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Please Select Username to appear on public areas of the site like community and recipe comments. Build these simple table saw sleds and make perfectly square cross cuts and flawless 45-degree miter cuts in both small and wide boards.
After completing a cut, turn off the saw and let the blade come to a complete stop before moving the sled.
We used top-quality nine-ply birch for our crosscut sled, but any flat plywood with smooth faces will work.
Start by cutting strips of plywood for the stiffener, front fence and blade cover (Figure A). Figure A, the Cutting List and a complete Materials List are available in pdf format in “Additional Information” below.
Joining a local antique tool collector’s group will instantly plug you in with new friends who are eager to teach you traditional woodworking and how to find great deals on tools. I was introduced to Ed Hobbs, the president of the North Carolina chapter (there are groups all over the U.S.

I found some great deals on non-collectible tools under the tent, but I spent most of my time browsing the truck beds & tables of guys who were just trying to rid their house of excess tools. This guy (Tom) is passionate about transitional hand planes, but his collection got out of hand, so he was liquidating many of them at a surprisingly low price of $20 each!
My friend Bill was unloading 3 complete sets of hollows and rounds (molding planes) for a pretty descent price of $500! And here are the beloved Scottish Infill Planes (click here to see prices on eBay)…definitely on my wish list.
Norris (London) and Spiers (Scotland) are the biggest names in antique infill panel planes like these. The tricky parts of the construction are cutting runners that slide smoothly in the tracks, and getting the fence perfectly square to the blade. Most smaller tool collector groups have moved under the Mid-West umbrella, but have kept their local identity. Here’s where I get to the best part of this article…photos of the woodworking hand tools!

Work on this while you're waiting for the glue to set up on the fence blank (about a half hour).
Swivel the fence on a single screw in one end, and clamp the opposite end when the fence is square to the blade. A table saw sled rides in the miter gauge slots and has a fence that’s mounted exactly 90 or 45 degrees to the blade, enabling accurate square or 45-degree cuts. Then remove the assembly from the table saw and scrape off excess glue from the edges of the runners and bottom of the base.
If the sled doesn't slide easily, inspect the runners for darkened areas where the metal has rubbed on the wood. Use spray adhesive to attach a piece of 80-grit sandpaper to a square-edged block of wood and sand the darkened areas to remove a little wood (Photo 4).

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