max* batteries that came with other tools, the adapter will be available as a stand-alone unit (DCA1820) for $39. The latter option will also enable you to begin investing in DeWALT’s family of “bare” 20V Max* tools, of which there are more than 70 options. Bare tools are more affordable than kitted versions that each come with a charger and a battery or two. It includes a 3-year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year free service contract.

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